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Disney World Reopening Approval

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  1. Davis

    Desantis does not seem like an idiot i would not doubt he might wait to see what comes of universal opening… think about it if something goes wrong ie. Too many pass out etc or operations get too many complaints… is desantis honestly going to go yes lets reopen disney! On what grounds would that be smart? And please do not argue me in the state we are in disney is a different company etc. I can tell you the people i know on both ends whom have been called are not happy w the working conditions and wondering if its all worth it…. Desantis needs to keep everything in mind along w safety! I highly doubt with our weather plus hurricane season already started in mind along w yes theres the economy but theres also reelection and if he makes a wrong step when lives are at stake it might will be remember! ALL OF IT! Again desantis is going to do things in time! He has not even put the state into level 2 yet over people not following directions etc. Someone once said it here and they were right whats the rush???

  2. Victoria

    The governor may push for a sooner date. Economic impact is taking its toll. Also, they may try to open more resorts sooner.

  3. Its fun to be free

    Why is everyone in a rush???

    1. Cindy Caine

      We at universal have been saying that this whole time!

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