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  1. Matt

    Awesome. I’m looking forward to watching. I have really enjoyed the diversity of the other Pixar sparkshorts

    1. Carmen

      Unacceptable. This is not a Pixar short film for children. I do not have anything against the LGBT. But this is no appropriate for them, due to them being emotionally affected and confused. I’m very dissapointed Disney+ for releasing it.

      1. Daddy Piranha

        Why? The very first Disney animated short and the first animated feature showed heterosexual kissing. I’m very disappointed in you for thinking gay people are “confused”, but even more for saying it.

      2. KIm

        Wow Carmen is sure being a total Ursula right now, trying to take away people’s voices.

        1. Maddy

          Actually, no one is shutting anyone up. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. But if a parent doesn’t want their child to see a film that is pushing out political and social views against their own personal beliefs, they have the right to say so. I don’t believe that it’s right for Disney to impose their views and call it “normal” or “okay” for a person to be gay. It challenges lots of beliefs and tells children that certain behaviors are okay, while in fact they might not be to a certain culture. So if you think that that comment was shutting anyone up, everyone can have an opinion. Just because it’s not yours, you don’t have to be rude. And as for Disney, they shouldn’t push their political beliefs on children. Thank you.

          1. Tkolek

            Love is love. It’s not political

          2. Victoria

            I have to fully agree with you. No one has to watch a film that goes against one’s personal beliefs, even if society says to watch it. I feel as long as Disney pushes media that is still traditional and pushes boundaries like they did with movies like Brave and Moana, they would get more universal acclaim, while moving away from controversial topics that can be *offensive* to some.

            Keyword: offensive

      3. tkolek

        It’s no worse than a heterosexual couple doing the same. If they’re confused, tell the kid those two are in love. Simple as that.

        1. ColdBear33

          Love is love and sorry to say children know know so much more than you think now days

      4. They are not confused and emotionally conflicted. My child is gay. They deserve representation in all media forms. Don;t say you dont have anything against them and then say something so ignoratn!

        1. Paul Lyell

          You probably pushed gay on them you fagot

  2. Kim

    WONDERFUL!!!! THANK YOU!!! This will be a godsend for everyone.

    1. This is sad. The left continues to push stains work. No major religion supports this. If we were all gay humans would be extinct. We do love traditional Disney, but this is absurd.

      1. tkolek

        Not in the least. Catholics, Christians, and Muslims all have people that are okay with or even support the LGBT+ community.

      2. Garl Boyd Latham

        Perhaps, but what “god” is sending the message? It’s certainly not the one true and living God of the universe!

  3. Kev

    I’m digging the push for diversity. I really enjoyed Float and Wind and Loop for their cultural diversity and also their diversity of showing strong characters who are on the autism spectrum and non-verbal. So looking forward to seeing tomorrow, pixar’s take on a story with a gay protagonist.

  4. Carmen

    Unacceptable. This is not a short film for children. I have nothing against the LGBT, but Disney should be thinking about the children who are watching it on Disney+, because it confuses children and it affects them emotionally, due to not having the proper age to understand. I’m so dissapointed with Disney+

    1. Daddy Piranha

      Kids understand heterosexual relationships just fine.
      If they are old enough for straight cartoon characters, they are old enough for gay cartoon characters. They only become confused when their adult role models demonstrate bigotry and harmful attitudes.

      1. Josh

        I agree. Tolerance is the big idea/moral that should come out of this short film, not necessarily love. That’s a simple fun thing to let your children learn about.

    2. Bethan

      AGREED! They are also not old enough to watch Disney Princess movies either, because they get with the Prince at the end, and romance is very inappropriate for kids apparently.

    3. Paper

      Actually, it doesn’t. As a child, it never confused me, nor did it affect me emotionally. Same goes to my eight-year-old brother, who understands it fully. What about it is so hard to understand for you, because I’m assuming your speaking from your individual experience.

  5. Chelsea

    I don’t think they should do this type of short. It is not the ‘magic’ Disney is known for. Keep Disney simple childlike fun. Why bring in complex things that might confuse or bring about confrontation? We go from talking toys and animals (fun! Magical!) to being gay and having a romance (???) why can’t kids just be kids ?? They only stay little for so long. Life is hard enough and they will definitely not be confused later in life if they are gay because the lgbt movement has had plenty of representation everywhere else. But of course me stating this means I am a Christian so it doesn’t count . I love all people. Might not like all choices those people make including myself but I’m not judging others just asking that life changing decisions to be left for more serious places. That’s not Disney to me. Disney has always been like a reality escape so to speak. Just fun and quirky.

    1. John

      Oh Girl shut up. Y’all get plenty of magic with all the heterosexual romance stories through Disney. The problem is that you refuse to not be willfully ignorant so you think it will be confusing to kids. Well I’m here to tell you, gay adults had nothing but straight stories to watch. Once they grew up they came out because they were always gay. Jeez.

    2. Stephen

      Chelsea said exactly how I feel. Let a kid be a kid. No, I’m not a bigot. Actually, I am the child of a gay man. If anyone has the right to have an opinion, it’s me. I was subjected to stuff that I wish I hadn’t been. We sexualizing our kids way too young.

      1. tkolek

        Then advocate for no romance in Disney movies. Be consistent at the very least.

    3. Rebecca

      Child-oriented media has been using formats like this to break down complex ideas into pieces that children can more easily understand for decades. Sesame Street has dealt with death. Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood dealt with race relations, disabilities, and even nuclear war. And they did so in kid-friendly ways because they acknowledged that kids of all ages will have to deal with this stuff and they deserve to know healthy coping mechanisms. And if you think for one second that there aren’t LGBTQ+ children out there who need and deserve to see healthy, loving LGBTQ+ relationships in their media, you’re deliberately blinding yourself to reality.

    4. tkolek

      Let’s see your outrage for straight romances in Disney shows and movies and shorts. So why shouldn’t there be one, a single short, not for you? And no, there really isn’t “plenty of representation elsewhere”. They are few and far between.

      Its VERY Disney, who has movies with lions in love, a mermaid and a human in love, people turned into frogs in love and more.

    5. Kelly

      Simple fun storylines? Have you actually SEEN Disney movies? Parent characters dying, evil stepparents? Disney has always gone into “real life” situations but made them animated with music so the whole family can enjoy. Your comment seems outrageously incorrect.

  6. Kris

    where will it be streamed? is it going to be available globally?

  7. Matt

    There will always be those pushing for their voices to be heard, and those who try to stop them. NO story has to appeal to everyone, but to say that stories of inclusivity should not exist because it makes you uncomfortable, either do not watch it, right educate yourself to not be so selfish.

    Like many Disney stories love will always be more powerful than hate and fear at the end of the day.

  8. patrick

    the thing nobody asked for

    1. Kev

      Oui, Patrick, just because you don’t need a short film about a gay person, there are thousands of people who can relate to this story. Its like saying, do we really need a movie about a princess who is not white, do we need short films that show other ethnicities, or people who are differently abled. Someone is going to relate to that story, and it could help them through a tough time, or give comfort that they can relate to it.

      Its not all about you, Patrick, as interesting you think you may be.

    2. G

      You know, I don’t usually comment on these sort of things, but I hope this touches at least one of you. It is easier to believe in no God. Life is easier with no God. Why? Because then there is no guilt in your lifestyle. There is no constant worry, no regrets. The only law you have to follow are those of your own beliefs. And I don’t blame you. It is easier to look at this new short film and instead of going against the flow, smile and feel happy because the LGBT+ community is being supported! But I am here to tell you that the truth is hard. And there is a God. God is VERY real. Don’t believe me? Of course you do, you’re most likely in denial. You know you are in denial. But God is real. I promise, if you get on your knees and put your head on the floor, even without much faith or NONE at all. And you just ask God to help you if he is really there, to give you a sign, to forgive you if you have lived in sin, to show you the way, to allow you to see the truth, to mend your hardened heart, to open your eyes. HE WILL ANSWER. And it takes courage doing just that for a nonbeliever. But if you put down your pride, for just one moment, and just do it when you are by yourself. In the bedroom, bathroom, closet. Jesus will enter your life. And it will be the greatest thing you will have done. I read in one of the comments that some muslims, Christians, and Catholics are okay with homosexuality. Well, I am here to tell you that all I care about is the word of God and having a relationship with Jesus Crist. His word mentions homosexuality as a sin. A DETESTABLE sin. We cannot trust our own understanding. The bible says trust in the LORD with all thine heart. God is the creator of our universe. God is the creator of all creatures. God is whom we own our lives and devotion to. I am not here to judge. I want to touch someone’s heart. And invite you to open your heart to Jesus Christ. We live in an ugly ugly UGLY world. Disgusting. We can’t just paint hearts and butterflies around something that is heavily soaked in evil spirituality. Jesus is coming soon. I’m telling you, even if you dont believe, please put away your pride today for just 5 mins. Get yourself alone somewhere and ASK God to open your eyes. He will answer you. I have no doubt. Just be willing to hear it when He does. God loves every last one of us. And none of us are perfect. It’s all about trying to live a better life and growing our relationship with Jesus Christ our lord and savior. I hope for the most unbeliever of unbelievers, I caused at least a bit of doubt in your heart. Dont ignore this, please. God is real. And he had mercy on us when Jesus died on the cross for us. If you do not yet understand what this sacrifice means, please look into it. We didn’t deserve it. But now we have a chance to be with our heavenly Father. And I am inviting you today to reach out to Him. May God keep you and Bless you. And may your health be blessed and protected through these difficult times. Amen

  9. SS

    Our world is such a beautiful spectrum of humanity and EVERYONE, every, single person deserves to see a protagonist that looks like them, sounds like them, and has the same experiences. I cannot applaud Disney enough for showing children (and truly all people) today that different is beautiful and worthy by giving us characters that represent the whole human rainbow. Funny enough they also give us plenty of villains that look like people in the real world too. And yes, I am talking about some of the responses to this post…
    If you’re mad about gay protagonists, that’s your issue. Kids today are so much more tolerant of difference than previous generations have been. If they aren’t accepting of others, it’s because they are learning that behavior and rhetoric at home.
    I know this short will give one teen, young adult, or adult the push they need to live their truth and I can’t think of anything more MAGICAL than that.

  10. Clay

    My husband and I watched the short last night and loved it. There’s nothing inappropriate, it’s the story of someone keeping a secret from their parents and learning they should be honest and have open communication with those they love. All the characters rang true to us and were relatable (especially Greg and his mom) and by the end my husband was crying because it’s so sweet. Shorts like these are important. Seeing stories that reflect ourselves is very important, but it’s also important to see different points of view. LGBT have always had to see themselves in the damsel no one understands and longs for somewhere better or the villain who has been pushed aside into the shadows. Maybe y’all can relate to a concerned mother who has trouble expressing herself or someone who has had to hide a part of themselves out of fear. At the least, you can sit through a beautiful five minute cartoon of it.

    1. Blake

      Guess I’ll be cancelling my subscription as I hadn’t planned on having to explain this to young children.

      1. Ryan

        Nobody cares that you’re canceling your subscription, Blake.

  11. Noneya

    Done with Disney

    1. Tkolek

      K bye! They wont miss you.

  12. Blake

    Guess I’ll be cancelling my subscription as I hadn’t planned on having to explain this to young children.

  13. I think it is sad . Obviously if it was so normal lifestyle then Greg would not have had hidden the picture . He knows deep down it is wrong that is why he struggled to tell his parents. At the end it shows parents accepting it by all four drinking hot cocoa together but I still don’t think it is necessary for Disney to have a animated gay character for such a young age group.

    1. Grant McConaughy

      He had to hide the picture because bigots cause emotional, physical, and sociological harm on gay people, not because there is anything wrong with gay people. It is idiots who think they get to be the judge of what lifestyles are “normal” that make gay people so afraid that they have to stay in the closet.

    2. Paper

      He hid it because there are people like you in the world who could hurt him, and he doesn’t know how accepting his parents will be of his sexuality. And it is necessary if we want to make the world a brighter place for children to know that there are people who like the same gender.

  14. Ryan

    I’m only here to be entertained by the comments from the pearl-clutching Karens.

  15. Matt

    Lol it’s funny to hear all the bigots on here. They don’t mind it when gays entertain them at the parts or crest media they enjoy, straight women who go to drag shows to feel like they are a real housewife of where ever, and would never say such nasty things to a gay persons face. Have fun hiding behind you keyboards.

  16. Paul Lyell

    Kids don’t need to see this at such a young age what the heck is wrong with people if your gonna be gay keep it out of our lives don’t put thoughts in my kids heads I will prepare them for this not you Disney

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