Confirmed: Disney+ “National Treasure” Series In Development

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National Treasure Series Disney Plus

Credit: Disney

Disney+ is becoming the new home for the entire National Treasure franchise. That includes both movies and a new live-action series.

Franchise producer Jerry Bruckheimer confirmed the news in a recent interview, explaining that the series would involve a much younger cast and that the pilot script has already been completed. He also confirmed progress being made on National Treasure 3, which is bound for theaters with the original cast.

Bruckheimer said:

“We’re certainly working on one [National Treasure] for streaming and we’re working on one for the big screen. Hopefully, they’ll both come together and we’ll bring you another National Treasure, but they’re both very active….The one for Disney+ is a much younger cast. It’s the same concept but a young cast. The one for theatrical would be the same cast…The film version is being written right now. The television version is in process. We have a pilot script done and an outline of the future episodes.”

National Treasure

National Treasure
Credit: Disney

Disney’s historical action-adventure franchise is forever immortalized in pop culture by the quote “I’m going to steal the Declaration of Independence.” The first movie follows Benjamin Franklin Gates (Nicholas Cage) as he embarks on the search for the legendary treasure of the Knights Templar and the secrets to which are left intertwined in the story of America’s Independence.

The sequel, National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets takes Gates and his friends on a journey across the Atlantic Ocean twice and into the Black Hills of the Dakota to find the lost city of gold: El Dorado.

National Treasure
Credit: Disney

Nicholas Cage portrays Ben Gates as a bumbling history nerd that one would not expect to be an action hero, yet he continues to prove himself each step of the way.

Not much else is known about the upcoming series beyond what Bruckheimer was willing to tell us. Is the younger cast going to be younger versions of the National Treasure cast? Or is it going to be a new group of friends, learning more about American history to do some historic treasure hunting? At this point, only time will tell.

Both National Treasure and National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets are available for streaming right now on Disney+.

Are you excited for a National Treasure series? What do you think it will be about? Let us know in the comments!

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