Comments for “Iron Man” Star Blames Robert Downey Jr for His Exit out of the MCU

Robert Downey Jr Iron Man Terrence Howard

Source: Marvel Studios, Pinkvilla


  1. To me it sounds like this actor just made a bad choice and should of took the pay cut to cement himself into the franchise and get payment in the next round of films.
    And for sure the amounts of cash paid for jobs as this is just easy money to actors that can act and remember lines in a trade they choose to be employed in #easymoney.

    1. LizS

      Why, that’s not fair at all. Maybe if they would have did it to both stars, then ok. I would have told them to kick rocks too. They obviously were just trying to get over cause War Machine never went away!

  2. Foley

    Seems like a guy who screwed up and didn’t see the bigger picture and see the “Endgame” and how much more money he would’ve made in the long run. He’s similar to Edward Norton who didn’t stick with the character because at the time they didn’t think superhero movies would become what they are. Cheadle is a much better actor anyway and is way better as Rhodes than Howard.

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