Comments for Disney Eyeing Angelina Jolie & Will Smith For Upcoming Kingdom Hearts Show

kingdom hearts

Credit: Variety/Disney


  1. Thomas

    Please god no, don’t make it live-action, it’d look so tacky. It’d look great as an animated series in the same vein as the action hero cartoons of the mid 90s looked. I would love a KH series though and I’m surprised that Disney didn’t run with it and make a TV spin-off already.

    1. Rebel orange bird

      Kingdom hearts looks so real right now as a video game why would you live action it???

    2. Timothy 1395

      Last I read it said it was going to be CG. I hope that’s the way it stays.

    3. Timothy1395

      Last I read it was going to be a CGI series. I hope that’s still true.

  2. SJ

    Yes please!

  3. Dar

    Oh heck yeah!

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