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  1. Anna

    No I didn’t receive an email. I renewed my pass since mine will expire on 6/12. I hope this does not put me in the loophole of being denied access that some have hinted to.

  2. Kelly Connerton

    Didnt get an email. What I read here, just as well, doesnt say anything. Given what I have read about what is not going to be at disney, wont be much magic there. I went to disneyworld when all it was , was the magic kindom. Going now wont even have the magic of that. How long before Disney will be back to where it should be, no masks and all the other events restored? Call me then and I might consider re-instating my annual pass. Until then I think I deserve a partial refund for turning my Unrestricted annual pass into a restricted one.

  3. Paulie

    Waste of an email. I don’t need a pat on the head. Provide useful information in your emails. People are waiting in anticipation of news concerning reservations about parks and dining

    1. Evan

      If any of the folks posting here can share their crystal ball with Disney management so they can take a look see when Covid 19 will disappear, or to find out when millions of people have been tested to “trace the scope of the outbreak” so informed decisions about effectively managing the spread to make it safer for the majority, or to find out when an effective vaccine is developed and made available to all the Mouseketeers of the world, then we could expect to see more definitive message from Disney on openings, reservations, passholder perks, etc. No crystal ball? Then it looks like we all wait until more is known about the Virus. Folks complain that they hear nothing from Disney and folks complain when Disney communicates but it doesn’t match there expectations. One thing for sure, you’re not going to get a free annual pass. Let me borrow your crystal ball for the stock market 🙂

  4. George

    this was such a pointless email. There I was thinking it might be something noteworthy when it arrived in my inbox. Wrong

  5. Mickey Payne

    Disney’s teases me to keep the faith that the park will open once again so I opted on extending my pass and not taking any sort of refund.I have only used my pass for 2 days. Now it looks like I won’t get to use my pass much at all. I feel screwed over.

  6. Debbie

    I have not recd an emails either.

  7. Michelle D

    Didn’t get any emails. I’m thinking that, since my pass expires June 18, I won’t be considered an AP when WDW opens, even though the passes are supposed to be extended. on the bright side, I WAS recognized as a pass holder when I went to try to register for the Princess runDisney races. …couldn’t sign up since it was already sold out, but at least I was still considered a pass holder. Haven’t gotten any pass holder emails, though.

  8. Tony, I am 71yrs old and have annual pass till nov, as things go I would be frighten to even go there, I live in ft laud not sure if I could get in , I could get to Disney on a Sunday, so that would mean I mit never be able to get into any of the parks. I feel like I spent $900.00 dollars for annual pass and I lost all that money

  9. Sean

    I have not received any email yet.

  10. 3 of us have Annual Passes. We also were booked in . Now the All Stars is going to be closed. Can’t get on the phone, e mail was not answered as a couple of weeks ago. Now paying much more to stay at Pop Century?????? What is happening? We should not be paying alot more to stay when we already have reservations. Had to change dates because of Airlines. I feel bad for all of us, workers and guests.

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