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Credit: Disney/ITM Reporter Rebekah Barton


  1. Darth Sigh

    I’ve got 5 details you’ve never noticed at Galaxy’s Edge:

    1) Darth Vader
    2) Luke Skywalker
    3) Han Solo
    4) Princess Leia
    5) Rise of the Resistance Ride

  2. Rebel Porg

    You just must have missed reading the books bc all of them include most of these.

    1. Darth Sigh

      That’s right, silly me. I forgot… I have to read a book to enjoy a theme park.

      I’ll get right on studying that now.

      1. Rebel Porg

        I wasnt speaking to you but the books are a great addition no one needs your sarcasm in this day and age… you know itm casts our comments out for way less and yet yours remain! Its like your a writer here under a guise of darth fill in blank and thats why your still here!

        1. Darth Sigh

          So, a writer is it, eh? Is it the proper use of punctuation that gives that impression?

          And yes, ITM keeps me around because they appreciate good grammar, …occasionally.

    2. Harley

      The books are awesome dont listen to darth i dont really care about anything… hes def darth and a villian! Btw black spire is awesome bring light to whom vi is its really great read besides it makes kids want to read again to have their own star wars stories! Weather it be this or comics or just something its pretty cool! And reading is something every kid should be doing more of!

    3. Jackie

      Actually no darth its the really bad additude adjustment sarcasm, negatively and really poor writing skills that make us all this your tj under an alias so you could comment! And if not your grumpy bc your married w 12 kids whom you rather toss out a window then love!

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