Comments for SPOTTED: Monorail Back Up and Running at Walt Disney World!

EPCOT Monorail

Credit: Disney


  1. Rob

    I’ve missed the Monorails! Can’t wait for wdw to reopen! C ya real soon!

  2. Mark

    Matinance has to run stuff why is this news thats level 1 of 6 for disney far from reopening!

  3. Davis

    Means nothing see it alot that a skyride running on off times you know folks have to get those things running and working before you impatient guests can return! I passed out today i am not aloud to return until my regular post in Aug at dak! Till then i pray the mask issue is figured or they give security shorts!

  4. Jackie

    Thats the route to epcot so much for keeping that closed like they should have!

  5. TJ

    Hopefully WDW is beginning the re-commissioning process of their rides. It sounds like so far Universal has not contacted their contracted inspector to do the same. Hopefully next week brings some different news.

    1. Davis

      Wdw is on level 1 for reopening thats matience and construction! Theres 5 more levels to go besides unlike universal disney is worried about the mask in heat issue etc. I mean i passed out and was told return in august! So take that as you will… and i have seen them running monorails on rarest occasions as ride out once they run rides it might be more of a maybe yes maybe no! But yes disney wants to make sure they are able to open! Reason why ride outs like me did lines about a month or go thats why i know what parks will open etc. Btw none of us said MK so whose ever said MK overrode all us security whom said line control there and studios NA! So just remember kindness! The only thing i give uni is that they are allowing aps in till a certain time then closing lines… vs disney is discussing werid extra tickets n capacity #s! I wish we had busch gardens and now i saw hershey has these where the computer monitors the scanner and stops the next person from entering by putting a huge plastic gate bar in front of them! My sister is at gardens she says it saves arguements from happening bc all they do is point to the screen to say well heres our count we are at capacity sorry!

  6. Matt Brewster

    I hope that Diz used the closure period to do something that has been overdue for decades-CLEAN THE MONORAIL BEAMWAY!!! Seriously, they are filthy with accumulated grease and grime. They should have been steam-cleaned every year!

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