Comments for 90’s Cult Classic ‘Dinosaurs’ Coming Soon to Disney+

Dinosaurs Disney Plus

Credit: Disney (all components)


  1. Stephen wright

    Used to watch this when the kids were growing up, so sad when it finished, but now happy that Disney+ is fetching it back , thank you Disney

  2. Woo-hoo? I’m SO excited & hyped up about watching it, it’s like I’m a kid all over again ??????! I will be FOR SURE tuning into that I won’t miss an episode I was one of my favorite TV shows back in the day

  3. Paula

    I was born in the 60’s but watched it with my kids and absolutely loved it. X

  4. Faithful Friend

    ‘Dinosaurs’ kicks butt! I’ll definitely consider getting Disney+ once that’s added to the line-up!

  5. Anon

    I’m beyond excited this is coming to Disney+!! I watched this as a kid, and can’t wait to be able to see this again!

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