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Disney parks reopening

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  1. Mark

    Its only going to happen that way sadly locals and aps are always guinea pigs besides your can limit locals we can always come back you can not limit guests esp those of whom might have wait lifetime for this to only have limited capacity and so rides or parks closed… thats not happening its locals or nothing besides desantis isnt happy w the way people too advantage of the beaches and level 1 to get to level 2 will take prayers and patience! I can tell you upper management i know is still saying oct for parks but if sooner be forward it will be a slow and steady climb.

    1. damion

      october? what happened to january 2021 at the earliest? lol shm

    2. damion

      october? what happened to january 2021 at the earliest? lol smh AGAIN . . . . NOBODY knows when the park will open

      1. Jackie

        Oct is the earliest date jan is the latest! The lack of common sense on this site is astounding besides you just come here to curse and rant please go away! I rather take mark harley or davis word then yours they seem to know more than you whom complains!

        1. damion

          NOBODY KNOWS WHEN THE PARKS WILL OPEN!!! so anybody saying any date is complete nonsense! and I couldn’t agree with you more on the lack of common sense, we have the same people commenting saying completely different things in different threads!

      2. Jackie

        And your constantly just here to complain you have less common sense!!!! To have common sense means to use it for knowledge i rather trust people whom know something like mark who knows upper management then you whom knows NOTHING! AND JUST RANTS RANTS RANTS illogical stupidity! Besides saying dates itm started if anything w the articles and mark is commenting back what he knows hes not saying hes the be all end all…. but taking knowledge from a fansite whom recomends a glitchy disney app amongst other things is sad!

        1. Damion

          I know the same thing as Mark and you, which is nothing! Please point me to an article that quotes a Disney executive saying the parks will open in October at the earliest and January at the latest. And if you can’t find one, just reply and berate me some more 🙂

      3. Mark

        I do not need your precious articles to know upper management! Common sense sorry you do not know people on the inside!

      4. Rebel Orange Bird

        You know someone could have a change of opinion thats life we are human make mistakes while other people like you think everyone should just play along and stick to the program and if not complain! Hey at least you can leave your house i can not and will not for some time!

      5. Peter

        Yea, nobody seems to know anything about ANYTHING at this point in time!

  2. Janie

    Many of us cms are enjoying this break w our families we barely see working! Many of us bc of restrictions have no where for our kids to go until school begins! Many of us have underlying conditions where we can not wear masks and on top of all that half the parks would be closed and only expect locals to be okay w that all…. though i could be wrong like i read someone else pointed out the lack of common sense through all this is astounding!

    1. Damion

      enjoy the time with your family Janie, I appreciate all you and the CMs do to make guests visits to the park the best they can be! and I agree that the lack of common sense is astounding! Nobody from Disney has ever said when the earliest date or when the latest date the parks would be open but we constantly have people commenting when they THINK the parks will open and comment as if it’s fact which gets extremely annoying.

      1. Janie

        I never say I know and i never seen anyone else they post dates bc thats what they heard i assume oct bc i am unemployed till then but yes i do not know last i heard from anyone is what others have said its going to go in levels but right now i rather stay w my family! I also have breathing issues and i do not know how i would be able to wrk w a mask! Many cms might start a protest but we know we do not have that much to go on vs wdw in fl at least they have heat to excuse them eventually! Do not want a different health hazard ya know! Its going to be interesting!

  3. Bob

    I am a Platinum passholder from California and I would say locals and Floridians first followed by U.S. residents and then international. As long as I get a partial refund on my pass I would be ok letting my September trip go. Hopefully January will be better and I am now signed up for my next race.

  4. N

    I think it should be open to everyone. First come first serve whoever gets their ticket or reservations first. But I also think it is completely fine to give the locals and pass holders the first week or two to visit before opening to everyone else. I guess we’ll see what happens.

  5. Whenever the parks open.. there will be many changes.. i say START with state {California & Florida } residences only.. try it for 4 weeks.. get the new system worked out.. then maybe open to boarding states.. for another few weeks.. then open to US Only and beginning sometime 2021 open it to others as safe.. I do support maybe keeping the size of crowds per day to maybe 70% of normal for a couple of years.. Just my thoughts..

    1. Jackie

      But right now w our state at level 1 thats not happening at all!

  6. I think Disney World should open to everyone refund pass holders hotel guest first I know most hotels are already booked and family’s waiting. I know my family is cancel our reservations twice now booked for October. That just my opinion. Thank you

  7. Harley

    All theme parks are going to have similar protocol until normal returns right now its as i call it catch 22 world bc thats what new normal is one big catch 22! Ie. No one is going to be exactly happy by it but hopefully this too shall pass! Like everything else has but that all took time too… disney wasnt built in a day it has no way of opening in one!
    I keep saying to my family your going to now have 3 groups
    The bubble people whom will never think anything is safe… the common sense crowd that wants to be safe but wants normal… and then theres the piss and moan its all about me crowd that thinks disney is going to open for them just bc and this was a hoax! Same people whom probably think 9/11 was a hoax too! Sorry i lived in ny almost lost my dad that wasnt a hoax neither is this and if you think it is tell that to people whom lost loved ones… Yes granted for many this is like a flu we get it but the flu is still just as deadly 300k+ died from the flu within the past yrs and yes we just went on w our lives and we will from this too… but in time not tomorrow not june not july but in time!

  8. Jim

    I don’t want to appear selfish but we’ve spent a huge amount on DVC ownership, annual dues, annual passholders, Tables in Wonderland, etc. Plus we visit 3 times per year and spend a large amount at each stay. How is it fair to exclude those of us who have committed so much financially just because we don’t happen to live in Florida? I think Disney will be in violation of our contracts if they exclude us. I don’t think the virus knows where we come from. People from outside Florida don’t want to be sick or expose anyone else anymore than a local does. We can socially distance as well as anyone else. Don’t judge everyone like a Spring Breaker!

    1. Janie

      Yea except its not the floridians going nuts on the beaches etc that might bring us back to level one now is it! Besides hes more worried about the escape artists from up north whom are still in lockdown they have quarantine or arrest is that worth it!? Theres many dvc members whom had to cancel just bc your dvc doesnt make you privileged nor does paying money! Many of us cms like i said already need to stay w families and have things to do are we supose to drop them for you … i am so sorry your tired i am too but honestly this attitude is not = kindness on my end and i rather stay home then face raths of unhappy guests bc half the stuff is closed!

  9. BatuuGirl

    WHENEVER the parks reopen, start with phased groups. First is a certain amount of locals, (within a certain mile radius of the parks), and APs. Do that for two weeks, and then increase the radius every two weeks, and do that for two months.
    Then you can start to phase in guests from the rest of the state for another two months, and then open it up to out of state guests, after that, for the next six months.
    The last group would be international travelers, of course, but there’s so much for the resort management teams to figure out, as it is, insofar as crowd management, and seating at restaurants, etc. There is also the matter of the face coverings for the cast members. Those that are onstage, and those who work in the kitchens as food preps.
    It’s easy to say, “open up now, we’re antsy,” but isn’t everyone, after 8 weeks of park closures?
    The company needs to be smart, safe, and prudent about this, and it’s not JUST about the guests, but the cast members, too. Without them, there’s no magic to be made, on your trip.

    1. Harley

      As long as they do not play virtual queues bc that app has glitches and doesnt help das/gac cards we have to join virtual queues to then wait again w card! No wonder theres lawsuit for this to be reworked das was created to help people out whom can not wait its one thing to now send us through fps its another to ask us to wait twice! So i know i am not the only one hoping any capacity thing is fine it affecting us that need assistance does not get affect talk about adding to that suit! Amongst other ones this might create… but i hope for the best and trying to 🙂 bc patience and seeing what happens is all part of it!

      1. Jackie

        Yea bc like you said wdw needs more to be add to that lawsuit virtual queue already did- this is all just too much!

  10. Its fun to be free

    why is disney opening at all just to close if another round of this covid bs is on the way or worse hurricane season which they say is going to be bad… and theres already proof as a storm is in the atlantic right now saying 70% of development and hitting fl! And its not even June i rather stay in lockdown! They are just going to close anyway w a bad storm or two! DO the numbers a few days open when it safe w the doors wide open even next few months still down the line to be safe then sorry will make all this loss look like nothing forget by 50th!

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