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  1. Davis

    When are they going to tell cast thats been told august and are still being told august!?!? Btw those park openings are not what has been discussed which proves they did not care for what we ride out health folks etc said…. makes me want to quit my job honestly! Esp if theres constant possiblity i could pass out again from heat w the mask thing or deal w virtual queue madness is any of it even worth it for guests??? I just hope they know what there doing oh and 3 storms are already forming in the atlantic park will close next for hurricane season! I say they should have waited all us ride out did and yet whom are we just lonely cms whom sacrificed what now?!?

    1. Janie

      My prayers are w you and all my fellow cms on both ends! This is going to be fun for sure! Good luck in your heat and hurricane season! I was told by management if i needed to stay w my kids i could you should see if same for you… its worth a shot esp bc of your daughter esp w the situation we are in! Take care everyone!

      1. Davis

        I already ask and due to the fact i was ride out i thought maybe things would be different but thats why they were giving me august (i honestly am sorry for thinking thats the date and not just me i apologize to all!) but my daughter injuries are just getting worse! I have mixed feelings after all the yrs at disney to leave but i am sure you understand why as a parent! I hope all of you fans enjoy the magic when you return to those i met along the way and friends i made take the magic w you just forget the rose tinted glasses it helps never to wear em again! Long live Horizons! Btw Harley i am sorry for stalking you at hos i am glad we talked here and i was at least able to apologize for my stupidity i hope you hold strong as a single parent to a child w needs we all must stay strong!

      2. Davis

        I do not know where my first comment went but tg your for the reach out janie but i decided to leave my daughters condition leaves me no choice and disney is not willing to care! Thought i be there as long as they gave me till august bad enough i had to be ride out! God bless janie and good luck in dl! Harley thanks for accepting my apology as a parent w sp needs to another take care and stay strong!

      3. Harley

        You too davis!

      4. Davis

        None theres 2 comments and i look like an idiot i am sorry itm!

  2. Mark

    Again where are you getting your info disney has not made an announcement nor got approved of anything! Stop posting info without any truth! I will only trust it when disney posts it on their website thats when ITS OFFICAL till then we are monkeys uncles as the old saying goes… besides disney was not asking for july! So your dates are wrong or i am the president! If they are right i am glad i will be in hershey opening our new front there! You know what hershey has on you money hungry loving fools we are seasonal can still build new keep classic stuff and not raise $$ vs you all money hungry shit $$$$$$! Thats why in truth hershey busch gardens va etc will always be better off then all of ya! And no one has to pay through their nose to get in!

    1. Damion


    2. Ashley G

      I’m a Disney Vacation Club Member and I received an email a little while ago about all the re-opening dates for the resorts, theme parks, etc. What is shown in the article is true and accurate.

      1. Chainsaw Princess

        I did too!

  3. Harley

    Oh look more clickybait news and inaccurate stuff how about we all wait till DISNEY SAYS SOMETHING! YOU KNOW WHAT I AM DONE WITH THIS SITE! You all do not have any good info anymore your poor writers are told to repeat and repeat and lie…. you sound more like disney then disney does lies instead of magic!!!!
    And you rather delete comments that could be useful but keep the fights and bs up!!!
    I actually remembered when this site was reliable more than disney news straight from disney now all i will trust is disney and cms directly! Bc guess what we are just fans we know squat!

    1. Kurt Schmidt

      Disney did say something…don’t get upset because ITM was on top of the news and shared this before every other site. As shared in the article Disney presented this to the Task Force today asking for this reopening date.

      1. Cindy Caine

        Until desantis approves no one should care! Task force nor mayor means approval! Thats why all us at universal are on hold bc we have not been told to come in its all heresy! I agree w harley its on no offical website means its not offical! Media is a load of bs this whole illness proves it! Cdc has no clue what its talking about and changes daily! Theres a new strain thats out there affect kids no one is safe but if your willing to risk it fine! But you will not be seeing smiling faces for a long time! Do not trust itm they do not get inside info i am ahead of all you disney fools at universal and bc desantis officially did not say yes we are not believing it here! Mayor and task force mean nothing! If it does then heck we will all be new york before we know it!

        1. Kurt Schmidt

          The irony of this comment is that as you were typing it Disney Parks Blog posted the same information ITM shared citing the same Task Force communication. Nevertheless, you are right that once the Task Force votes to approve the recommendations it then goes to the Governor for his approval which in the case of Universal was the very next morning after the meeting of the Task Force.

    2. Harley

      I retcon my statement disney is greeder than i thought and i was out after horizons! I only go bc of my kid and he really can care less and is no rush we shouldnt be anyone theres more to this than anyone knows!!! Ironically this news article came out same time …
      “Public health officials are on high alert for a mysterious new illness likely linked to the coronavirus that is hospitalizing hundreds of kids across the US. It has hospitalized 400 kids so far across 26 states and 5 kids died in ny! We are far from over folks! I hope disney and all the parks know what they are doing…” btw that death # in ny is now 10 and another one in another state! I am just worried and i know i am not alone!! Maybe thats why people are freaking out and sorry i did! But no one knows anyone situation and its just scary there are so many people out there w the attitude of not caring!

      1. Harley

        Itm honestly why is all this aloud to comment like you us back for words but then fights could happen and now death threats are any of you seeing this!? Jackie just said we should all die is but i get held back for a positive post a day ago!? Negative nellies i can take death threats i can not! Oh and shes also threaten me by saying that my son bc he loves elsa is gay and should die bc of that as well and thats ok to post???? Did i miss something???

        1. Kurt Schmidt

          Harley – We deleted Jackie’s comment before noticing your comment above and I want to personally apologize that we didn’t notice her comment even earlier. Comments like that have no place on this page and to the best of the ability, we have within the limitations of our commenting system EVERYTHING from Jackie here on out will be blocked. Additionally, as a general statement about comments, we have always strived to allow differences of opinions and comments that we might disagree with. Yet we will also want to keep the conversation civil and positive. Thank you for calling out this horrible comment and I hope the rest of the community will do the same as we can all come together to keep one another accountable.

          Harley in the thousands of comments you have made on this site your comments have been overwhelmingly positive which I appreciate even though of late it’s obvious you disagree with ITM frequently. More importantly, though I want to personally apologize that a member of the ITM audience would become so nasty. With the volume of comments we get and the limitations of our comment moderating system it is hard to catch all of the bad comments we should delete while still having a system that doesn’t unintentionally delete comments that should have gone thru. Nevertheless, we will continue to do our best to improve the system’s capabilities so that Inside the Magic is both a place for Disney fans to get their news, and also interact in a safe & positive environment.

      2. Harley

        Thank you so much Kurt i am sorry if i been negative but we are all human right to opinions! Thank you for watching out for things! I am enjoy your site a plenty and enjoy commenting when i have time too! Again i try to stay positive esp w everything we are facing we remember we are all only human in that set of circumstance w lives and families! Thank your concern and taking care of it! I understand believe me some hold negative thoughts but when the word death is even threaten this mama bear goes on the defense! Esp bc after this which i lost count of how many times me or my child or others should too it becomes frightening! Yes she can not find me via a site but its not right.

    3. cupcake

      okay what in the world is going on?

  4. Ken

    I think some might need to work on their reading skills.

    1) This is what Disney OFFICIALLY proposed. You can find this across all news sites.

    2) Things can, of course, change.

    So step back and take a breath.

  5. Ken

    Anyone else noticing the same 3 posters jumping onto articles and trashing ITM before they even read the article?

    1. Damion

      you mean the first 3 posters? ha! harley the dvc member, mark with “the inside connections to upper management” and davis the dak security guy! they’ve been guessing when the parks were gonna open and stating it as fact for the last couple months stating it was fact because “they’re in the know” and have been wrong every time!

      1. A concerned nurse

        And you all have bad aditudes whom shouldnt be able to post! At least they have info i rather believe btw everything they have heard up to know has been right… they might all have the same comment i agree w this is all too much right now! As a nurse in a hosp whose started to now see kids show up w something new this is not the time for theme parks whom attract families to reopen! And you do not know someone else opinion you both seem to share the same hate and yet your still aloud to post! Though your not as bad as Jackie none of them are she curses rants and i wonder why shes still here the others weather inside scoop or not do not need to be removed you all do!!! Your all proving this is a mental health issue waiting to happen! Oh btw Davis a wonderful person security at dak and dhs! Been around for yrs seen him on 3 vacations now and has a daughter in a wc he helped my child whom got hurt all the way to first aid very kind man! I wave at him every time we go! So before you make fun think! Your going to probably say this is not real too tell that to 3 people i had to hold hands while they died other people here whom lost people kids i had to recently treat and 1 i do not know will make it out alive oh my heart and disney thinks opening is smart….

        1. Damion

          huh? all they have heard up to now has been right? are you kidding me? nothing that they have posted in the last couple months has been right!

          oh its you again, you spelled “allowed” wrong again, how many names do you post under? you’re hilarious!

          1. Ken

            This is a nurse and she spells like that? No.

            Damon is right. Same person.

  6. Rebel Orange Bird

    Lets all just stay calm with 10 kids now dead here in ny from another mutation of covid causing kids to get an immune illness and hospitalized or die i doubt disney wants to open in that! Desantis is upset w all you floridians not behaving like he wants us the epicenter coming down or anyone else! Lets keep calm and stop yelling at each other! Its not the writers fault they repeat like nuts thats what they are being told to write i bet they share similar opinions but can not express em ya know… lets just have patience and kindness and know the truth disney real wants no guests in if they are putting up precautions to hold us back! APs should be aloud in separate ticketing is a joke heard uni might do it too and they werent exactly approved by desantis so who knows… again i am in ny but i wouldnt doubt people will drop both annuals if there tickets mean nothing is my pt!

    1. Damion

      It’s “allowed” not “aloud”. You spell it wrong under all the different names you post under.

      1. Rebel Orwnge Bird

        This is a comment spot on a dumb fan page whom died and made you God!? And your tude adjustment is on multi people too! I am from NY how am i people from FL via osmosis! Before you hate people look you the mirror and love yourself! People can share the same opinion you know! I can also be against thats why i said chill out and stay calm ALL OF YOU AND I MEANT ALL OF YOU! Those nuts you say i am except Harley shes cool well when we agree but then again we are all human! Would you rather we were all the same and agreed w you??? Btw Mark is hershey opening soon??? I prefer hershey to disney anyways!

        1. Ken


          He thinks his own alterego is cool

      2. Rebel Orange Bird

        This is a comment spot on a silly fan page whom died and made you God!? And your tude adjustment is on multi people too! I am from NY how am i people from FL via osmosis! Before you hate people look you the mirror and love yourself! People can share the same opinion you know! I can also be against thats why i said chill out and stay calm ALL OF YOU AND I MEANT ALL OF YOU! Those nuts you say i am except Harley shes cool well when we agree but then again we are all human! Would you rather we were all the same and agreed

      3. Mark

        Yes rebel soon i am going up bc of the fact i was ground break team before i left to pt retire and just be dad! I still upper manage ent at wdw but they asked me to come back to see the new section called chocolate town! Aka it took 100 yrs to flatten the hills lol! But we are excited for a full restaurant and 15th RC and just a new look! We have new gates that will close when at capacity. Its just been very lonely in retirement but i am grateful god gave me my adopted angel!

  7. Jamie

    If the new virtual queue follows das and like its at springs right now it will be awesome no silly app no one uses and many of us actually think das worked when it was attached to need to wait 2 twice virtual! The only thing as ap i have issues w is the call for a ticket thing i am ap pay alot of money should be aloud in actually aps are always test dummies its nothing new! I think we should be only worried that the mask thing will be an issue ya know esp bc fl isnt the only state that does not mandatory wear one but then again your going to disney for a few hrs not running quick into publix! So i can see all pts!

    1. Ken

      1) the Virtual Queue at Springs is not on the app.
      2) AP holders are getting an email about how to get their reservations in the park.
      3) Disney has the right to refuse people into their private property. They want you wearing a mask, you wear a mask.

      1. Janie

        #1 which is like das which is what i said not app you do not listen just rant!
        #2 most aps will leave if they do not matter
        #3 disney itself was fighting masks there a peice of cloth we are debating cloth again!!
        Maybe be you comment something negative you see all i wrote was positive and there was a reason for your negative why ???? I get enough bs from my kids i do not need to discuss life w adults whom act like children! Thats why i send people that like you think they own the park and follow their own rules out of the park! I been working in dl probably longer then most of anyone and i was in the military and almost died you do not scare me! You know what does …. being a single mother w children during this!

        1. Ken


          Maybe you need to breath before you write. You claim to be security and yet..certainly not acting according to standards. Please clarify your writing before if English is your second language, i would understand but i do not think it is. In ract, the misspelled words and to e is the same as the multiple personality poster.

      2. Chainsaw Princess

        I agree janie our aps should count but in this situation i am glad i am not test dummy i am an ap that will proudly stay home till i can go in- i think we are all jumping to conclusions before it opens! Things could change its 2 months by then masks might not matter nor this ticket thing… you as a cm should agree its taken many turns and still not 100%! Lets go back to patience not killing others whom differ of opinion and find kindness! For disney fans we are full of hate instead of magic!

  8. Edlanier F Nieves

    I HIGHLY doubt HIGHLY doubt Disney will go through with the cast member days at the parks. They have been notorious as of late to not do anything big for cast. They would most certainly do it and have done it for CPs but not us regular cast.

    1. Mike

      They have done cast member days at the parks in China before reopening. They will go through with them as they need them to test and practice the new protocols.

      1. Janie

        Thats usually aps and dvc members here! Lol! Tg for cms ?

  9. cupcake

    again what is going on?! why are people canceling the website?

    1. Ken

      kneejerk reactions without reading.

  10. TD

    Man there seems to be a lot of very unfriendly “cast members” on here. If you’re that angry of a person, maybe you should find elsewhere to work. If I lived near a park I’d be happy to be bringing joy back to peoples lives rather than fear and depression. I trust Disney and their safety standards, and they are jumping on it much slower than places like Universal Studios. We will be back to one of the parks (land or world) soon, and are liking forward to the carefree joy they bring us despite the government’s restrictions.

    1. Davis

      Rose tinted glasses only get you so far working at disney no one wears em if you think we are all full of magic 24/7 your in on a great joke! I use to love my job in the beginning but after 10+ yrs and now this and having a child in wc while having to be ride out to be now shown all i worked on w fellow security did not matter! It is not worth it anymore! Nor is dealing w all these pompous guests whom think just bc their on vacation they know better or disney is their B****! Half them are commenting above saying we all are the same NO we just all probably been burned and thought for once in our dame lives disney esp in this circumstance was going to be smart and sane!!! I am done helping you all i have to go to my daughter dr and have her braces and sheet readjusted! ?

      1. Chainsaw Princess

        My heart goes out to you davis! God bless you and your daughter i have met you along the way your smiling face will be missed but our kids mean the world i get it!

  11. Ashley G

    Wow. Some of the angry, crazy comments! I currently have reservations at Boulder Ridge from July 11 – 16. I’m sure I’ll be hearing from Disney soon regarding things. I’d be happy to report on things after I get the scoop.

    1. Chainsaw Princess

      I have reservations after you so i will def appreciate it but if its a cancelation its just part of the new normal! Thanks for your kindness i wish we could all show kindness esp now!

  12. Eric

    Good luck! Unless you can open as or eventually get to a state as close to pre-COVID as possible, you “will” lose business and it “will” affect your bottom-line very hard. My family has already canceled our plans for July and will also for Spring Break 2021 unless you can get as close to pre-COVID conditions as possible.

    1. Davis

      As soon as disney opens at 100% or for the 50th they will make it back without blinking and will be sorry they missed you!

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