Comments for Disney Announces Taika Waititi as the Director of the Next “Star Wars” Movie

Taika Star Wars


  1. MrsWeasleysTwin


  2. Tyler Rowan

    I am really excited about the possibilities. I would love to see which path he takes. I like many others have been waiting for old republic movies with Revan, Malgus, and Satele Shan, and with him being as skilled as him is I would love to see Taika lead this. But on the other hand if not done carefully it could become a massive disaster. Regardless I think the future of the franchise is in good hands right now

  3. Martha Darcy

    This is RAD –Taika Waititi is AWESOME!! we have TONS of amazing pics of him with his girlfriend Polly Stoker –they’ve been dating in SECRET for YEARS now!!
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