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Shanghai Disneyland

Credit: Shanghai Disneyland


  1. Janie

    Sorry but putting all international parks together w local is irrational bc they are owned by the governments and not disney! And though disney is in charge no public company is above the rules set out by the govenor of the state! We iust came out of lockdown and we are processing normal slow give it a rest!!!! Being positive is one thing feeding fans w the same nonsense when you know fully its not opening any time soon…. has nothing to do w your not attached to disney or any other parks just a fan site but the fact its just common knowledge and sense to know disney will not open and go aganist rules esp not wo its cms nor would anyone want to get arrested for getting together bc we are over parties of 10 & have it all start over! Thats whats being done here in cali and last i saw it was level 1 only in fl!

  2. Davis

    With much more patience then this sight has and kindness to all us cms!

  3. Jackie

    Heres.a new plan… whatever happens happens or never those are your only choices deal w it people!!!!

    1. Jackie

      Ps. How about looking at wdw website they just updated the info guess what tbd and following government regulations so na lets move on nothing to see here!

  4. I’m sorry
    It’s just too soon to open the parks. Our blight of a governor will do what ever that cancer in the whitehouse wants him to
    The cdc released a graph this morning showing the increase of cases and deaths
    By June they were saying we could see on an average of 60 deaths per day
    Believe me…it’s not possible for anyone to love Disney more than I do
    There is no way I will be around crowds for a while yet
    It’s just not safe

    1. Donner

      Then stay home…
      Florida has had some of the lowest infection rates and deaths compared to NY, NJ, CT, MI.
      Don’t let your blind rage and hatred of desantis cloud your decisions.
      Again, stay home if you want…

      I still marvel at the 3/16 photos of a packed Magic Kingdom and all the chicken littles saying it would balloon covid cases—here we are almost 2 months later and it didn’t happen.
      People should be more worried about all those Cuomo killed by putting infected persons in nursing homes with the most vulnerable.
      Again, stay home if it makes you feel better.

    2. Ashley G

      Then don’t go to theme parks or anyplace else you deem dangerous. That’s your prerogative. And others will do as they see fit.

  5. Ashley G

    Then don’t go to theme parks or anyplace else you deem dangerous. That’s your perrogative. And others will do as they see fit.

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