Comments for Therapists Analyze Favorite Disney Relationships Including ‘Frozen’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’


  1. EricJ

    Well, the DISNEY version of Beauty & the Beast anyway–
    Not the original 18th-cty. French tale, where the Beast is civilized and generous to Belle from the minute she walks in the door, if not for, well…Oh, and he could read, too.
    But then, that version had Belle ultimately learning the important lesson about appearances, and we can’t have the empowered heroine learning things in a Linda Woolverton script. That might suggest they were imperfect.

    And I suppose we already know there was “Look ma, no Hans” in Andersen’s original Snow Queen, and Kristoff was a 14-yo. girl bandit?

  2. Frozen is my favorite. 🙂

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