BoxLunch Baby Yoda Merchandise Available for Presale

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BoxLunch Baby Yoda

Credit: BoxLunch

Baby Yoda fans, it’s time to prepare yourself for cute merchandise again!  There’s a presale going on right now on the BoxLunch website for a Baby Yoda Backpack and Lunch Bag that people are going to be running to get because it’s super adorable.  Anything Baby Yoda is typically pretty eye-catching and adorable anyways, but with the fall arrival of these items, it’s perfect for those headed back to campus.

Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Frog Figural Mini Backpack

This scene in The Mandalorian has been ingrained in Star Wars and non-Star Wars fans alike since it came out in season 1.  Baby Yoda makes even the not so pleasant thing of eating a live frog look cute.  You can pick up one of these exclusive to BoxLunch backpacks that is emulating this scene for $79.90.  They are expected to ship by September 15-26 this fall.

Baby Yoda Backpack
Credit: BoxLunch

Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Figural Insulated Lunch Bag

Maybe you’ll want to fill up Baby Yoda with food instead of letting him eat frogs.  No, literally, you can fill him with food in this lunch bag.  It’ll keep food warm or cold for you and him with its great insulation.  This lunch bag can be your’s for $29.90 and is expected to ship by September 8th-19th, this fall.

Baby Yoda Lunch Bag
Credit: BoxLunch

Funko Pop! Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child with Frog Vinyl Bobble-Head

BoxLunch is known for its variety of Funko! Pop figurines and they’ve got a Baby Yoda like the backpack.  This one is a bobblehead presale for $10.90 and you can expect it to ship to your house between August 8th-19th, later this summer.  It’s hilarious just to even think about.  Imagine him sitting on your desk, head bouncing around with frog legs hanging out of his mouth.

Baby Yoda Funko! Pop
Credit: BoxLunch

This is just to name a few Baby Yoda items that BoxLunch has.  There is also an inventory of more readily available items if you just can’t wait a few months to get The Child into your home.  Maybe even check out some other sites with Baby Yoda merchandise like Buid-a-Bear, Target, or your grocery store?  Yes grocery store, but either way, he’ll be back to your TV scenes in hopefully just a few short months!

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