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  1. Ken

    Hate it hate it give the Princess her own ride. This looks like another idea from the PC Police. If you were to ask 100 people about the movie and ride 99 could not tell you about it. Disney has done a very good job at sanitizing that ride.

  2. Stan P

    Yes, let’s erase history instead of learning from it and cancel the First Amendment for a vocal minority.

    1. Savannah

      Disney should keep it splash mountain it’s a classic. Most people don’t even know the movie. It’s a classical tail and true gem in Disney history. As some have said let’s not ersase history but learn from it, we can only learn if we continue to see it, no matter how harsh it is. Plus it would the parks too much to completely retheme and in Disneyland would take the staple attraction from critter country.

  3. EricJ

    And this is still ignoring the major obstacle, ie. that apart from Tiana the Princess, “Princess & the Frog” the Movie can’t escape the image of being a big, fat, audience-proof FLOP.

    …Abandon hope, fans, it’s no Hercules.

    1. Lorenzo

      Great point…

      Does anyone want to point out why it was a flop?

  4. Anoj

    BOOOOO! Let it go! You clearly havent seen the movie song of the south. Its not racist at all. If they take out splash mountain im no longer going. It wont be disneyland anymore. Itll be PC baby disney

    1. Gary

      There are no mountains in the bayou, idiot.

      1. Mister G

        Song of the South was set in Georgia….. You know, the location of Stone Mountain, moron.

    2. Total agree. Having seen the movie as a child Uncle Remus as had a great thought at the end of the episode.

    3. Savannah

      Well said!?

  5. mark

    Wow! is mama odie is the new symbol of black culture.

  6. mark

    I understand that Aunt Jemima may be available to use as theming. Disney could make money but putting a House of Pancakes at the end of splash mountain.

    1. rj

      Bahahahaha! Love it!

  7. rj

    I’m now also offended by:
    The KFC guy…
    Betty Crocker…
    the Voortman Cookies lady…
    Ronald McDonald…
    Cap’n Crunch…
    The Quaker Oats man…
    Sunmaid Raisin girl…
    and Little Debbie!

    White Racism-White Lives (don’t) Matter

  8. Leave this ride alone. This is ridiculous. People need to stop! Hold on to the classics and if you are offended don’t ride it.

  9. Rectangle

    Wow, there are a bunch of butt hurt racists in this comment section.

    1. Nice to make a comment but dont hide behind a fake name! I don’t like anyone who has to hide behind a fake name,if you say it own it.

    2. No just a bunch of people who don’t want splash mountain changed bc it’s an original. Guess your jumping on the racist bandwagon like the rest of the idiots in the world right now that’s all people know how to do lately.

    3. Lorenzo

      Yell racist and run away…?

      How deep and thoughtful you are…

      These are the people we need to start calling out and shaming…

  10. Nice to make a comment but dont hide behind a fake name! I don’t like anyone who has to hide behind a fake name,if you say it own it.

  11. JJ

    Everyone needs to grow up! Whitewashing and sanitizing history is not what is needed. These events happened and tearing down statues, removing product icons and names, or re-theming Disney rides is not the answer. Welcome to our generic world. Let’s just rename all products to Product A, Product B,…., Product AA, Product BB. Can’t wait to see all these companies lose product share because no one identifies with the new names they’ve chosen while abandoning the brands that they built.

  12. AnnDe Stanavige

    I don’t believe in “changing history”. How about each person look at themselves and into their own hearts. Then..change yourself into a more kind, generous, gracious person. Not to be taken advantage of/there are boundries. And DO NOT CHANGE SPLASH MOUNTAIN! I love Uncle Remus and the stories from my childhood. @

  13. Kevin

    Let’s be honest. As it stands at this moment, the characters in Splash Mountain are tied to a film that Disney doesn’t want to promote because it’s problematic at the very least. And while the idea of re-themeing the ride could work if done right (A PATF ride could be cool; but I don’t think it works for Splash Mountain), I haven’t heard anyone mention what I think could be a good idea. Why couldn’t Disney take B’rer Rabbit, B’rer Fox & B’rer Bear and that world represented in Splash Mountain and try making a show out of that. No mentions of Uncle Remus or any of the live action points of Song of the South. At the very least, they’d be making some content for Disney+. And it would be something to associate the ride with away from SOTS, especially if the show happened to gain some popularity.

    1. SS

      This is for Lorenzo…Tiana says hiyeeee…lmao.

  14. Ryan K. Keim

    Yeah, that’s a very inspirational and magical, awesome and great idea.

    Last year (2019), when I went to Disneyland, I said goodbye to Splash Mountain one last time before it permanently closed for good during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lucky for me, I’ll be waiting for the amazing re-change from this former drop ride to the all-new Princess and the Frog inspired-ride with Tiana’s Palace in the New Orleans Square Expansion along with a new little area called the Hundred Acre Wood and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh ride will forever be kept and stayed for generations to experience.

  15. SS

    Sanitizing history! I think you should educate yourself about Uncle Tom/Remus and what they stand for in OUR world. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Only the original thief and colonizer would want to remind all of us of a time when you could have owned me a teacher, my Columbia trained attorney daughter, her sister a RN who graduated with highest honors or my law enforcement hubby.
    The world is becoming brown enjoy THAT ride. SMDH

    1. Lorenzo

      I am so happy about the list of your accomplishments. For so many great things that have happened to you…and you still are bitter?

      Who can you blame for still being unhappy?? Exactly……yourself.

      See you in the Splash Mountain line.

    2. Andrew Schultz

      Umm. “Song of the South” was released in 1946, not 1980. Where did that typo come from?

  16. Darth Asking

    Given the rather sharp and borderline nasty comments above, I am really baffled as to why ITM didn’t post my early comment.

    Once again, rules were followed. No cursing, no bullying, no name-calling, stayed focused on Disney World as a topic.


    Given from what you ARE allowing on this particular post’s batch of comments, it seems that genuinely intellectual/comical observations painted with a brush of the absurd/satire is WAY WORSE than outright mean-spirited rants. Seriously, re-read what you ARE permitting.


  17. Euchre

    Song of the South came out in 1946, not 1980. Not sure how old the article’s author is.

  18. Chris

    I love the Ride as it is. There is no reason for Disney to cave in for a few stupid people that want to complain just so they can be heard. There is a history of our Great nation and our goal should be not to erase our history, but to learn from it so we don’t repeat it. Please leave this ride alone. It is my favorite ride at the park.

  19. CrosswalkX

    What about the Child Slavery featured in Pinocchio’s Daring Journey ride.

    To the inside the magic staff, when I went on Pinocchio’s Daring Journey Ride, I was shocked and surprised to see a depiction of child slavery and animal cruelty on the Pinocchio ride involving 2 donkey boys in cages.

    Will Pinocchio’s Daring Journey Ride be updated to remove the cages from 2 donkey boys? Or will the Pinocchio ride be replaced by the Aladdin ride or Wreck-it-Ralph ride?

    Please let me know because I get very sensitive to child slavery images and I don’t want to see child slavery depicted on the Pinocchio ride anymore.

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