Comments for Update: Orange County Mayor Approves Universal Orlando Reopening Dates and Plans



  1. Cindy Caine

    Well good luck w that bc this is news to me as a team member btw task force needs to still be approved you can not say canceling hours to reopen we also need more to time to come back now if we are coming back to open to guests like july/aug… that i could get but we are going nowhere wo desantis saying yes and knowing we are still in level 1 and never got part b bc he still is worried please bring the bs somewhere else! Btw we were all told universal is canceling hhn why would they do this if they are reopening in time???

  2. T

    No team members were told HHN was being cancelled. Please stop spreading rumors and false information.

  3. Fr. Damien

    I hope the actual plan has a lot more details than these 8 pages! Like how the mask and spacing rules are enforced, how many people can enter each day, how the crowds of people at lockers and security and photo areas will be eliminated, removal of fingerprint scanners, indoor air quality and contact tracing. I’d like to check out those plans.

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