Comments for OpEd: 5 “Star Wars” Characters More Annoying Than Jar Jar Binks

most annoying Star Wars character


  1. Harley

    Porgs really ?! I like you to say that to the mob of 12 i live w thanks to my kid LOL! Though that talking one from batuu after a while omg but movie wise they are the only thing about 8 people like. May the porgs be w you Ryan! Hope you are doing well in all this!

    1. Haha!! You have a point but it also backs up my point about them being there for merchandise!

      I am doing well thanks Harley, I hope you are keeping safe! Your continued support and comments on my articles are always appreciated, I read them all.

  2. Darth Ach-to

    Well, you know something is up with a Star Wars article when half the paragraphs begin with something about annoying fans.

    It’s a great list, because Admiral Holdo wasn’t included, who is not, if anything but THE most articulate and eloquent leader with a well-developed plan that her entire team understood.

    Oh, yeah, and it’s a good thing he felt Maz Kanata isn’t annoying. From her puzzle speaking speeches, where she reveals stories for other times (and never tells them), she is clearly the half-sister of Mr. Exposition from Austin Powers. And that is awesome. So much more awesome than related to nobody special Jar Jar.

    And personally, I’m glad Rose isn’t on this list. If there’s anything I can’t stand, it’s fans who get angry at characters that prattle on about social injustice. Who doesn’t enjoy wreaking a casino because it feels good to stick it to the man, and something about love will save the day. Thank goodness for the saga she wore a seat belt, unlike those dumb porgs.

    And whatever Commander whoever who always stood behind Billie Lourde repeating exactly what Billie Lourde had just said. That’s something I love… paraphrasing! It makes sure I get the point. That is way better than ol’ say it once and done Boba Fett.

    All of those characters are way better than EWOKS.

    I mean, how did Ewoks beat the Empire? Like an entire forest of Ewoks, AN ENTIRE FOREST, that know the trees like the back of their paws defeat ONE legion of the Empire’s best troops? Yeah, so what they were backed up by the best rebels, and who cares that apparently Ewoks eat human flesh (especially, in honor of gods made of gold)… but they’re so cute, they couldn’t possibly be vicious fighters despite their appearances. He should’ve just listed off individual Ewoks as numbers 1 thru 5 and called it a night.

    1. Rebel Porg

      Sadly our beloved porgs are mentioned first and yet they are the only thing anyone truly cared about from last jedi even baby yoda has befriended a few from what i heard!

    2. I love this comment. I know you disagree with my list and that’s fine!

      BUT… your response is incredible. I want you to know I took the time to read it all and from one Star Wars fan to another, I thought it was brilliant.

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