Comments for WDW, Union Agreement Gives Some Cast Members Protective Face Shields

Walt Disney World Cast Members

Credit: Disney


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    Rebel Orange Bird

    Drs up here in ny wore face shields and still got sick but i guess anything is better than a peice of cloth over your face though face sheilds while covering you are open in many places…. nothing will help unless you follow all guidelines! Lets have common sense!

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      Exactly its not shield vs mask! Besides any pysch will tell you if you think a peice of plastic or cloth will keep you safe wo doing EVERYTHING ELSE (Social distancing, wash hands, stay home if your sick etc.) Nothing is going to get better! The mask is a placebo its not going to stop you from getting sick unless we work together and help each other by doing whats right and rushing into things is not going to help ANYTHING!

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    Sadly fl law needs to first update its laws in this brave new world bc its law not to wear masks we could by law all be in trouble… esp kids in masks!

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