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Karen Gillan as Redd


  1. Harley

    Ironically shes the only one i had in mind as soon as they changed her to a pirate and called her Redd!

    1. Would be incredible if she gets the part!

      1. L

        We wants the (original) redhead (back).

  2. Zachary Eslick

    The article states that redd the pirate was in the ride since inception which Freaking Wrong

    1. Indeed, technically she was originally called The Redhead. I have added just to clear that up. She has always been there though, just not with that name!

      Have cleared it up, thanks for your comment.

  3. Darth Predictor

    Hopefully her Force powers will go completely unexplained for two and half movies, but she’ll be great at everything she does in the meanwhile.

    And we can kill off one each of the old main characters per movie (Will, Elizabeth, Jack), until we’re only left with a cast of new characters.

    1. Can I just say, this made me chuckle, a lot.

      Great comment! 🙂

  4. Melanie Durham

    I like the direction that will take the movie! I would love to see her play Redd! ❤️

  5. Walter

    No sparrow. No watch

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