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  1. Harley

    I asked cast right before parks closed and they are still on plan for 50th but w everything so up in the air and a love sse its going to be interesting to see when…. my fingers are crossed for sure! Would not have 50th wo sse it wouldnt be right.

  2. Nate

    A cast member told me 2 years, right before he told me about the fifth park plans…

    1. Davis

      Theres never been plans for a 5th park unless they got that from a rumor thats gone around cms for 10yrs about them getting their own park! Epcot however is rolling out plan b of construction plans to include figment update (finally), test track upgrade, mexico gets coco, and Brazil and Australia (aka the crane clearing stuff by germany)! Thats the only construction plans for right now on docket bc due to covid they just want to open when its safe to get back on track for things that have to open by 50 including sse! Sse will be open by 50th rest of epcot will take 2 yrs! Then another 2 yrs more for what i said above.

  3. I appreciate updating the ride to current times. Also, I love the animated feature they use near the end of the ride, where they use your photo. I hope they keep and improve it. The email stations stopped working for us years ago so we record the surprise video with our cell phones – hilarious!

    1. Scott

      How long ago did the email stations quit?
      We went the last 6 consecutive years and they were working.
      The exhibit certainly does need a refit. Some of the scenes (mammoths) were really dim and have gotten worse each year.

  4. I understand that Space Ship Earth needs to be refurbished, but, it’s one of the places I head straight to when I go to EPCOT. I am going to miss it dearly for 2 years!

    1. Harley

      The 50th is next yr! And its 8-9 yrs coming it was in desperate need of rehab! I only wish tomorrows child would come back but its oh well… my son calls sse his friend but he even knew it needed rehab as it stops at the same spots everytime for no reason just to stop or slow down and its been slower than normal!

  5. Loui B

    Never really cared for the current version, actually liked the version right before this one much better. So won’t miss not getting a last ride before it closed. Was in the park last November and did my final ride then.

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