Comments for Cast Member Union: Disney College Program Will Remain Paused After Parks Reopen

Disney College Program

Credit: Disney


  1. Davis

    Though there were alot of openings i know that got filled by cps that i knew! My best to those figuring it all out! I hope your all safe! I know it looked wrong at first but its just an internship not a guaranteed job and disney wanted to get you home before lockdown… putting it into that prospect of safety helps bc i met some great cps and felt bad but knowing disney did it so they got home before the lockdown makes me feel better.

  2. Beth

    Hopefully someone can confirm that any college students that were supposed to start the program in August will not? My daughter has been waiting to hear but has not heard anything and is supposed to be there first week of August. We cannot seem to get a hold of anyone to confirm? Any insight is very welcome and appreciated!!

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