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orlando airport

Credit: Inside the Magic Kelly C./Disney


  1. Chris

    Need to correct this. It was 260 people for March-June, 132 were employees (out of over 25000 employees).

    1. Mike

      Sorry Chris… The airport is a gateway for the virus to thrive.. and the numbers will only get larger as days and weeks go by… I assume you work there …. Do you really want to put you and your loved ones in harms way?

  2. Erin

    Agree– change this! Also, the actual number found yesterday was 2. 🙂

  3. Rosie

    Our #s went from 700 new cases daily to 2k. Lets just all have common sense and be safe!

  4. Casey

    Very misleading. Testing is expanding and the numbers are miniscule. Plus, no one is sick or hospitalized that’s been reported.

  5. Matt Brewster

    This is yet another reason why WDW should postpone reopening. COVID has moved South!

  6. John

    Just where I want to vacation- a destination with an out of control pandemic with a bunch of excuse makers.

    1. yolanda hernaiz

      Should band any travel coming in and out of Orlando international employee should quarantine for 14days all employees.

  7. Band all traveling coming in and out of Orlando international airport and quarantine all employees whom are working atOrlaOrlando

  8. Geoff

    Band? Like Van Halen?

    Ban people.

  9. Rj

    Thats exactly why he fired the data scientist..the real number is actually twice that including unemployment numbers. Still didnt pay people and some people got a few payments and never retroactive lump sum payments. He is Still ignoring everything if real data because he wants more revenue from businesses to collect taxes, etc & he could care less if you or your family gets sick. Reopen schools just to realize should be distant learning. Florida is going to be the next epicenter. Hope these fools dont vote for him again.

  10. Lilly

    What’s really sad is we are still opening schools here and no guidelines are given by the governor. So watch the spike happen 3 weeks after school opens.

    Also according to epidemiologists the numbers u see ARE ALWAYS 3 WEEKS BEHIND SO THOSE NUMBERS ARE NOT DURING THE WEEK WE ARE IN. So the numbers are higher.

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