These NEW Adidas / Star Wars Shoes Will Take You to a Galaxy Far Far Away…

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Adidas / Star Wars

Credit: Adidas

Black Friday is upon us which means the holiday shopping season is officially in session. Chances are you have a Star Wars fan in your life. Well, if you’re still pondering what to get them this holiday season, we have you covered!

Adidas has partnered with Star Wars studio Lucasfilm to bring you some galactic footwear that will punch your Star Wars fan’s style into lightspeed.

Inspired by our favorite Star Wars characters, this Adidas line brings us closer to the light and dark side of the force; depending on who which one you chose.

The Adidas/Star Wars shoe line, available this November, will feature three packs: the Lightsaber, Space Battle and Character.

“Do or do not, there is no try”- Yoda

Adidas Star Wars Yoda
Credit: Adidas

The NMD_R1 Star Wars shoes show off a Yoda logo on the tongue, responsive boost in the midsole, returning energy with every stride; according to the shoe description on the website. Inspired by the ultimate Jedi Master, Yoda, these kicks will make sure the force is with you, always.

Adidas Darth Vader
Credit: Adidas

However, if you’re feeling pulled by the dark side, you can choose the NMD_R1 Star Wars shoes in red and black, inspired by Darth Vader. With dark silhouettes and a call to the dark side printed on the heel: “Join me and we can rule the galaxy,” this pair will surely lead down a dark path.

To guide our way into the resistance, the Women’s NMDs give nods to Princess Leia and Rey. With the word “Hope” across the heel, in classic Princess Leia colors, white, black, tan and maroon, these kicks will take you to a galaxy far, far away. The Rey-inspired shoe has the phrase: “Light. Darkness. A Balance” printed on the heel and come in light brown-and-blue.

Not to be left behind, the important sidekick-kicks inspired by R2-D2 and Stormtroopers, the Adidas Nite Joggers are perfect for those dark night missions. The vintage style takes inspiration in the 1980 Nite Jogger, designed for running in low light.

Inspired by the original beloved droid, R2-D2, these Nite Joggers have the signature blue stripes and metallic silver tones.

R2-D2 Adidas
Credit: Adidas

The Stormtrooper Nite Jogger design has a Stormtrooper on the tongue, mesh and leather upper flashes that provide bright reflective details and boost underfoot, return energy with every step.

Stormtrooper Adidas
Credit: Adidas

Styles, sizes, and prices range from $50-$130 and come in men’s, women’s, kids, and toddler sizes.

These tennis shoes are sure to be a hit with all Star Wars fans, so much so, that the website is already showing some styles in backorder. So be sure to keep an eye on the Adidas site and may the force be with you as you shop!

Are you geared up and ready for the opening of the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker? We cannot wait! Let us know in the comments when and where you’ll be watching from. 

Source: Adidas

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