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mickeys not so scary halloween party

Credit: Disney


  1. Janie

    Theres a rumor going around (bc disney did cancel or put a hold on nss which i am glad they are not) that dvc or ap are getting discounts like 50% not just 20% day of thing depending on capacity.. i am sure its just a rumor but i am coming in from dl only know villainous… would love to mnss once before my kids are teens and hate me and disney! Thanks!

    1. Mark

      I been hearing that too!

      1. Janie

        I am no one longer taking advice from you and your hypocrisy! You, damion, and the negative need to find a better outlet they cursing out people and writers on a disney site!

      2. Janie

        Its a fan site whom cares maybe you and davis could meet!

  2. Lydia

    My tickets were canceled and i been told it was not happening due to capacity limitations!

    1. Bailee Abell

      Hi Lydia! Did Disney automatically cancel your Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party tickets? If so, when were you originally scheduled to go?

      1. Lydia

        Sorry baliee for the late response my tickets got canceled bc disney thought they were for after hrs party… got it taken care of but my ap rep said theres still no guarentee on anything right now including nss.

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