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  1. As for Disneyland in Anaheim,we have already renewed our Annual passes and have a September trip booked , however that being said we have many concerns.I f you lower the amount of guests in Parks each day how then is a pass holder benefited by purchasing such a pass?What good will our passes be?If you limit capacity how then will club level work? will it be worth it? We have been in the Parks hundreds and hundreds of times in all weather conditions and I cannot think of any that would be comfortable with a face mask on from May -September I can honestly see people dropping from heat exhaustion having to walk in that heat and breathe limited amounts of fresh air through these masks I am very concerned on hot days also the masks scare many young children to have to wear and also seeing on others I can honestly see my grandson fainting or having difficulties having to breathe through a mask for our trip.I have seen the spacing squares in the lines for rides you have went to a tremendous amount of work for these but where do they begin? I can see Buzz Lightyear in Disneyland , Tomorrowland actually starting at the Maingate with that type of spacing and if you are thinking by limiting capacity this will take care of lines we the public will be so cheated out of our Disney experiences.You have got to have witnessed over the years that all families in Disneyland distance naturally I have never had a problem of another family joining our group closely we naturally as families do distance our families from others the majority of people are quite polite about coughing and sneezing I understand trying to comply with the politics of the State and CDC but truly this cannot continue as a new normal we are the United States of America we don’t wear face coverings like the Middle East.Every visit I have ever stayed at the hotels anywhere Disney property or off I bring a can of Lysol I spray everything when we arrive furniture , drapes, drawers, all handles, toilet, sinks,bathtub, all fixtures ,remote,phone,we pull the blankets and sheets back to the bottom each pillow is generously sprayed on both sides then I slip a tee shirt on each one the sheets and blanket are sprayed I even then spray the carpet one can is used on arrival and 1/2 a can in the middle of our stay, I then put 2 bottles of hand sanitizer in the room so we can easily clean our hands without having to use water or towels, we have been practicing clean for always not just for this pandemic and we have remained healthy now with so much awareness it can only get better.We were bound to get super bugs and viruses by freely accepting any person legal or not stepping over our borders it comes with a great responsibility letting others in and not checking their health issues first we owe it to our Country first.Please consider carefully when reopening don’t over think it, don’t over do it, ,don’t change it and downsize so dramatically that you ruin the concept of it don’t let the Empire crumble because you remove Happiness what it is founded on.The majority,(the many of us) do things right and quite well and are responsible clear thinking polite ,clean,decent people have eyes on all of us and weed out the questionables but allow the others to attend and enjoy as always.Again I understand while the COVID19 is a threat but then you should really consider business as usual it worked and well.Bathrooms will be another issue many young children may potentially wet themselves and/or worse if stalls or closed and less are available due to distancing.Thank You for your time .Please let us know why our Annual passes will still be worth it if we are not allowed in Parks because you hit capacity.I believe it will also cause unnatural and ugly behavior from some at the gates another thing we do not bring our families to Disneyland for.I know you have pressure from all sides and being the Empire you are you answer to many but please do not forget the effect your operations have on all of us that have no investments in you other than our hearts and happiness and many are just beautiful young children, making memories.Thank You for your time an Annual Pass holder 26 years consecutively while living in New Mexico.
    Tina Martin

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