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  1. Matt

    I think it’s hilarious to see disney Fans get so affected by a ride changing its theme. It’s like the Malestrom ride changing its theme to Frozen, except this change has better social commentary. And disney hasn’t even given any hint that the would even change it in the first place…

    It kinda just feels like the Equivalent to disney fans who are trying to rally around a slightly racist statue so that it isn’t torn down and replaced with something else… it just feels like there are larger societal conversations taking place at the moment

    1. They need to keep the ride as is! This is how Walt Disney wanted this ride and it should be kept as it is. Current events should not dictate a theme of a ride that has been in place for over 60 years. People that are “offended” of its theme need to realize it’s just a ride and just entertainment. There are so many other things happening right now in the world that it doesn’t seem like changing a theme of a ride should be that big of a priority. For me, when they make changes or take a certain part of a ride out due to “offended individuals” , it a) ruins the experience for everyone else that it does not offend and b) no one is forcing these individuals or twisting their arm to go on that ride or visit the park. For me, some of the changes they have already made almost ruin the magic. People just need to grow thicker skin and realize it’s just a fun ride and not worry about little things like a theme of a ride. There are bigger issues going on right now.

      1. Judith C.

        Thank you for saying it probably better than I could. I am so tired of people trying to apply what seems to be today’s standards to things from 20, 30 or more years ago. The movie is from over 70 years ago. Myself, I like the ride the way it is, for one, and why does this ride have to be themed to suit one particular race of people. Stop reading racism into things that are meant purely for our entertainment. Some of the things that are in Splash Mountain are from what had been their America Sings attraction. The large steamboat at the end of the ride was the finale of America Sings and instead of singing Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah as they do now, the song was Joy to the World made popular by the rock group Three Dog Night.

      2. Bruce Kirschbaum

        I have never seen anyone complain about the ride and have seen many black people ride it. The people that are constantly offended need to just go away. What’s next? Black ghosts on the Haunted Mansion.

        1. Christopher

          There is absolutely no reason to change splash mountain. It is not themed after Song of the South itself, it’s themed after Bryer Rabbit. It took out all of the racially insensitive themes of the movie already. Like wtf, aren’t there bigger fish to fry? I already haven’t gotten to ride splash mountain in over 10 years because they’re always working on it whenever I get to go there. It’s my most nostalgically remembered ride from my childhood. Please, leave this one alone. I back all of these protests as they stand, but this is just ridiculous. Just like they need to leave Kimmel and Fallon alone, the PC Police need to get a life and go after other pressing issues. Please Disney, Please Please PLEASE!!!! Leave it alone. If you are going to change it then the Muppets is the way to go. But regardless it SHOULD NOT BE CHANGED!!!!!

          1. Sydney Corban

            i agree 100%

      3. Michelle D

        Actually, Walt Disney never had any plans of this type at all. He saw the log ride at Knott’s Berry Farm and didn’t like it. The reason the ride even exists is that there was a huge requirement from Michael Eisner to get more teenagers in the parks, so more “E-Ticket” rides. The budget, though, was very low, so this enabled the Imagineers to re-use the animatronics from America sings (the re-work of Carousel of Progress in Disneyland). Personally, after watching Song of the South online after not having seen it in MANY years, I think Disney is correct in not re-releasing it. But the ride actually removed some of the racial stereotypes, due in large part to the re-use of the America Sings animatronics. I personally think Princess and the Frog deserves its own attraction, not a re-work of another ride.

        1. Michael Reading

          I couldn’t of said it any better myself and I’m black and white mix. I LOOOOOVE Splash Mountain

        2. john

          Agree sort of … We are talking about Disney. realistically how hard do you think it would be for them to simply edit out a handful of parts that would hit to plantation or anything racists. the Answer is NOT HARD AT ALL ! James Baskett and the wonderful blend of real life and animation which is just magical. should be viewed. it is Disney who is lazy and who truly doesnt care. I could cut and splice the film in a week and it would be better and less jolting to the sensitive. I want to see bronze statues of Uncle Remus net to our splash mountain characters !!

      4. Lewis

        When you say “as Walt wanted it” you mean the ride he had no hand in making opened in 1989 a good 23 years after his death that was designed to make use out of old animatronics?

      5. Rose

        Leave as is!! Tiana is a beautiful princess and getting her own dream resteraunt.. likee in the movie!!! She is also front center at princess meets!! The idea of everything changing absurd…

        1. Buffy davis

          It will be a sad day to ever lose brer rabbit and all of his friends..i danced in the hoedown with brer rabbit the last time i was truly is my happy place..magic kingdom will certainly lose the magic for me if it gets changed

      6. Stu

        The attraction has only been in place for about 30 years and Walt had nothing to do with it. While I agree that the stories of B’rer fox and rabbit can be disassociated from the entirety of the film, it’s best to update the attraction for a new generation to enjoy.

      7. I agree with your comments. No one asked people to go to Disney. If they don’t like it, go somewhere else. I am TOTALLY “offended” by MTV, but I don’t make a deal out of it. I just change the channel.

        Wake up people–Those are cartoons come to life. There are many people–like me–who love that ride. If you want a different ride about black people, then make one. I’ll ride that one, too. I won’t be “offended” that the story is about fake black animals.

      8. it’s promoting racism when you said “People that are “offended” of it’s theme need to realize it’s a ride…” people that are offended realized it’s racist. disney overall is changing it, if walt disney was here im sure he would be fine with this change, darn it he would even premote the change.

    2. TacoCat

      Changing it to Princess and Frog? Well, maybe that offends me.


      Because we like it as it is. Is there anything wrong with that?

    4. Foo

      Matt, the big difference between Splash Mountain and Malestrom, Malestrom ridership was significant less and no one was riding it. It’s not the same.

    5. John

      Matt is has everything to do with the Magic of Disney. to ride a ride as a child … then 20 or 30 years later take your children on that very same ride and experience it with them. THAT is what we are fighting for. Disney wont be Disney without zippity doo dah. I fully understand the Slavery hints of Song of the South. but its not about slavery or racism. its about Uncle Remus and his stories. Disney should build a statue of Uncle Remus and have tons of info about James Baskett instead of removing splash mountain. Celebrate the man and bring him to the front of splash mountian. re-theme it to Honor James Baskett not to forget him and what splash mountain means to us all.

    6. Lee Jones

      [“It’s like the Malestrom ride changing its theme to Frozen, except this change has better social commentary. “]

      What better social commentary? Do you know anything about the backstory of “The Song of the South”? That it was based on African American folklore? Or that the movie was set 10 YEARS AFTER the Civil War? The movie does end with Uncle Remus leaving the plantation, where he was a paid employee for several years, to be with his family in Atlanta.

  2. Debbie

    Changing the Malestrom to Frozen Ever After only involved changing the interior. This change took two years to accomplish. If Disney changes the ride to the Princess and the Frog theme, changing the interior alone will not be sufficient. The exterior would have to be changed and the briar patch hauled away to have continuity of story. Disney imagineers would have to create a new exterior and interior. We learned for Frozen Ever After that interior only is 2 years. Interior and exterior may take 3 to 4 years. Putting the element of time aside, what about cost? Disney has lost billions in being closed due to covid 19. Many refurbishments already planned were put aside. I just don’t feel that it would feasible at this time. Ultimately, it is up to Disney executives.

    1. Snow White

      Disnry is going to reimagine themselves out of business. You don’t get rid of a popular ride. Personally if things continue to go downhill like they are then I will no longer go to Disney. Maybe fans of splash mountain should simply not go to Disney and see how that hit Disney right where it counts in their pocketbook. Not sure how a bunch of animals are racist. The animals are based on African American folklore which you think people would want to celebrate. If anyone would actually watch song of the south ( on YouTube) you would see that Uncle a Remus is the hero of the story beloved by all children black and white. the story ends In a touching moment where uncle Remus zip Dee do day skips off into the sunset with is children friends showing the bond between all people whatever their color. If nothing else it allows a dialog about the way things used to be. I think tiana should get her own ride and restaurant. Disney needs to stop changing things or Walts vision will be ruined. and yes Walt had ideas for many things that were to be completed after hid death like splash mountain. Making a big deal about Splash Mountain starts a divide among races that children today didn’t even know existed and in a way is perpetuating a divide that does not have to exist. PS if they do change Splash Mountain then fans should not ride the new ride and see how Disney like having a new ride they spent billions on that is not as popular as the previous ride like the Figment ride.

      1. actually i disagree with you, with the new ride everyone is going to want to see what it looks like and how it’s similar to splash mountain.

    2. Rich A

      That’s a good point. Maybe it will take so long and break down as much as Test Track did that we won’t have to see the ride again until someone with common sense takes over Disney and stops shoving PC garbage down everyone’s throat.

  3. lorraine cramer

    keep everything as it is at Disney World, it was named that for a reason, and I am sure it wasn’t considered to be against anyone at all. Would you want to go 2 or 3 yrs for them to change it for everyone? the lines are always so long now that people would not like it down for so long to replan and rebuild it

  4. Tj

    My favorite ride. I hate drops and I still ride it every time I go because the music is my favorite. I have never even seen song of the south and I’ve never even talked to someone who has seen it.

    1. K

      Please keep it as it is! One of our favorite rides. It’s just cute characters and catchy music. Some people get offended over anything. I’m from the country and I’ve heard enough Redneck jokes to choke a horse, but I just laugh and keep going. I’m not demanding everyone change just because my feelings may get hurt. Just saying.

  5. Wanda

    Leave it as it is!!! It’s fantasy for goodness sake!!

  6. Marie

    Most don’t understand what the story is. The story in splash mountain is done tastefully not showing any racism.

  7. Kris

    Leave it as is!!!!

  8. Randy W

    Was the story that riveting to keep it the same? It’s a dead IP. Is Princess and the Frog such a box office hit that it needs a ride? If they were going to re-theme it, I’d think they would choose Moana, as it’s recent, a mega hit, and the whole thing pretty much takes place on a raft.

    1. Lolo

      Moana is getting her own world in epcot

  9. Darth Updates

    They should re-do it as Apple Dumpling Gang. Now that thar movie ain’t nuttin’ but good ol’ family fun!

  10. Elaine Roberts

    I want to go on Splash Mountain in the future so please do not change it!

  11. John

    My family have been riding splash mountain for 30 years and never thought it was a harmful to the mind and heart ride.My kids and grandkids love the characters and song ,never questioned the theme.We bring our kids and grandchildren up with respect to all,there’s good and bad in all.Lets stop changing and start explaining if asked otherwise leave it alone.

    1. Sharon

      Keep Splash Mountain as it is. People are being to sensitive. There’s nothing racist about the ride, the character, or even the movie, Song of the South. Uncle Remus was a nice old black man, not a slave, so get over it! The ride is all cartoon-like animals. Even the chara ter telling stories, like Uncle Remus did, is a frog in the ride. LEAVE SPLASH MOUNTAIN ALONE. If you want to change something, change that stupid boring race car ride.

  12. KenR

    Changing the theme is completely unnecessary and ridiculous. The movie Song of the South is about 80 years old and most people have not seen it nor care about it anymore. It left us some great songs (Zippity Doo Da) which is great, but ask anyone under age 40 where it came from and they’d draw a blank. There is not a racist or offensive tone at all to the ride or the use of the animated characters from the movie. For goodness sake, leave it alone.

  13. Yvonne

    People will find something offensive about everything, existent or non to make their case. This PC, cancel culture nonsense needs to stop. If you don’t like a book don’t buy it, don’t like a show don’t watch it. Don’t like a ride then stay off of it. Freedom of CHOICE.

    1. Sharon

      Keep Splash Mountain as it is. People are being to sensitive. There’s nothing racist about the ride, the character, or even the movie, Song of the South. Uncle Remus was a nice old black man, not a slave, so get over it! The ride is all cartoon-like animals. Even the character telling stories, like Uncle Remus did, is a frog in the ride. LEAVE SPLASH MOUNTAIN ALONE. If you want to change something, change that stupid boring race car ride.
      I totally agree with Yvonne. Thank You!!

      1. NinjaNick

        Keep Splash Mountain the way it is! The ride itself isn’t racist, people worked way to hard to make sure the ride is only loosely based off Song Of The South, and Splash Mountain doesn’t even touch on any racial topics. The ride is fine the way it is!

  14. Andre D.

    The ride debuted in DL in 1990. 30 years. Fact check. Also, scenes have been changed multiple times in POTC to be more respectful. I believe a change to SM would make plenty of sense. Just because something doesn’t blatantly scream racism or sexism, doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be changed if it has ties to racist or sexist concepts. Sure it is a part of our history, but evolution is inevitable and we reflect on our narrow minded ideas of the past and we learn and grow and change from them.

    1. Em

      And the University of Texas fight song written in 1906 should be changed because the first performance was at a minstrel show with white people wearing blackface. That does not make the words of this song racist anymore than the use of characters from a movie associated with an actual genre of fiction (Uncle Remus is the fictional title character and narrator of a collection of black American folktales compiled and adapted by Joel Chandler Harris and published in book form in 1881.  Uncle Remus is a collection of animal stories, songs, and oral folklore collected from southern black Americans. *Wikipedia – Uncle Remus) make this ride racist. If we change everything that has some unfavorable ties to the black community we will completely erase our history. If you live in the southern United States your town or county may be named after someone who fought for the Confederacy. Most Confederate Generals went to West Point and served in the United States Army until they decided that fighting for States rights was important enough for them to join the Confederacy. Should we demolish West Point? If you live anywhere in the country your town may be named after someone who held slaves. Maybe everybody should do some “real” digging into the history of this country instead of just listening to the Facebook/Instagram versions that are put out by people who haven’t done sufficient research and then grabbed by the media as full truth and presented to the world. Go to the library, educate yourself, read all the sides, not just the one you think you agree with. Try to learn something instead of making it up.

    2. Dan

      The only people offended by this ride are the ones obsessed with looking for something to be offended by.

      This crud will NEVER END. This country is more divided now more than ever!

    3. john

      yet your states are that of hypocrisy. people of LGBTQ offend Christian folks. Christians offend Muslims. fat people at the beach offend athletic people. since when do we stop everything and change for the benefit of just one ? the BLM calls Splash mountain racist and no one else. there is thousands of black folks who dont agree with the blm. I say it is Racist for Disney not to add statues of Uncle Remus – James Baskett to splash mountain and celebrate the wonderful job he did on the film. the amount of energy wasted in trying to erase our past should have been on moving us forward. what good did tearing down the statues do when there is still gang violence ? Disney is denying James Baskett his opportunity of being a legend… a forever monument at a ride millions have rode and loved. and it wasn’t till 2020 and the rise of BLM that Splash Mountain became evil !

    4. Nia

      No one cares, white dude. Why don’t you ask Black people what we really think? I’m so tired of white people talking over us when they don’t know or care what we think.

  15. Tony

    I really don’t understand what’s going on with Disney lately. Splash Mountain doesn’t even mention the movie Song of the South and only uses the animated parts so it doesn’t show racism of any kind. I think Disney should keep the attraction the way it is and if it’s necessary to build a new attraction based on Tiana and the Toad, go ahead.
    I am absolutely against racism, I will never understand that people are differentiated by skin color, we are all human beings! Having said that, I had the opportunity to see Song of the South again and although you can see a representation of idealized slavery the truth is that it takes so few minutes in the film that I don’t understand why it is given so much importance. The film actually focuses more on the child’s problems and the learning he receives from Uncle Remus’ stories.
    I think Disney should offer the public the opportunity to decide whether they want to see it or not, what you can’t do is censor it because then you would have to censor many other films, books, etc. and that would be an aberration.
    We must also learn from the mistakes of the past, not hide the past.

  16. I believe it would be a huge mistake to change Splash Mountain, people love this ride and the characters shown are NOT offensive to anyone. This is one of Walt Disney’s creations that should stay as is, if someone feels it’s offensive than they can skip the ride. It offends me that people think one of my favorite classic rides needs to be changed. Disney it also offends me that you cast a woman of color to play Little Mermaid she is a beautiful ginger and should of stayed that way. I have almost all of the Disney classic cartoons and all of the new live action ones But will not buy a Little Mermaid who is not a ginger. Thanks for listening

    1. Amaroja

      Let’s start from the beginning. Disneyland was envisioned and created for children. A beautiful magical place for children. Children are NOT born racist. It is the adults in the world who have racist ideology and pass that on to their children. When a child is on a ride like Splash Mountain, what do they see? Singing dancing animals. What do they hear? A cute catchy tune. Sorry folks- to all of you who think the children are being harmed this is not the fact. If adults would stop putting racist thoughts into their children’s minds and just let them experience the magic, beauty and awe of Disneyland, this would be a mute topic. It’s only adults that are offended and older kids that have been racially programmed by adults ( whether that be in the home, school, social media or peers)

  17. Ava

    Keep it the same, as is !

  18. Traci

    After we get rid of all Black American history, let’s work on Native American History. Which I happen to be, and am always mistaken for white, all this is so ignorant. America is so stupid, and spoiled. Nothing held sacred. if you erase history, the future generations cannot learn from it.

    1. Shirley Sudhoff

      AMEN, Tacy!

    2. Mmluv

      The original story of Brer Rabbit originated in African folklore and was brought to the new world and retold by slaves. It was a story about a weaker oppressed figure overcoming the larger brute by using his brains instead of his brawn. The whole Uncle Remus thing was added later. The ride only focuses on the original aspects of the story and is part of African history in a way.

    3. Mason

      Traci. You are 100% right. America is a spoiled place. Splash mountain is one of my best memories. Keep it the way it is.

  19. Chris

    Leave it alone….

    1. Sharon Matuszak

      People who find the ride offensive should not ride.
      Leave Splash Mountain as it is.

  20. Larry

    The Magic Kingdom map of the park associates the ride to “The Song of The South” movie. There’s no denying it’s based on a movie that is now considered to be in extremely poor taste. Disney has brought this argument on themselves by not changing it years ago (along with the Country Bear Jamboree). I don’t feel minorities are being over sensitive. Perhaps others are being insensitive. The Princess and the Frog may not be the best fit in Frontier Land, but with only a few minor cosmetic changes a bayou ride makes sense as a replacement. Will you really miss zippity doo dah?

  21. Chris Wood

    I think its ridiculous that the world, tv and now a harmless ride has to change because of a few voice that want to bring discord to our country. Frankly if Diseny does change the theme of the ride, then they are pandering and placating these voices who don’t care about anything about what they want and don’t care about or her peoples opinions.

  22. Pat

    Keep splash mountain the way it is. Nothing racist about it. Sick of this changing this. Changing that.

  23. Donna

    Our family loves Splash Mountain. It’s a relaxing, feel good ride…and then the thrill of the drop! Critter country wouldn’t be the same without it. I’m all for change, and as a person that’s been going to Disneyland since its opening in 1955, I’ve seen MANY changes ? Please use common sense and leave Splash Mountain as it was intended.

  24. JC

    Keep it as it is. It is the most innocent and uplifting escapism providing ride at the parks.

  25. Karen Baker

    Please keep this ride as it is. I love it as it is as it is one of the rides that is pure Disney and it is fun. Why do people keep wanting to change history and the past? I have never thought of it as racist and I am tired of that word being used. American lives matter period. People need to get over themselves and start acting as Americans not individuals with an agenda. We have to stop dividing this country and works together. If Disney ever changes the theme of this ride then I will stop riding it and maybe stop going to Disney World which I have enjoyed. Sadly, Disney and other corporations keep caving in to the demands of the minority not the majority of the people. I can’t imagine what Wait Disney would think. He had such a brilliant mind and wanted people to have fun and that there are people who want to take the fun and enjoyment way. Very sad state of affairs

  26. Ethan H.

    How about they keep Splash Mountain and just build a new ride based off on Princess and the Frog then everyone will get what they want.

  27. Laura Stoneking

    Keep it as is. Its been like this since Disneyland and Disney world opened. No one had a problem with the ride before so why have a problem with it now !!!

  28. j.Biden

    Tatiana I think thats my sister

  29. Michael T

    This is nazi Germany and this is book burning. PEOPLE ALSO SEARCH FOR
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    Mister Bluebird’s on my shoulder
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    Mister Bluebird’s on my shoulder
    It’s the truth, it’s “actch’ll”
    Everything is “satisfactch’ll”
    Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay
    Wonderful feeling, feeling this way!
    Mister Bluebird’s on my shoulder
    It is the truth, it’s “actch’ll”, hm?
    Where is that bluebird?
    Everything is “satisfactch’ll”
    Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay
    Wonderful feeling, wonderful day!
    That is how people spoke then let’s read the lyrics from a lot of the hip hop award winning artists of recent nobody is calling for censorship of that this is a slippery slope we find d ourselves and we must tread lightly so that this opportunity to better ourselves as humans isn’t squandered because people want to be nonsensical opportunist. Princess and the frog no problem but not at the expense of splash mountain and Uncle Remus, y’all should be ashamed.

    1. A bunch of singing animals is not racist. Those actors from the movie are not in the ride. So whats the problem. Someone pushing their believes on others. Walt is turning in his grave. Jellyfish execs.

  30. Andrea

    Please don’t change Splash Mountain! Please! Please! Please! No, this is terrible and I am heartbroken, literally heartbroken! That was my favorite ride! ? ??

    1. Buffy davis

      Me too

  31. Susan R Best

    Splash Mountain just stay exactly like it is and if someone doesn’t like it don’t write it!

    1. jayden

      the source material splash mountain is based upon is racist and harmful and if you want to deny the truth don’t write it!

      1. Mason

        Let me tell you right now why splash mountain isn’t racist and why we should keep it.1. The whole ride had nothing to do with song of the south, it is based on Brer Rabbit. 2. The same people that signed the petition to remove it are the same people that have torn down landmarks and closed down many companies. 3. I see people of color go on splash mountain all the time and never, never file a racism claim. They are smiling. 4. Name one thing racist about the ride. 5. It is a memory. 6. Sure Walt Disney himself had nothing to do with it, but he would want it to stay the same. I think I have proven my point. Disney, don’t close down splash mountain.

  32. Keep Splash Mountain exactly like it is if you don’t like it don’t write it!

  33. Keep Splash Mountain exactly like it is if you don’t like the ride don’t ride it!

    1. cammen

      If enough people boycot the ride, they will change it back. Look at journey into your imagination, they changed it because of how terrible it was.

  34. Keep Splash Mountain exactly like it is if you don’t like it don’t ride it!!

  35. Megan Sampson

    Please do not touch this beautiful ride, all kids see are cute magical characters, sweet old tunes, cool log rides. This is literally my favorite ride I look forward to most when I go to disney. It is a classic disney ride. Just tweak it a bit… if anything this is the least WHITE washed ride in disney… you got Frozen…. all white, cars (all the actors are white except flo), cinderella white, little mermaid white, alice in wonderland WHITE, everything is white. You are touching the only thing with color, when you could just be adding in color somewhere else, create an entirely new ride for princess and the frog… and just tweak the story line for splash mountain that seems so racist.

  36. Christopher

    There is absolutely no reason to change splash mountain. It is not themed after Song of the South itself, it’s themed after Bryer Rabbit. It took out all of the racially insensitive themes of the movie already. Like wtf, aren’t there bigger fish to fry? I already haven’t gotten to ride splash mountain in over 10 years because they’re always working on it whenever I get to go there. It’s my most nostalgically remembered ride from my childhood. Please, leave this one alone. I back all of these protests as they stand, but this is just ridiculous. Just like they need to leave Kimmel and Fallon alone, the PC Police need to get a life and go after other pressing issues. Please Disney, Please Please PLEASE!!!! Leave it alone. If you are going to change it then the Muppets is the way to go. But regardless it SHOULD NOT BE CHANGED!!!!!

  37. Kathy

    I think it’s ridiculous to change Splash Mountain!! It is my family’s favorite ride and it needs to be left alone!! It’s a fun journey with great music…not racist at all. If it offends people they don’t need to ride it. It’s always a long wait to ride so it must not be offending many people. There is no reason to change it! Leave it alone!!

  38. Sue

    I think Splash Mountain should be left as is and I can not believe Disney is letting this BULLYING dictate them. Changing all of this not just at Disney, but everywhere, do people wanting this done realize they are erasing their OWN heritage? If they are so offended, don’t ride it. Build them the Frog and the Princess ride, but for the millions that love Splash Mountain as is, it should be left alone. I have been on that ride many many times and I have til this day seen not ONE child or adult of ANY color offended by this ride the way it is. I am so ashamed of Disney right now for caving in to all of this nothing but BULLYING

  39. Joe

    The ride is not offensive and has no racial stereotypes. The music is great and uplifting. Disney is catering to the few who have complained, but is ignoring the majority who enjoy it as it is currently. Give Tiana her own ride/restaurant in the New Orleans area not Critter Country!

  40. Connor Perillo

    What did this ride do to get it changed, sure the movie is racist but the ride has no racial stereotypes in it AT ALL. Disney please I have loved this ride my whole life, do not change it

  41. JSC

    Leave Slash Mountain alone. It is not racist and only offends individuals that are looking to be offended. The princess and the frog does not fit the theme of that area of the park.

  42. Jay

    Do not change Splash Mountain’s theme.

  43. I wish I had found this sooner. Leave it ALONE!!!! If people are offended, BUILD THEM A PRINCESS AND FROG RIDE but leave the Splash Mountain as is and if they are offended DON’T freaking ride it!!! DUMB!!!

  44. Jacob Wylie

    Keep it I will never go on it if it’s that themed think what Walt Disney would want

  45. Nick

    This is getting totally ridiculous. A few people that are affended by something pretend they are the majority and Disney listens. How about what the majority of the people want Disney exec’s ?
    To say that Splash Mountain is an offensive ride is nuts, give me a break. Are people affended with southern voices or how about how pirates are portrayed ? Write to Disney corporate offices and speak up. Tell them to keep the ride as is.

  46. Need to keep as it is love the song my family is disappointed about the change been going Disney for 43 yrs Since my daughter was 7 since my granddaughter was 9 months and grandson since 3 months they all love this ride first one we hit in Disney world all love it as it is daughter now 50 and granddaughter 24 and grandson 20 our trip was canceled twice now planning October

  47. jacob

    Not only is this tarnishing Splash’s legacy, it also kind of does a disservice to Tiana, whose being used because of her race, to make it as PC as they can. The Princess and the frog movie is one best Disney movies out to date, and she deserves her own ride and/or restaurant atleast. Instead she’s gonna get a budget cutted cheap, reskin of Splash. I don’t think it’s very possible for any petition to be affective in getting notice to disney, unless it get like over a million supporters, but if disney doesn’t really sit down and think about what they are doing they are going to be sorry.

  48. Does anyone find it strange that we are changing it because of racism, but we’re ok with voodoo? Just saying maybe another version to petition under that grounds. Really it’s in frontier land, so it could be reimagined to pocahontas, but I don’t think it needs to be changed. Once people understand the movie is about voodoo then more people will start complaining.

    1. jayden

      voodoo is a traditional spiritual and magickal practice. racism is de-humanizing human beings based upon their skin color. so no, i do not find it strange that the issue people hold is racism and not voodoo.

  49. Roger Stevens

    A bunch of singing animals is not racist. Those actors from the movie are not in the ride. So whats the problem. Someone pushing their believes on others. Walt is turning in his grave. Jellyfish execs.

  50. Roger Stevens

    James Baskett (Uncle Remus) and Hattie McDaniel (Aunt Tempy and first academy award winning African American) would be disappointed with whats going on.

    1. jayden

      you’re right. they would be disappointed that our country is still having to debate about racial injustice and discrimination.

  51. Rick

    Keep the ride as it is. Lot of childhood memories there. Interestingly enough the original petition to keep Splash Mountain has almost 4 times as many signatures than the one to change it. Now others have popped up as well.
    Disney are you listening?

  52. Pam Sayler

    I think they should leave the ride as it is. I do not find it offensive to African Americans in anyway. My son said the ride in Disneyland contains some anamatronics that are unique. It would bea shame to lose part of Disney history.

  53. Willie

    Disney needs to stop being pushed around by people that complain about everything, I bet 99% complaining have even been to Disney more than once.
    Leave the ride as is, it is awesome, who doesn’t love singing zipiddy do dah

  54. Jay

    Splash Mountain should be left as it is. If they want the princess and the frog to have an attraction they need to building something new in the proper area of the park for it because it does not belong in Frontierland. This Change is a big mistake and would be a disaster . Keep Splash Mountain as it is.

  55. Laura Lokken

    I’m just curious…Are any of the people who are upset about Disney changing Splash Mountain not white? I doubt it.

    1. jayden

      yep! exactly my thoughts. just because people don’t understand why it’s offensive doesn’t mean it isn’t.

  56. Jay

    Splash mountain should remain as it is. The attraction is nit racist in any way and only is offensive to people that have determined that they are going to be offended . The princess and the frog is so much more offensive. A woman of color works for a rich snob. Her family lives in the poorest part of town. Her daughter grows up to be turned into a frog by voodoo magic and evil Spirits. People of color are stereotyped by a lighting bug that will be killed later and Disney is on board with this nonsense Leave splash mountain as it is. No racist and happy songs.

  57. Debbie

    I hope it stays as it is. Please don’t change what many people really love. There is nothing wrong with this ride. I Love it the way it is.

  58. chris

    please do not change splash mountain. it is truely a happy place.

  59. Jim

    Disney should keep Splash Mountain the way it is.

  60. Jay

    Wow, the longest ride wait time on AP day were for Splash Mountain . More proof that people do not want it changed.

  61. David A

    Leave Splash Mountain alone. There are more than 3 times as many people who have signed the petition to keep it as it is than those who are asking for a retheme. The ride is not racist and is based on African folklore. I wonder how many of these so called offended people have actually been to a Disney park or seen the movie.

  62. Donna

    Disney should KEEP Splash Mountain as is. It keeps with theming of Frontier Land, and it is how Walt wanted it. At least just leave it be thru the 50th Anniversary Celebration and decide after that. Hopefully by then our country gets back to it’s senses.

  63. Biggest MISTAKE Ever. Splash Mountain is a fantastic ride
    The Most Horrible and Embarrassing thing is Disney Giving into
    The Most Racist Organization “In the whole United States of Georgia”

    NO LEAVE SPLASH MOUNTAIN ALONE. Quit Giving into Marxist ways

  64. Bob

    Oh please. Rides change themes all the time. And I seriously doubt 5% of the people even knew what was going on in this one.

  65. Dave

    The rude should remain the way it is. I am so tired of this “ I’m offended by..” generation. I’m offended by the amount of profanity, sex and violence in today’s movies and in society itself but , Is anything going to change for me and my family “NO”!!
    I am a long time Disney Supporter but this has got to STOP! I use to enjoy taking my family to WDW every year and with all the changes to the parks in the past and now this , I’m about to invest my money elsewhere . If things have worked and been peaceful since 1971, let it remain the same and go on with other park improvements.

  66. Trenton B.

    I think one of my favorite YouTubers who does Disney videos all the time put it best when he made a nice little cycle of how these things go.

    1. Disney announces a new ride/land is replacing an older ride/land
    2. Disney fans get upset, “You’re changing the best part of the park!”
    3. New ride/land opens
    4. Disney fans realize that this is way better than the old stuff. Disney was right after all. Again.

    And repeat, so on and so forth, until the end of time.

    1. john

      actually Trenton. This ” Change ” was fueled buy the BLM the same people that has destroyed monuments and has looted cities. we don’t respect violence and we don’t respect them changing our day to day life. when Disney gives into to these domestic terrorists we will loose another icon… a monument. our children and grandchildren will not be able to experience what we have. all because of what a song ? are you serious ? there is more damaging lyrics in hip hop music than the legendary zippity doo dah song. we are upset that a group of extremists can systematically change and down right destroy so much history in our country in one single year. If it were a bunch of white people doing this … we would all still be in prison !

      1. Mason

        I can’t believe I ever made a comment defending Disney. You are absolutely right. Splash mountain is a memory. Walt Invisioned it. I will not stand for this.

  67. John

    As a white man (dont know why that would make this more important) I here by throw up the Idea of Disney building statues of Uncle Remus – James Baskett through out Splash mountain and adding Remus to the ride itself … like have him standing by the fence as the rabbit runs by. Celebrate the amazing Actor James Baskett and preserving the iconic ride for generations to come. By not doing this Disney is once again doing James Baskett wrong. By simply replacing our beloved ride with the princess and the frog …. THAT IS RACIST !

  68. Skylar

    I just got back from Disney world yesterday and I was REALLY sad when my mom said it would be the last time I would get to ride splash mountain. I think that riding splash mountain was a great experience and they shouldn’t change it just because its not as relevant to people as it was back then. and I don’t get how anyone got offended by the ride, so many people are snowflakes!

  69. Brian Morans

    Toughen up, snowflakes.

    1. Cammen

      This is what is the problem. People can clown on white people but if anyone makes a single comment on african americans, they are pronounced racist. Splash Mountain should remain, that song Zipa Dee Doo Dah is iconic to disneyland, just hearing it will make you smile, now imagine disneyland with out that, without the stupid chickens singing on a boat at the end, it wouldnt be as good because Splash Mountain adds such variety and playfullness to disneyland.

  70. Colin Silber

    You realize Disney is being super hypocritical. If they wanted to do this, why not remove the Native Americans, which were the most offensive thing in the movie this ride was based on, from Peter Pan’s Flight? When they realized that, they clumsily tried to cover it up by removing it from Disney+ kids.

  71. Mason

    It’s a shame to see splash mountain go, but disney knows whats best for their parks. We’re lucky to say we went on the original. It’ll be sad, but think of all the new memories we will make. 🙂

  72. Mason

    Forget my last comment, I agree. Disney has to keep splash mountain. The Whole ride has nothing to do with song of the south and is based simply on Brer Rabbit. This is a disgrace. If they replace it. I may not ever go to Disney again.

  73. Cammen

    This touched me, honestly, i have never had the right words to describe this feeling that ive had watching the world today, but you did it so perfect. I have a feeling that 100 years from now, we will have a white lives matter lol. Its like white people are suddenly the face of evil now, yet making fun of white people isnt racist at all

  74. Lee Jones

    Splash Mountain is the only Disney theme park attraction in which its origins came from African-American folklore. And now Disney Parks wants to erase this because of some misguided effort to look progressive? And what racist stereotypes are inside Splash Mountain? And they want to replace the attraction’s theme with that from “The Princess and the Frog”? One, “The Princess and the Frog” was set in New Orleans and the Louisiana swamp, not near a North or Central Georgia mountain. And two, despite having an African-American leading lady, the movie’s origin came from European literature. What on earth does Disney Parks think its doing?

  75. Can someone please explain the coloration of Brer Rabbit’s fur in the Disney World version. How come in Disneyland’s version(the original classic and the one that is unique) his fur is brown, while in Disney World’s version he is gray. I have not been to Disney World but I have seen ride throughs of that version. Also why is Mr. Bluebird with Brer Rabbit in the Disney World Brer Rabbit finale, while in Disneyland’s version he isn’t. The same thing goes with the Brer Rabbit verse. Disneyland’s version he is just singing, while in Disney World’s version he is talking and singing. If you look at posters of the Disney World version his fur is gray. Is that to avoid any controversy because in any image of Brer Fox holding Brer Rabbit by the ears it looks like he has bits of black in his fur.

  76. Brayden

    Splash mountain is an og ride which is my favorite along with many other people’s.I want it to stay but more importantly Walt wanted it to stay.

  77. Realdisneyfan

    People who want to change splash mountain are not even Disney fans. No one has ever watched the Princess and the Frog. Im a minority. Splash mountain is full of animals and changing it would actually be racist. We are all the same race, “the human race” and removing these critters from splash mountain is the real racist thing to do.

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