Trek to Adventureland at Home With These Jungle Cruise Tiki Mugs!

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Although the upcoming Disney Jungle Cruise movie, starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt, has been delayed until July 31, 2021, you can still enjoy this popular attraction at home right now. This Jungle Cruise tiki mug set will make you feel like you’re setting sail at Disneyland or Disney World — or perhaps sitting down for a libation at Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar or Grog Grotto!

jungle cruise tiki mug set
Credit: – Tiki tOny

The Tiki tOny set, which is currently available for preorder at TikiLand Trading, is priced at $135 for a limited time. Once the elephant and African boat mug duo begins shipping in November 2020, the price will increase to $190. Make sure you get your order for this awesome Disney mug set in now!

The first Disney attraction tiki mug in the set is modeled after the Jungle Cruise boats in Adventureland. It comes with its own umbrella (perfect for tropical drinks!) and, from the rendering, appears to include a bamboo straw.

jungle cruise boat tiki mug
Credit: – Tiki tOny

As per the TikiLand Trading website, the “Skipper’s Bote” Jungle Cruise tiki mug has an intriguing backstory, “crashed ashore by a highly skilled and trained Skipper… upon being parked or abandoned by said Skipper, a local tiki carver decided to add their carved touches to the bote.”

The Disney-worthy tale continues, “Upon closer inspection, there may even be marks from hippo attacks, rhinos, and even nibbles from a zebra! The gorillas just drove the bote a few laps on the endless Amazonian De Nile yet they put the most damage on it.”

The Jungle Cruise boat mug can also be purchased separately here.

The second mug in this Disney theme park tiki mug set is “Sunbathing Bertha,” who is based on the “Indian Elephant Bathing Pool” section of the Disney Parks Jungle Cruise ride.

sunbathing bertha elephant tiki mug
Credit: – Tiki tOny

As per the TikiLand Trading website, “Sunbathing Bertha was always happy to be showered with waterfalls of affection and joy. She is sure to make you as happy as an elephant in a bathing pool in a magical river of exploration.”

The Jungle Cruise elephant mug can be purchased separately here.

More information, including mug size, about the collaboration between Tiki tOny and TikiLand Trading will be shared on the preorder page as it becomes available.

Are you going to order these Disney’s Jungle Cruise tiki mugs for your collection? They’d look great displayed next to Trader Sam mugs!

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