Star Wars x Adidas Reveals Yoda UltraBOOST Sneakers!

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Credit: Adidas/Lucasfilm

The Star Wars x adidas collection, which debuted in Fall 2019, has already featured a number of shoe styles inspired by iconic Star Wars characters.

The original Star Wars/Adidas line featured three packs: Lightsaber, Space Battle, and Character.

Now, the adidas team is back with a brand new Star Wars UltraBOOST design featuring Jedi Master Yoda.

yoda ultraboost adidas
Credit: Adidas/

Inspired by the swamps of Dagobah, this new Star Wars sneaker has a neutral knit upper, a Yoda badge on the tongue, and Adidas’s exclusive UltraBOOST technology.

We love the detailing on these Yoda shoes, from this portrait of the wise Jedi Master wielding his lightsaber…

yoda adidas tongue
Credit: Adidas/

…to the “Yoda” text on the back of the shoe.

yoda adidas back
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Whether you’re looking for serious running shoes or Star Wars streetwear, Adidas Boost tech is a great choice. As per the shoe manufacturer’s official website, “To create Boost, thermoplastic polyurethane particles are expanded to form closed cells around tiny pockets of air. The resulting product is known as expanded thermoplastic polyurethane—or eTPU, for short.”

In layman’s terms, this means that Boost delivers a host of benefits. Adidas outlines five on their website: comfort, temperature control, durability, flexibility, and energy return.

adidas boost tech
Credit: Adidas

Since Boost debuted in 2013, adidas has had incredible success with the footwear line. On their website, they share highlights, including:

2013: Energy Boost premieres as the first adidas running shoe with a Boost midsole. 
2014: adiZero adios Boost wins the Men’s WR at the Berlin Marathon. 
2015: Ultraboost becomes a crossover hit of high-performance running and fashion. 
2016: Ultraboost X pushes the design even further with a laceless upper and targeted support. 
2017: adiZero adios Boost wins the Women’s WR at the London Marathon. 
2018: Ultraboost x Parley incorporates upcycled and recycled waste into its iconic design. 
2019: The story of Boost continues with the release of Ultraboost 19 and Pulseboost HD.

If you’re looking for new Star Wars apparel for your wardrobe, you can’t go wrong with these Yoda adidas sneakers. There is no official debut date for the shoes yet, but keep checking back for additional details about Star Wars x adidas!

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Are you going to purchase these new Yoda ultraBOOST sneakers as soon as you can? Tell us in the comments!

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