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Source: Walt Disney World Resort, Shanghai Disneyland


  1. Jamie

    No way my kids will wear this all day in the heat. Plus, they’ve already been exposed to covid19 when I had it so we are all immune. Disney can make whatever rules they want but that doesn’t mean I have to go. And we won’t if this stays in effect. They should allow people to provide proof of testing as an option to mask wearing.

    1. Ken

      Again, they do not know if you are immune if you were already exposed. That research is being done now. Please do not risk yourself or others with this assumption.

      1. Sue

        I won’t go to Disney until masks are not required. High risk people should stay home and healthy people can take their chances.

    2. AR

      Yes. In fact we cancelled our August trip for this very reason. And I am sure we won’t be the only ones. Yes the cast members wear a costume in the heat but it’s not their vacation. It is fine for Disney to require masks but ot is a deal breaker for me for s summer vacation.

      1. Kelly Connerton

        Not to mention, the cast members are not in their costumes All day . I am looking to get my annual pass refunded if this comes to be.

    3. Harley

      We are immune to the first strain not if theres another round! Its like the flu AB have vaxx but there are thousands of strains… thats why 300k people died from that last yr alone and 56k died just this yr while this was all going on. That doesnt mean we shouldnt act like we never been sick before and living in bubbles forever… but that doesnt mean its a free for all!

    4. Heath

      I doubt many adults could survive the heat with a “properly worn mask,” let alone children. I don’t see this as a safe alternative. It’s a dealbreaker.

    5. Penny

      I don’t think making kids wear a mask is going to work. It’s too hot and that’s not safe either. We have a double stroller and we can social distance but I feel Disney is going to have health emergencies if they make kids and adults wear mask in that kind of heat and humidity. .

  2. Toni

    Being exposed to Covid-19 and even having it at one time, does NOT make one immune nor does it make you less susceptible to getting it again! Proof of testing also does not equal proof of not being a carrier of it.
    So much misinformation.

    1. Harley

      Actually it is for this strain but not others its like the flu! I had thats what my dr said! I think i am going to trust my drs sorry!

      1. Joan

        When people put the safety of their children and themselves Second to the safety and rules of everyone else it is absolutely unthinkable. What makes anyone think it is all right to put others in Jeopardy for there selfishness . Stay home if you don’t like the rules but stop complaining and whining.

        1. How about you stay home if you are worried. You are safest there. I will not wear a mask in Disney. Considering selling my DVC if needed.

      2. Jeffrey Shields

        Exactly it’s very similar to the flu. Life is going to go on, we can’t live in fear of getting sick. Keep yourself as clean and preventative as possible. Live in life and move on. We can’t live in a bubble.

        1. Kevin H Jones

          A South Korean study has alreay proven that cloth masks don’t work, and could wven INCREASE your chances of spreading and catching disease.

      3. A concerned nurse

        Kevin i am a nurse and i got covid many of my friends in hosp did too we wear masks as a safety precaution for surgeries etc usual not 24/7! Thinking anything is going to keep you safe 24/7 is kinda ridiculous even vaccines can not do that people still die… heart attacks and cancer both still kill more people! Because there is no cure and bc it is silent! Are you going to live your life not living bc of it!? Thats not mental healthy now!

    2. Faithful Friend


  3. Traycee

    The argument that if cast members can wear a hot costume in the heat so guests can handle a mask is ridiculous. Costumed CM are outside for short spurts of time, not the whole day walking around on the sun while wrangling toddlers, navigating through crowds & trying to map out their next 10 moves. I think there should be more concrete evidence that these face masks actually are effective, considering the CDC has changed their directives on the coverings, before they mandate them. There are many guests & cast members who cannot wear a face covering for various medical reasons as well.

    1. Janie

      Actually it depends on routine! You could be out there for hrs there are many outside positions! Its a guest waiting on an outside line for hrs! Your going to be in a mask unless your eating or swimming thats not alot to ask your right for an adult but a child whom might be playing w it more than having it on or ones i read here have such breathing issues and been told by drs they can not thats soooo not right!!!! Also by the time we all reopen this will be mute but it is not fair i have kids and i barely want to go back to work let alone have to force em to wear masks! Esp when we do not have to in our state but now we must i am adult its hard getting my kids to just understand it all and whats going on! And any parent could get that!

    2. Cyndi

      Follow the rules or stay home. It’s that simple. There’s always next year if you or your kid don’t want to wear a mask.

      1. Shidiqua

        It’s not that simple. Not being able to wear a mask because of a disability like a breathing issue means they have to accommodate you. Disney And all other businesses cannot discriminate against The disabled.

  4. Bill Zanetti

    Decent article, but a couple of your assumptions are wrong. Entertainment Cast Members portraying characters will NOT be wearing masks, not do they wear masks in Shanghai currently. Also, it was never policy in Shanghai that you were required to wear a mask while taking a photo.

  5. Rebel Orange Bird

    Ok most Floridians lets face facts do not really go to the parks in the heat of the summer! So if you want to go you go and be safe maybe restrict your time in! And thats that! I am in ny and hearing you all rant 24/7 bores me at least when my friends whom are on broadway complain its valid! At least your govenor doesnt act like not needed!

  6. Josiah Donaldson

    Everyone will likely have to wear one. Unfortunately, the opinion of epidemiologists on this subject of masking has changed over the years. I highly recommend the American Experience documentary on the pandemic of 1918. It was made a few years ago, but it is enlightening on how quickly the whole medical community can change their tune on masks out of fear. A quote from an epidemiologist in the documentary described home made cloth masks as, ” trying to keep dust out with chicken wire.” This quote described their effectiveness at keeping out the virus. Oh how times change…

  7. Angie Ellis

    My 9 year old will not wear a mask. I just don’t think it’s reasonable to enforce this with children.

    1. Sandra

      So, your 9 year old is in charge now? Make a mask fun, and kids will not have a problem with wearing one. So called adults are the ones throwing a tantrum.

      1. Harry Wickwire

        No you can make your kids wear a mask im not wearing one it will be pointless to argue with me, it wont be one my face, they will hace to constantly talk to me about it, and i will continue to do what i want… if you don’t want to go to disney knowing that some people wont hace masks on then stay home

      2. Mark

        I am sorry before you rudely expess how we raise our kids… you must not have kids bc you would know yes all of us that do they run or lives esp now in this new normal!!! I am also sorry bc there is such a thing called sp needs children and they need it more than your average child! And yes as a parent of sp needs they have my attention 24/7 and are in charge bc otherwise would be on their own and sp needs children can not be!

    2. Chainsaw Princess

      My 12 yr old has extremely bad allergies and breathing issues has been told by his dr he CAN NOT for his safety wear one but mark my words if we go to wdw he will wear something its just to make others happy bc obviously in fl we haven’t worn em cdc just changed their mind and said no need for em! So make something i made buffs its something to keep your face covered! But disney did come out recently and said not opening till mask issue is taken care of! So lets have patience and go hug your kid!

  8. Jen

    Characters are the employees and it’s their job to wear the costume. This is our vacation. Not our job.

  9. D

    If you really think Disney or Universal cares how the average person feels about wearing vs not wearing a mask, then take another look. They dont care. They care about money and bottom line increases for their shareholders. If making people wear masks means doors open and cash flows, then they will force it.
    Masks dont truly help. They help ease the intense fear that has been heaped on to everyone, but do minimal at best with infection. CDC knows that, so do leaders. Every interview about mandatory masks or please wear masks, is done w no mask on!
    And if its up to the individual to do so then it needs to be across the board our choice. Problem is that the ones demanding masks are doing it out of fear, and screaming at the ones not that they are going to be killing the families and others by not having one. No one not wearing a mask is screaming at mask wearers. Its crazy. We are not a communist country enforcing a law. In fact its a requirement not law. If masks are mandatory in china and this virus BEGAN in china, then how did this virus spread so fast if everyone was wearing a mask?? Ya, they dont work. In fact they can lead to more infections. If enough people go to their local leaders and push for their rights to not be infringed on, some of the places would not be making this required. It should be by choice, and people should be respectful of choice, Either way.

    1. Davis

      Okay but their lawyers and osha does!!!!

    2. Bella

      Disney World is Disney property, if the rule is to wear a mask then that is what needs to be done. If you don’t like it stay home. If you go and don’t wear a mask I hope Disney kicks you out and bans you from the THEIR property.

  10. Donna Burzynski

    No, reason is, they have already prooved that masks do not protect up from the virus, the only reason why we have to now is to keep us from touching our faces, if you observe people with mask, they touch their masks all the time by adjusting them. In the heat it will be harder to breathe, people pass out as it is when its hot, now cover our face can just bring that on more so. After I wear mine for a while it makes me feel sick afterwards, if you think about it, we are not breathing in freash air or oxygen, we are breathing in our own exhale. I learned in science when I was a kid that we exhale carbon monoxide and breath in oxygen, if we are wearing a mask we are breathing back in carbon monoxide. Hmmm, that can’t be healthy and no wonder I feel sick after wearing a mask for an hour let alone all day

    1. Bob

      It’s carbon dioxide moron. Carbon monoxide being expelled from your mouth would definitely be a problem. You didn’t learn anything.

    2. Jenna

      I don’t know what’s more terrifying: how incredibly wrong and unscientific this comment is, or your absolute certainty that this completely wrong opinion is right. Please…stay home.

  11. Scott

    Cloth masks? Probably provide minimal help. What about face shields or goggles? Your eyes are possible source of infection with this too.

  12. Christina

    I like reading all these parents saying my kids won’t do this, my kids won’t do that. When I was a kid I wasn’t giving a choice, and when we were lucky enough to go on vacation we’d do anything we were told to because if we argued we don’t go, simple. And I think I turn our all right and I have fond memories of my childhood.

  13. Laurie

    No mask! They are not needed, please look up the facts! The virus dies in temperatures above 75 degrees & with humidity (Florida) They showed the graph at the White House Covid press conference . It does not live on any surfaces!
    More health risk for people & especially kids with mask on then off.

    1. Daddy Piranha

      “They are not needed…” INCORRECT
      “The virus dies in temperatures above 75 degrees…” MISLEADING
      “They showed the graph at the White House Covid press conference…” LOL. Was that the one where people were told to drink bleach or the one where people were told to inject it?
      “It does not live on any surfaces…” Survey says? WRONG.
      “More health risk for people…” Citation needed.

  14. Jeffrey Shields

    Requiring a child to keep a mask on for an entire day at Disney is going to ruin their memory of their Disney adventure. I’m sure it is already a chore for a parent to handle a child, no less a child that is tired and cranky. You think it’s going to be easy to keep masks on children, especially if the child is old enough that parent doesn’t usually keep a constant eye on that child.
    I will definitely have second thoughts about returning to Disney if I am required to wear a mask every moment in the park. For one thing I can’t see since my glasses fog up while wearing the mask. I’ve heard more times then I can count that it is unhealthy for a healthy person to wear a mask for long periods of time. I don’t believe that masks should be required for everyone. If someone feels the need to wear a mask let them. Out in the open air you should be safe to go without a mask. Can you breathe through a cloth mask after it gets wet? Disney does have wet rides.

    1. Mark

      Try a kid w allergies and breathing issues whom been told by a dr not to wear one for their safety! My dr gave me a note i do not know how far i will get but medically she has to have an oxygen mask on anyways so figure it out! Its all a learning lesson but my 4 yr old struggles w it for knowing the oxygen one helps her breathe let alone whats going on! Many young kids have no clue truly whats going on and as a parent i do not want to force reality on my child when they barely understand 1+1= 2!

    2. Sandra

      Do us all a favor and just stay home.

      1. Heath

        Sandra, Look, it is Disney’s property and they can do what they want. So if they require masks, then they require masks, and they can enforce that on their property.
        Regardless, it is arguable whether disney is actually doing this out of concern or simply to pacify the masses. At any rate, people can choose to not go as a result of the masks and voice their opinion as to why they disagree with the masks. You have to concede that they have logical arguments. One, the mask makes it very hard to breath–think being in a hot attic all day on a hot summer day–it is a terrible environment and especially so for children. Two, when it is proven that solid latex is insufficient to prevent transfer of std’s, how is it logical that draping a piece of curtain, sock, or t-shirt cloth over your face sufficient to prevent the spread of an airborne virus, not to mention the wet spot that will develop in front of your face and collect all sorts of crap?

  15. Jeffrey Shields

    All the non medical masks do is keep you from sharing your spit or sneeze with others. They don’t keep you from breathing in things around you. People spit when they talk whether they think they do or not. Maybe a compromise of just wearing masks over the mouth and not the nose. If you’re going to sneeze cover it, sneeze or cough into your elbow or inside your shirt. I know my glasses fog up when my nose covered. This of course makes it so I can’t see.
    Maybe just cover your mouth when you talk and avoid wearing the mask altogether.
    Wearing a mask is definitely going to make me think twice about going to Disney. And I want to go to Disney!

  16. Bryan Chalker

    “…some Disney fans claim that a cloth face mask will in fact make it more difficult to breathe.”

    While I love your blog, this is is worded pretty poorly. No…not a “claim”. It’s a fact. Anyone who has walked in that heat outside for extended periods of time can attest. I live in Jacksonville, Fl and we hit those temps and humidity all the time.

    As others have pointed out, as well, it’s not only “Disney fans”. It’s quite a few docs and those in the med profession who warn against prolonged use in heat and humidity like they have.

  17. Denise B.

    Good luck with that in trying to force children and adults with autism to comply with this nonsense. As I have said before, people believe everything they are told and do everything they are told without questioning anything. Anyone doing proper research will find that face mask wearing is more of a test of compliance rather than a barrier that can stop the spread of a virus which these masks can’t.

    1. Chainsaw Princess

      Try anyone whose got any sort of breathing issue who medical can not wear one or whose read the disclaimer on the mask boxes that says “do not wear for fear you may stop breathing and be hospitalized if you have breathing heart or allergy issues” .
      My answer to this make your own covering or buy a buff scarf they just want something covering your face and yes kids are going to have issues but you just have be like you wear em for disney and then after remove em bc we do not wear em here in fl!

  18. Jackie

    Chopek said hes going to figure out the mask thing before they open bc he realizes the cultural difference (aka someone told him lawyers or osha) and also the heat will be an issue along w hurricane season at least here in fl and he wants it all cleared up the time he opens the parks within a few months!

  19. sam

    Wearing a mask is preferable to getting Covid-19. Stop whining and either don’t go or mask up. It isn’t about you.

  20. Kim

    Thankfully we visited WDW from 12/30-1/6 of this year so we don’t have to worry about an upcoming vacation.

    Our family isn’t wearing masks at home. They aren’t required in our city or state unless you are a personal care provider, restaurant employee, etc. As a consumer there isn’t anywhere you go that makes them mandatory. There are some shops that have asked for patrons to wear them so I’m avoiding those until they change policy. Why? Because we have never stayed at home since the shutdowns first started. Our business has been considered essential and we’ve encountered hundreds of people in the past several months.

    That being said, I won’t even consider flying or going to any destination that requires a mask be worn. I’ll gladly drive and choose to patronize businesses and vacation spots where I can enjoy myself without feeling like I’m going to suffocate with a cloth mask on during the heat of summer.

  21. Chris

    Being expected to wear a face covering in 90 + degree weather is miserable. I wear it for 9+ hours a day at work in healthcare and I would never pay to go do that for extended time on vacation. My 4 year old daughter will never keep a face mask on. Let alone the fact that masks are called surgical masks for a reason and not intended for extended use. We were originally booked in April but rebooked with the dining offer for September, if masks are still required at that point we will be canceling our reservation until that policy changes.

  22. Heather

    I think they should enforce it when inside but if you are outside they should make it optional but encouraged. Nothing any different than visited a crowded but socially distancing beach where very few are wearing masks. Also I have a 3 year old and 3 seems too young to me. It’s very hard to get that age to do something they don’t want to do. Especially for an entire day. It can ruin your whole trip. In my opinion those overly concerned with a face mask being worn every second should probably just not go places like this.

  23. Nette

    I am in favor of wearing a mask. Problem is my grandsons with autism who have a lot of sensory issues may not be able to wear or keep on a mask. Wish they could!! Should we just cancel all plans until their is a vaccine or might things change before December? I guess this question is just rhetorical as we know so little about what December will bring. Thank you.

    1. Jen

      Even if a vaccine is created before December (and EOY is the earliest realistic timeframe I’ve seen), it may not be widely available. However, more information coming out between now and then could change things. I’d wait a few more months…

  24. Karen

    I am concerned about this for the children. Some children have severe physical or mental disabilities and may not be able to understand having to wear a mask. Are we going to discriminate against them and their parents telling them they can’t come to the happiest place on Earth? For most of us it may just be an inconvenience and irritating but for others it is just not feasible. I would feel awful if I had a child with severe mental and physical disabilities and not be able to take them to Disney. Their lives are already extremely limited if seeing their favorite Disney character gives them a moment of happiness who are we to deprive them? I agree social distancing will be important and for people who have concerns please wear a mask. But to mandate it is going to cause untold hurt and will leave out some very special people.

  25. Molly Willett

    Wearing a mask doez not protect you or anyone else. These madks will get wet, and sweaty and will be touched repeatedly, which will cause germs to grow. You would need to have spares with you to change out every few hours. Then you would need to bd able to sanitize them between uses. Also many will get lost or fall off on rides.

    If the goal is to stop touching your face, a mask does just the opposite. Everyone i have seen wearing them, touches their face over and over. They reposition it, they take it off to drink, they take it off to breath.
    It’s a big mistake.

  26. Nic

    LOL all the “I’m not wearing a mask and neither is my kid” comments. So stay home, that’s it. You and your kid will not die if you don’t get to spend a day at Disney. First World problem for sure lol

    1. Sandra

      I hope all these cry babies do stay home. Better for those of us that are willing to follow rules.

  27. Sandra

    I hope all these cry babies do stay home. Better for those of us who are willing to follow rules.

    1. cupcake

      really? they don’t want to wear mask it probably going to be 90 degrees and they don’t want their children to burn in the hot summer sun and maybe die of heatstroke. disney for everyone!

  28. No we are not wearing masks we go to Disneyland every year since 1999, but we will skip this year if we have to wear mask, should be up to each individual. They are too hot and make you nauseous. I agree with person who said Disney charcters are working not spending thousands of dollars for a vacation.

  29. no masks for us we will wait until next year if we are required to wear a mask, will be the first year we have missed since 1999. should be optional.

    1. Nic

      Lol I’m sure your family will be ok with missing 1 year in over 20. The Disney employees who might be protected by the masks worn by considerate people thank you for your sacrifice.

  30. cupcake

    okay well if you are going to take your kids to disney world with a mask make sure to have sunscreen and maybe tons of bottles of water or disney should make a stations where people can get water and other things to cool themselves and their children off.

  31. Leah

    Disney will go bankrupt trying to enforce such a ridiculous rule. I bring my kids to Disney 2 times a year and will not come back with this rule in effect. People are responsible for their own health, not business they visit or places they work for. If you really think a mask is going to save you then you are a special kind of stupid.

    1. Chemere

      I live in Florida and my family has annual passes. Disney needed to open therefore, they came up with this rule. Unfortunately for Disney, this rule will cost them more in the long run. It will cost more to have all the employees working with a minimal amount guest. Disney money comes from children visiting. If you notice the have all these stands out so children can see and have their parents buy it. Most children can’t or won’t wear mask. As a parent I don’t want to spend Disney money and won’t get the full vacation. I read through most of these comments and majority will not visit because of mask. I agree. Being in the sun all day with mask is not as easy as people think. Florida reaches high 90 and above most days in the summer. I recently took my child to LEGOLAND where they aren’t requiring mask. My 3 yr old lasted 2 hours. Children will be an issue. I’m surprised she lasted that long. However, I’m glad LEGOLAND don’t require them because even though she didn’t keep her mask on, we were still able to enjoy the rest of the day. I couldn’t imagine being kicked out of a park because my 3 yr old can’t keep on a mask if I was spending Disney money. Disney is far from cheap and even with the pandemic, everything Is still the regular price.

  32. elaine

    As a health care professional, I am hoping that masks will be required of all patrons 3 and older unless there is a medical reason not too. Asthma, deafness and any other acceptable medical reason would be cause to not wear a mask. Children can be taught to tolerate wearing a mask if the adult approaches the idea in a positive manner.

  33. Frustrsted

    Why don’t all of the folks who are so scared stay home. Why do the healthy folks in the world need to behave like we’re all old, unhealthy, and going to die if we get it. Typical control and entitlement of the world. If we continue to scare folks to death, we’ll do anything we’re told. And to all the health care experts, LOL! Get over yourself. There’s such a corrupt medical society in America, you all should challenge everything you’re told.
    I find it interesting and am very interested in the outcome. I think many businesses will fail and I feel that Disney will be in serious trouble if this ends up being the road traveled. I don’t find it necessary for anyone nor any entity to protect me. If I feel danger in doing something then I won’t do it. Millions of folks don’t fly everyday because of fear, regardless of safety efforts. Fear is fear regardless the event. For all those who are so scared, I can list most likely a thousand things we do everyday that would most certainly allow us to get this deadly virus. LOL! By the way, I’d like to ask everyone, what you’ve done since the virus was the 24/7 topic of the day to get healthier, boost your immune system, loose weight, anything???? Sit back and wait to be told what will keep you safe. Farewell to Disney, my 3 DVC memberships, and the thousands every year we’ve given. I don’t think given the guidelines they’ll be any Magic for my family.

  34. What about face shields or goggles?

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