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Magic Kingdom Reopening

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  1. Davis

    Yea and so is dhs then and both of them are staying closed try again! Capacity normally couldnt handle it and lines are on top of each other take it from me i did a walk through half those rides wouldnt open at mk and dhs isnt closing bc theres no space! Just let it be please! Granted ty for calling it your opinion and not just saying disney is going to open mk first when they said they are closed ty for that at least TJ!

    1. Mark

      Mk and dhs have similar capacities and to limit them wouldnt help! That be madness!

  2. Stan

    Have you even been to Disney? Needing transport to get into the park just moved the line from the gate at the magic kingdom to the entrance to your transportation of choice. In fact it doubles your density problem because when people can walk right to their car at the end of their visit they aren’t stuck in line for the monorail at the end of the day.

  3. Leo

    I have been to WDW over 30 times. As time has passed I have begun to resent the crowd control methods implemented over the years. I believe that when the parks reopen we are going to be exposed to an Orwellian nightmare similar to scenes from “1984”. I am not looking forward to it.

  4. Jeff

    If people would actually read the CDC guidelines then it would let you know that the 6ft rule for social distancing is designed for preventing spread of the virus for people not wearing masks. If you find yourself not able to maintain a proper 6ft around you then to wear a mask to prevent/reduce spread.
    My thought is they are going to make mask wear mandatory in the park anyway so as long as you don’t touch everything around you and stick your fingers in your mouth your going to be pretty safe even when your closer than 6ft.
    No one is forcing people to go to the parks, if someone is that worried about the virus then stay home and let the rest of us live our lives.

    1. Greg

      The problem will be the transportation. Packed on a ferry or monorail. Like another person commented, it shifted the problem to the TTC inside of the park gates.

      They will have to restrict capacity and require masks. I wonder if they’ll do temp checks (unreliable and possible 4th amendment violation). Hopefully, a slow reintegration will help answer the queation of disease spreading.

      1. Jeff

        I’m not disagreeing but in all my times in the monorail and in the ferry (I live 10 miles from the park and go almost 4-5 times a week, well did anyway) I’ve never had to touch anyone or touch anything that I didn’t purposefully touch so if I’m wearing a mask and have a couple pairs of latex gloves for the ride in and ride out I think it will be safe enough.
        It’s really all about situational awareness and mitigation.
        I mean even when the firework show is over and the monorail and ferry lines are obnoxiously long I wasn’t rubbing up on people even though there were a lot of people in the lines.
        The only place that got uncomfortably close was the haunted mansion room (which I read somewhere they are doing away with for the pandemic) and those shows where people are packed together trying to be first in the room (naturally so they can sit in the middle and block the far part of the room)
        When I get a chance to get back in I’m sticking to the rides that I can fast pass or virtual line. I very rarely stood in the regular line anyway knowing how to use the fast pass system the right way. I’ve done 8-9 fast passes a day before.
        Also if you want to pay a bit you could do the after hours events which gives you 3-5hrs of park time, free snacks that are sealed and tons of social distancing space.
        At $100 a pop you want to pack as many Mickey ice cream bars and popcorn in you as you can stand to help get back some of the admission lol (my personal record is 4 Mickey bars, 2 popcorns, 2 waters and 4 cokes).

        As far as violating rights I’m sure there is something somewhere in the small print where you temporarily waive things/rights to get the admission (I mean I can’t carry my weapon which is a 2nd amendment right) , personally they could use rectal thermometers if they let me back in the park.

      2. V

        Who cares it’s not like you have to go to Disney right now, or even next month. Let the people who want to go be there and the rest don’t go. We all have options at least for now.

      3. Pete

        4th Amendment doesn’t apply on private property.

    2. Edward McGowan

      I watched a video for Shanghai Disney opening and the social distancing looks to be 1 meter or just over 3 feet not 6 feet. Will Disney Land and Disney World do the same shorter distance? Looks like it will not be easy to adhere to the rules but we will see.

  5. J

    New Disney sloagan.

    See the mouse get COVID for free. The gift that you Remer for a lifetime.

  6. Neil Kelly

    If Disney is going to control crowds going into the parks, then it will start at Disney resorts.People will be waiting alot longer to get on transportation, or they will hold up transportation at some point. I am traveling to DW in September, there will be 14 of us all staying at AKL. With the prices Disney charges I am expecting a not so perfect experience. If it weren’t for my grandkids being so excited to go,since it was cancelled on us in April.Hate to say it but Disney needs to open right or not at all.

  7. Theresa Spradling

    If disney pushes the mask issue … how will they enforce it since they couldn’t even enforce the no vaping rule? Also, if you say you cant wear a mask because of medical reasons how are they to tell since they cant ask for medical proof for scooters?

    I can see temperature being taken, waivers being signed or a state/federal law being enacted to prevent sueing if you should catch covid so in essence you go at your own safty risk

    1. Patricia Rathbun

      Disney actually cares about its guests. Thankfully they will do everything they can to keep it safe for everyone, if you don’t like the guidelines they put in place then wait till a vaccine and go then. Simple really. I would not want to be the cause of a huge out break of COVID-19 because I don’t want to take precautions.

  8. Veronica Hall

    They need to open up and mandate masks outside of hotel rooms. For those that can’t wear a mask due to medical issues, then they don’t go until everyone doesn’t need a mask. Time for everything to open up. Can’t wear one? Then have proof of medical stating that on you at all times. We need to start living and having fun again. Open up Disney❤❤

  9. Rebel Ravenclaw

    if this lovely virus proved anything the lack of common sense and thinking you deserve sp treatment or you do not have to follow rules or my favorite disney is going to open for me bc it has to bc i paid money to be there or disney can make up their own rules they are a public company (huge company trade on stock market private only semployees get stock holds) no they can not …. is a clear joke the lack of common sense and patience is crazy! I bet these will be the same people complaining and not showing kindness to cms after all they are only human too and in the same position in the waiting game! Just stop and wait…

    1. Patricia Rathbun

      Rebel Ravenclaw you are the most level headed person ever. Thank you for showing consideration.

  10. Harley

    This op is about a park not its opening so all the people commenting thinking this is a post mk will be first when the govenor isnt letting tourists in and we are only at level 1 as a state! MK has the 2nd smallest capacity even before this! I worked mk its not the park you want to open too much choas that needs to be attn too! All you whom comment to not know what it takes to run a theme park let alone 4 whom think disney could open on a whim and prayer!

    1. Its fun to be free

      Exactly and to add can i ask why is disney opening at all just to close if another round of this covid bs is on the way or worse hurricane season which they say is going to be bad… they are just going to close anyways… do the numbers a few days open when it safe w the doors wide open even next few months still down the line to be safe then sorry will make all this loss look like nothing!

  11. V

    Who cares it’s not like you have to go to Disney right now, or even next month. Let the people who want to go be there and the rest don’t go. We all have options at least for now.

    1. Jamie

      Actually you do not if disney is staying closed where are you going to go? And right now fl is level 1 gathers of 10 or more is not aloud are you going to get arrested and have us start all over bc thats whats happen! Harley has a pt disney isnt going to open bc who the heck are you to tell em to please have common sense!

  12. J R

    They could allow an unmodified park experience if they required guests to stay quarantined in one of the hotels and have 2 negative tests on two separate days. Cast members and hotel staff would also be required to stay in one of the hotels.

    1. Davis

      Half of us live near by and could just go home!
      Btw @ everyone whom is commenting about the parks opening the writer is writing an opinion i work there its not opening any time soon! The temp and masks are mandatory for cms not guests! Depending on when they open and the time frame plus the protests from cms masks might be mute… but one thing at a time! Please some one from the inside have patience thank you!

  13. Jackie

    Thank you to TJ for at least stating this was an opinion post! I am getting tired of constant rehearse without it! No one has a clue when disney is opinion so its all opinions please keep it there thanks! Florida is only at level one and if too many more over crowd places we might not get to level 2 and then disney will def not open bc we wont even have level 1! Desantis isnt happy! So lets stay calm!

  14. Fred

    You are correct Disney does have a couple of advantages. They already close the parks when they have reached certain capacity levels, so this will be the same thing but with much lower capacity numbers.

    Also for the first few months they could limit admissions to primarily hotel guests where you could decentralize the health screening and because they can control the number of hotel guests they can also control the total number of people who can show up. Annual pass holders could be given a deep hotel discount because this is an important core group for Disney. And they could be a key group later on if you want to test a daily reservations system for non hotel guests. It will likely be next February 2021 before we know how this virus is going to impact operations on future operations.

    As part of a standard procedure of the past, employee groups could test how control procedures go because they could give solid feed back on impacts on the guest experience. Someone mentioned making some of the attractions straight walk ones will lose some of the experience, but it will prevent packing people in a room waiting to be allowed in to see the main show. That will be easy to do for some attractions, not so easy for others. Pirates, Jungle Cruise, Small World, Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, etc. this will only require safely spaced waiting lines.

    Now this hotel guest only plan can only be used for a relatively short period of time because there are thousands of off property hotels who would be hurting for guests, and Walt Disney World is part of the greater Orlando community.

  15. Davis

    You know what just take itm for truth whom have no clue ever what they are talking about… i come on here to help out bc i am on the inside and i am insulted or my posts are deleted! So you know what i am done helping you all believe your own nknsense and i will see you probably next yr when disney truly reopens but you believe what you want i am done helping! Btw harley and everyone else i met here whom actually have a good head on shoulder thanks for your kindness if you see me around feel free to say hi!

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