Comments for Man Caught Camping on Deserted Disney Property is Now Banned From the Parks

Man Caught Camping on Deserted Disney Property


  1. Renee

    He should have simply been fined and that’s it! During this crisis people are not thinking correctly. He was looking for shelter and a way out. He didn’t hurt anyone or damage anything. With all this going on give him a break already

    1. Boo

      No he was taking advantage of the crisis and thought he could get away with it. My guess is he’s a YouTuber or Urban Explorer.

  2. Scar

    I’ve always dreamed if what it would be like to stay inside a Disney Park thru the night ((only cause I hate to leave) so I can totally understand having the park to yourself but it is still a little bit out there. Who knows what his situation was, maybe he needed shelter but guy messed with the wrong people and now he’s banned for life ( harsh) but I also understand if Disney doesn’t reprimand people how many others would do this. Can’t wait for Disney to be open again .

    1. Harley

      He was on the old rundown discovery island property not even a theme park! Honestly so people they have working security its like hearing and sight of bats!

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