Comments for OpEd: Why Walt Disney World Opening Later in July is a Huge Positive for Fans

Disney opening later


  1. Laurie

    At this point they should wait until later in the fall and forgo all these mask & social distancing requirement which won’t be needed.

    1. Darth Doctor

      Oh, that’s right! Because what I heard is that CoVID19 will be all gone by then. Good thinking!

      In other news, if the President’s polls are still down by end of summer, we’re going to have a vaccine one week before the election!

      1. John

        Not sure a theme park is the best place for anyone 75 yrs or older with a pre-existing condition should be anyway. Let’s open now and just ask those folks to stay home.

      2. Darth rebel ravenclaw

        Ok darth but serious now what about the new strain thats affecting and killing kids will that be in vaccine too and what about the flu more people still died from that this yr while all this was going on!!! And people had the shot!!! And there are 10k airborne illnesses and heart attacks etc that have no cure and kill too! Whats your pt besides happy darth sarcasm!? Though your always good for a laugh!

  2. cupcake

    i think it a great idea! if covid is gone by then and we get vaccines maybye things will be normal.

  3. Harley

    I can not email you directly itm i do not know what is wrong w your send a message pg but i knew ryan would not mind me putting this here:
    To everyone at itm,
    tAfter frequent negative comments back to me including the recent death threats on me and my son… I am no longer going to comment on ITM! I feel bad as i truly enjoyed your writers even when i might have disagreed your all wonderful writers it inspired me to take up my own writing again! Though i feel like i connected w many of you esp ryan baliee and today getting support from Kurt … i still very uncomfortable! Which knowing i been following itm since 15 yrs ago in ny ithrough my days at disney telling fellow cms how great you are its a sad thing to do indeed! I know no one knows where anyone is from here etc. Its one thing to deal w negative i am sure you get it (esp TJ whom i feel bad for everyone dislikes his writings but i always enjoyed) but the death threats bc people do not agree is another! Esp in this time of ???? And bc i have sp needs son its hard enough to stay postive for him sometime! Esp at the beginning when he thought he did something wrong. Also we are all only human we should be full of magic and yet i havent felt it (except from your writers of course) so i wanted to say humbled thanks and see ya all around the magic your all awesome!
    P.s. thank you to ryan and others whom encourage my son w positive words and all the wdi articles! I hope he could create something to inspire others one day!

    1. Damion

      Are you not going to post under all the other names as well?

      1. Rebel Orange Bird

        And thats the reason she wanted to not post here i bet and had no choice! Did you not read negative posts was the reason shes leaving and you left one again! Do you have a heart!? For one harley you will be missed! Nyc sends its love! Take care of your son and forget this nonsense i for one understand sure others will too!

        1. Darth Nicely

          No joke. That sucks.

          Everybody’s comments on here, no matter what content, are to be enjoyed, even if one disagrees, even if for no other reason than somebody took a moment to write it.

          I did not see any of what Harley is talking about, so I must ask what did I miss?

          But to repeat: No joke. That sucks.

        2. Damion

          I guess the answer is “yes, you will still be posting under other names” lol . . . . smh

      2. Janie

        Sadly damion the only person harley seems to bother is you lately! Oh and jackie whose been threatening her and her kid from the beginning over princesses… Shes been nothing but a positive soul even when she tends to go in the wrong direction its still positive! We all are human w different rights wrongs feelings and energies let her have hers! Harley i do not know if you will still read this but like rebel my thoughts and prayers are w you i felt like i had a sister at arms miles away as we both are single mommies… though sometimes my bratty teens do not need me … this time has taught us all to love more!

      3. Rebel Orange Bird

        Darth to fill ya in see damion post and few other people that same insult to her kindness and positivity. He also thinks we are all the same person. Omg i wonder if he will think your part of this assimilation too! Though if your smart enough to see and read any post we do disagree or agree… Its call a comments section like you even said thats what we do here. Because we agree or have fun does not mean we are the same person! Obvious enough we would not be saying good bye to her if we were all the same person now would we? One top of that Jackie plus one or two other said “she deserved to die (i do not remember why)” or bc her son likes: princesses or Elsa bc of that = hes gay and he deserves to die bc “gay is wrong”! I see ignoring negative but death threats and other things I do not blame her for leaving. We should all care more about each other during this time than put each other down!

    2. Cindy Caine

      You do you gf! As the saying goes at least i think thats how it goes your positivity will be missed for sure. I hope you know our uni vs wdw moments are all in good friendly comp! And i am not counted in that negative if i am i apologize w chainsaws and fog a blaze! You had alot of love for hhn and i hope to see you around this yr if it happens i will be behind plexiglass! It brings new meaning to the walmart jk at hmu.

      1. Ghost Nation Forever

        ? ?

    3. Davis

      Damion its comments like yours that should be removed and deleted from existence are you listening itm! Your rude and are hurting peoples feelings just bc we do not agree w your or your mpd … you blame all of us and say we have it… your a laugh … i never met any of these people in my life except harley bc i am i was stupid and drunk and exposed myself inside a hos house where she worked! Harley also knows more than half these writers probably she mentioned once in comment i think it was 250 times before she moved here. Your going to be missed Harley?
      I agree w rebel why would we be saying goodbye to ourselves if we were the same person????? The only other person sadly I also know is mark ? he use to be a good friend until you get to know him lets just say i got him fired! Hes more pompous then you are! He truly knows nothing! All the rest never meant em though as security for disney i met many people i probably met you but i do not remember everyone i been w disney on and off bc of my wc bound child for 10 yrs!

      1. Mark

        I was wondering who got me fired jokes on you ent took me back and apparently hershey loved me! They need me to return! Oh and harley no one will miss your overblown opinions and oh my child this that the other thing… my kids wearing a oxygen mask at 4!!! Okay!!! And davis when did you become a parent just because you felt the need? You all need help! Itm isn’t going to miss you nor will probably your families if you die of covid tomm!

      2. Davis

        Are you seriously going to start this here mark? Bc i do not think threatening people is smart… this might be a fan page but big brother is watching… besides you know my job right? Btw i also had a daughter i did not think her condition nor my personal life was your business you were a fellow cm that stab me in the back! If anyone is poor me its you!! everyone here has heard the long winding my folks died of the common cold etc. I am glad hershey wants you they could have you!

      3. Janie

        Children behave!!!! If its not w my teenagers its here!!! I honestly need my military job back!!!

    4. Rosie

      I am new to the site but i have seen your name in a few places and you have been very insightful! It will be sad to not have your take. I hope you take care of yourself and your son! If i was itm i would hire you or let you write.

  4. Sarah

    I’m glad WDW opens 6 weeks after Universal. By mid July, Contact Workers should know if there are any COVID cases from Universal. We can learn from their success or failures.

    1. Its fun to be free

      I bet thats what desantis is watching too! I think people are going to watch our weather as well bc july is usually the worst for us! Last yr we had 120° heat index record. No one should be out in the that let alone w a mask on! Why are we all in such a rush btw?

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