Comments for PHOTOS: Crowds Flock to Universal Orlando as Theme Parks Begin to Reopen

Universal Orlando

Credit: Inside The Magic/ Emille Crawford


  1. Janie

    And maybe capacity limits arent a bad thing!!!! You know its going to be fun (sarcasm) when you first line is in the parking garage!
    Though kidding aside i hope everyone had fun and remains safe! God speed universal my best to your mighty crew from here at DL!

  2. Cindy Caine

    Honestly we all were prepared and yet we were not! I just hope it gets easier instead of harder!

  3. cupcake

    i guess i should not be surprised with all the stuff happening people need a break to have fun and mabye i changed my mind on mask mabbye these are all the healthy people idk.

    1. Dean R Black

      Totally ridiculous. No way will we be going back to any theme parks with all these silly restrictions. Glad we went a bunch of times last year.

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