Comments for Disney Guests Must Confirm, Cancel, Modify Reservations By Next Week

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Credit: Disney


  1. Barbara Richards

    Good luck reaching out to Member Services! I was on hold for almost an HOUR before I was able to speak to anyone. It’ll be even longer now.

    1. Ashley G

      I know it can be a pain in the butt, but try online chat. They seem to be much more available for that.

    2. Rebel Orange Bird

      Actually call on an off hr i call later in the day and they pick right up! Told me they still can not modify anything and there is still no opening day for hotels other than dvc!

  2. Brandon

    So this article said you would be moved to another Hotel with no additional fees.
    Does that mean that my reservation at Coranado Springs on June 29th will be moved to one of the open DVC resorts For the SAME rate as I have already paid?
    Or will we be required to pay the difference in rates. But they won’t charge a fee for the change?

    I’m so confused.

    1. Janie

      Thats if dvc is open right now there are no dvc avalible that i am stuck w a dvc curveball where i am dvc w a regular resort reservation so i feel your pain!

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