Comments for Landry’s Update: Are Yak & Yeti, Rainforest Cafe, and T-Rex Cafe Closed for Good?

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  1. Harley

    This is sad bc rainforest was a great place… i enjoyed yak and yeti as quick service it was our traditional stop at dak when there 2nd to flame tree! and never been to trex but it looked cool.

  2. JJ

    I hope Rainforest at Disney Springs remains closed. It is not the restaurant it used to be. Neither the wait staff or management cares about anything but the money. The food has been subpar at best. We used to go there and food would be great and the service friendly. We’ve gone back on more than one occasion making an excuse to ourselves about the horrible experience the last time. We tell ourselves it will be better this time. Only to be disappointed. And frankly I find no need for 2 locations on Disney property. Except Tillman’s greed. Rainforest is a good fit at Animal Kingdom if you have to have one. Let something new come to the Springs. Hopefully will great food and friendly staff.

    1. Carmine Crincoli

      Tillman’s greed?

      I don’t like where this is going…

  3. Melanie Durham

    Oh no!!!! First of all, I hate to see any business shut down, but I don’t like to hear that cast members are furloughed or anyone loose their job for that matter! We love T-Rex and Yak and Yeti! I sure hope they can recover from this!

    1. Carmine Crincoli


      I can’t believe this is all happening!

  4. Carmine Crincoli


    This can’t be happening!

    I don’t want this to happen!

    This is really sad!

    I love the two Rainforest Cafes, T-Rex Cafe, and Yak and Yeti!

    I just want the restaurants to hopefully reopen at sometime when everything goes back to normal and at that time, Landry’s will team up with Walt Disney Imagineering with more restaurant ideas!

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