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Walt Disney World Cast Members

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  1. Antonia Cubino-Wilson

    And this is why I could never, despite wanting to badly, work in a theme park-any theme park–the guests. Let me rephrase that, the guests this CM speaks of. I would fly off the handle if someone spat on me–virus or not.
    I’m seeing so many already missing the point of this letter and they are going to be the ones the letter was written for.
    Born and raised here in Florida. I cannot enter any theme park without succumbing to the sheer amount of out-of-towners who come here thinking it’s their “right” to all that we have to offer.
    It’s not a “right”, it’s a privilege. And you should be grateful for it.
    I do not envy Disney’s CMs. I wish I was one, but you guys will always get mad props from me. And a promise that I will continue to speak up for you when I see some jerk think it’s their “right” to be as jerkish as possible to you.
    The customer is not always right. But that kind of thinking is what got us here in the first place.
    I miss Disney. I’ll return when I know it is truly safe to do so.

  2. Cathy

    Any guest who refuses to follow the clearly stated guidelines, is rude or disrespectful to any cast members should be escorted from the parks with a lifetime ban.

    1. Tammy

      I absolutely agree! I mean, it’s hot all the time, or raining, so I get that people can get cranky. But to take it out on a Cast Member is totally uncool. I did once see a CM tell the guest that they must be a villain to have such a bad attitude, and that person’s kid thought the CM was being funny – but I’ll bet the CM wishes she could have said more! I don’t know if a lifetime ban would be a fitting punishment for a bad attitude, but depending on the escalation of the situation, or if it was a safety issue, then yeah, kick ’em to the curb.

    2. Daddy

      Yes Cathy (Karen), I can see you saying that with you “I want to speak to the Manager” haircut.

  3. Josh C.

    While I don’t agree with some of the verbiage in this letter, I completely understand the sentiment. People are rude and inconsiderate, especially on vacation. Everyone who travels to WDW during this time knows the rules. Guests should absolutely be held accountable for there behavior during this time. I get that it’s an expensive trip and all that, but if you can’t follow the rules then don’t go. I hate wearing a mask as much as everyone else, but I also understand the reason we need to wear them. I want to go to WDW and if WDW requires wearing a mask while I am there, then I will wear a mask. And I will not take it out my frustrations with this rule on Cast Members. I want to thank them for all that they are doing to allow the parks to even open in the first place!

  4. Sue Neupauer

    Dear cast member, I empathize with your assessment of your work conditions. We visit every year at Thanksgiving and have witnessed rudeness and insensitivity towards cast members. I feel with the reduction in guests you may get a reprieve from this behavior. Our family always tries to treat people the way would want to be treated. We are anxious to be able to experience Disney again in November and we will make sure to follow social distancing and wear our masks. We are very fortunate to have the funds to attend each year and we do not take this for granted. Stay healthy and safe. See ya real soon!!

  5. Mike

    Wildhorse i hope nobody catches this disease, but if anyone deserves this——-. Now to the letter, please whoever you are remember there are many many more good people that come to disney than the few negatives there are. Every trip i have had nothing but good conversations with castmembers, treated them kind, and called disney itself to tell them good things about their employees. I understand your situation. I work at publix grocery store and we have not closed even for a day other than easter. Be glad you got some time away from this disease and if you can learn from somebody that has been involved with this watch out for you. Nobody is going to watch out for you but you. I see many many people shopping without masks i go to the other side of the dept. Or at best i keep the conversation very short. Please watch out for yourselves and remember there are people who care about you that you have no clue. I will spend a day from my universal vacation there in sept my day will be very short. Possibly 8 to 12 at animal kingdom or 9 to 12 at mk. This is the reason im going to universal can go to parks 4 days get in at open leave by noon. Hopeful wishes

    1. Tammy

      Yes, I always feel bad for the employees at Publix, because even here in Tampa, more customers are shopping without a mask… and don’t get me started about the aisle arrow thing that no one adheres to, haha. I admit that I once ran in without my mask, had to grab a bag of salad, and I was nervous even doing that! Other than that, I’m not trying to catch anything, and in case I’m a carrier, minimize what I touch. Thanks to all the Publix workers who have helped my family survive through all this craziness … especially the Bakery dept, just sayin’ 🙂

  6. Tammy

    I am so glad that a CM stood up for their fellow CM’s. I have been a park-goer since I can remember, we’re talking over 30yrs here, and I have witnessed my share of rude guests toward the CM’s (and other theme park’s employees in FL), and I feel so bad for them. I’ve read plenty of blogs posted by CM’s over the years, that have some funny stories about their experiences with guests… But along with Mike, who posted here, I have also made a point to give kudos to some CM’s who add extra magic to my visits. I know they don’t expect it, and I neither do I, but those people are being awesome human beings and deserve the props for it. I’ve been given free cupcakes at Be Our Guest, a special autograph from Belle when I told her she was my fave, and my mom was given a wheel chair for free at the Polynesian Hotel because we did not expect her to be as ill when we were visiting, and the CM at the monorail rushed over with one without even being asked to. This is the true Disney magic… just being awesome people for the sake of it.

    So when I see or hear of guests being horrible on “normal” days, I am 100% certain that it will be so much worse when they have extra rules to adhere to. They can’t even follow a simple “don’t cross the tape” rule, g-d forbid they follow a “save a life and cover your face” rule! Okay, I’ve crossed the tape before, and had my kid stretch a little taller to ride Everest once or twice – but if a CM had called me out on it, I’d say “sorry” and they’d say “sorry”, and life would go on and we’d have a snack.

    I am so eager to see the Star Wars Land and ride the new Mickey ride in HS… but alas… I am totally fine with waiting until Covid is gone. I am not about to swelter with a mask on in the parks – I can barely stand it without a mask! We never went in the summer, even with a Gold AP! Nope, I will wait until the “new normal” goes back to the old standard of being over-crowded and mask-less. If someone wants to deal with the heat, they can deal with all the special rules and restrictions, too … but do not blame the CM’s for the rules! And, yes, I’ve heard ppl complain to a CM about the prices of things – and my gosh, it’s not like that cashier pockets the $4 for the water.

    My kids understand the dangers of Covid – they have had the flu, and when I tell them it’s worse than that, they are happy to wear a mask to not experience it – so why can’t so many adults?

    Thank you to all the CM’s (and grocery store workers, home improvement store workers, gas station workers, etc.) who have been and will be putting their health at risk for other people’s enjoyment and well-being. And I gotta say, it’s not a Snowflake trait to want to keep my children alive… it’s the Snowflakes who don’t care, actually – they’re the ones who feel “offended” by the rule to keep everyone safe… idiots… they feel entitled to do what they want… Great! Do what you want at home, and stay away from me! Go put your kids in danger elsewhere and never tell them “No”… keep doing that… you go be you, and stay out of Disney because of their rules… One less dolt to take up a seat at Fantasmic or fireworks and block my view with their phone.

  7. Thanks you sir good

  8. Renarr

    I wholeheartedly agree with the CM letter.

    When my significant other canceled our Disney trip for this year, it wasn’t for fear of whether or not Disney would have safe rules set up (to the extent that a company can during the pandemic) but that other guests would blatantly disregard those rules and cause issues. I love the Disney magic, and a large fraction of the guests are wonderful, but those few bad apples… yikes!

  9. Teacher Kimmy

    That letter needed to be written. I’m glad someone had the decency and guts to pen what I’m sure many CMs are thinking and feeling. If nothing else, I hope this pandemic teaches us to be more human.

  10. Jill

    As a former CM I stand by the letter – completely true. I was made to feel very uncomfortable by a guest when I worked at a resort to the point that I had to have an escort to my car every evening of his stay. Add to that the guests who screamed about rain and wanted their entire vacations refunded. Part of that blame lies directly at the feet of Disney and social media. The louder a guest gets the more they get handed to them.

  11. Deb

    As the family member of a current CM I know that they are verbally and physically assaulted on a daily basis. There are guests that have made a career out of hustling Disney for any freebies they can get. In the long run we all pay for it in the end through higher prices and more restrictions. It’s disgusting.

  12. bhurleyg

    Thanks for the reminder. Please keep in mind that most of the visitors like us are kind to cast members. It is the few bad eggs that ruin it for everyone. Right now that is what is going on with the pandemic in general. Why is it so hard for people to wear a mask so that others can live? As for Wildhorse and people who share his/her feelings, the parks would be so much better for guests and cast members alike if selfish people would stay away forever, so anything that annoys people like this is a plus for me. We are really eager to get back to Florida, but if Florida doesn’t take the steps required to control this virus it won’t be safe to do so. Good luck CM and I hope we can see you soon.

  13. Lee Keaton

    I am coming to Disney World in late July and I totally respect the Job the Cast Members do and will be following the rules accordingly. I am glad they are there yo make are experience as memorable as possible.

  14. Yoda

    I am a CM and by far the majority of guests are awesome. I love trying to make magic for guests and if someone is unhappy, I will do my best to try to help them. Sometimes without luck but just have to remember not to let that few moments ruin the rest of the day.
    I don’t think we have anymore issues than any other customer service job. We as a society just need to respect other people better.
    Thank you guests for coming and I hope to see you soon.

    1. Caroline RN

      Wow! I’m seeing and hearing more and more whining and or aggression everywhere. Both sides.

      I can see that wild horse handed it out a bit harsh but please, he’s not wrong. He just put it well, rather bluntly. Everyone has been put out, all of us.
      Healthcare workers, grocery and all the essential places of business. Everyday! We get it too.
      The writer of the letter did lecture. A simple statement of his feelings would have been enough. One thing more, posting your wages shouldn’t be made public. That’s between you and your employer.
      Thank you YODA.
      You are very sweet and put it very diplomatically that we all are in the same boat and should all be kind to one another.
      I try everyday. I hope I smile at everyone but, I’m sure there are times I miss. I wish to thank all of the Disney members. I appreciate you.
      We are all human.

      1. Davehat

        >posting your wages shouldn’t be made public<<<

        You shouldn’t censor free speech. If I want to post my wage, then I will. If we are doing the same job, but I’m making $1/hour more, wouldn’t you want to know? Of course. It means your boss is underpaying for the same work. (Again: It’s freedom of speech & you have no right to censor it.)

  15. Holly

    I understand and respect the point in the letter but unfortunately the guests this CM is speaking of are everywhere in society. I hope this person realizes that servers at restaurants get yelled at all for their food not being hot enough. Workers at supermarkets are yelled at because the price of an item didn’t ring up what the buyer thought it should. Healthcare workers are verbally and physically because people have to wait or don’t get the medicine they want. I could go on and on. I always respect CM when I go because I know they are only doing their job but this CM needs to realize unfortunately this is the reality of how the world is.

  16. prince charming

    I am a 62 year old essential worker who has WORKED throughout this so called pandemic. No one gave me an extra $600 a week in fact I did not make a penny more than I have always made. I do not have the rough job of working in an amusement park each day. While I risk my life every day, I see 20 year healthy co-workers sitting on their butt at home. Excuse me if I don’t cry because someone raised their voice to you.

  17. Becky

    Security guard with the face mask heart hands…Im sorry sir, but your man card has just been revoked.

    1. Bouncy

      I disagree. Wages should be posted by everyone publicly in order to overcome income inequalities propagated by company policy. You are only hurting yourself by staying quiet on your income because there might be someone getting paid more unfairly (especially if you are a women or minority). These problems only come to light when salaries are openly discussed. Companies purposefully maintain a culture of silence on salaries because guess what?… It saves them money if the can get away with paying some people less for the SAME JOB… Sad that this taboo on salary talk is so pervasive…

  18. Paula Roberts

    Our daughter is a long-time entertainment person at Disney, who has a toddler at home and a disabled dad, and I can tell you that she is both excited to be going back to the career she loves and terrified of bring Covid home to her family. Please take seriously the attempts Disney is taking to keep us all safe. If you don’t want to wear a mask or social distance, please don’t go. Your discomfort and ego is not as valuable as someone’s life. Please show these hard-working, brave people your appreciation and respect.

  19. Disney Dad

    My daughter is a Cast Member and is in her second week at a resort that has guests. So far she has been cursed and screamed at for doing her best to ensure guests follow rules to not just keep herself and the other Cast Members safe but the guests also. Her job is 100% outside and it is difficult with a mask on in the oppressive heat of Florida and call outs are increasing with each day that goes by. She is struggling and rude guests are not helping. For the people that post they know what they got into and the pay, that’s not the issue. It is the people that think the Cast Members are nothing but floor mats to wipe their feet on. One thing Disney needs to do more of is having people arrested for assaulting Cast Members, including spitting on them. And not enough are banned from the parks for their behavior. Disagree with me if you choose but it doesn’t change the fact that the numbers of bad behaviors are increasing with guests. A park entry ticket does not mean you are entitled to harm staff.

  20. Your one of the no mask people I’ll bet. You have no concern for anyone. All you think of is YOU! I had no idea that the younger generation had grown up to be self-centered, selfish, it’s all about me and what I want group. Shame on everyone that fits this group.

  21. To the CM who wrote the letter. What I find so sad is that you had to write this letter. Shame on the people who behave like the examples in the letter. I hate that people can’t behave in a acceptable manor in a happy place like Disney World. These are the entitled ME people who for some reason think they don’t have to abide by the rules. I can’t believe you have to worry about someone spitting on you. Thank you for all you do to make out Disney experience all that we imagined.

  22. Jenn

    Nicely done anonymous CM! So true-all of it.

  23. Stan

    People seem to forget if it wasn’t for the cast members there would be no Disney They are the heart and soul lets not forget what they do for all of us

  24. Kevin H Jones

    There is no way on God’s green earth that I will go right now. I, my wife, and my youngest daughter had Covid-19 before it was reported to be here. It was over quicker than the flu. So, I am not scared of Covid. I am more annoyed with those who are scared of it. Those who are already om edge. And I don’t wear masks. As an allergy sufferer with a deviated septum, it is hard enough to suck air in with my face uncovered. I was raised on a dusty Hog Farm. TRUST ME. I have tried all kinds of masks. None of them keep the dust out. Mouth breathing in a mask in the Florida heat is not what I will spend my hard earned money on. we put off our June/July trip until December, and if masks are still required, we will postpone it again. Hell, I don’t even go to grocery stores. I am retired and prefer to have everything delivered these days, and will probably continue that even after restrictions are over and all y’all stop freaking out. It’s not a virus that is the disease. It is fear, and the way people get unhinged. You who go too far to police and judge others for just trying to be able to get in and get out of a store quickly while being able to breathe make life not worth living. You realize that your attempts to confront folks invites them to defend themselves and yelling at a busy body just injects more water droplets into the air? JUST. STOP. Do what YOU can to protect yourself if you are scared, I promise, I will stay away from you. I will way more than 6 feet away, doing my best to not mouth breathe, or talk to you. Just walking around and attempting forcing air through an allergy ridden stopped up nose is about all I have the energy to do anyway. Seriously, I usually gasp air through my mouth as soon as I get out of a building like I just came out of the water. I don’t need you trying to get me to suffocate more. If you are one of the lucky ones who can breathe enough to enjoy Disney with a mask on, enjoy yourselves, and realize that you are indeed lucky.

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