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How Much of Disney World Has to Be Open


  1. Harley

    Keep it clised till its safe and if anyone response w opposite that is not and do not know what it takes to run a theme park let alone 4 why do you think disney could open on a whim and prayer??!!

    1. Davis

      Exactly harley i am ride out and i can tell you we want to welcome guests but when its safe and in a timely manor.

      1. Ernest Rowe

        I will go anytime Disneyworld opens , resorts only is ok .

      2. Brandon Baum

        I want it all open. I’m sick of how paranoid people are of a disease with over a 99% survival rate. With the new numbers, they estimate only .1-.3% fatality. That’s what you’re so scared of? It’s disgusting. Yes, getting it is not awesome, but please quit acting as if it is a death sentence.

        1. Tan

          You clearly have no seniors in your life you need to think of with such a cavalier attitude.

        2. Chris Michaels

          Of course Brandon. Because the world revolves around you. Stop being selfish and fall into line.

    2. Michelle

      For distance travellers it’s too much money to spend for a partial trip. Need resorts, restaurants and rides/fireworks. Would socially distance but need most options available.

      1. Jackie

        Unfortunately the state still isnt open to travelers wo quarantine for 14 days and we are only at level 1 so disney isnt reopening in that… but as long as its an op thought have to say whatever disney opens for us.

        1. Natasha

          You’re incorrect! Where do you get your info? There’s no quarantine for out of state travelers unless they come from
          NY, New Jersey it Connecticut!

          1. Donna

            I also heard Louisiana would have to go into quarantine.

      2. Harley

        @natasha i do not know where your getting yours maybe from nj but my bestie from va got stopped and turned around bc he wasnt from fl! Granted maybe different things are happening at airports but thats whats happening to drive ins saw it on the news! And why wouldnt those people from up north be quarantined if they are even let out of their states which they are not my family can barely leave their house still and no travel though some might leave like idiots N what not think they will be stopped?? Crazy! I miss my family but i do not want them to get in trouble nor spend 2 wks just to finally see me!

      3. Rebel Ravenclaw

        Jackie quarantining us is useless we arent even aloud to leave the state!

    3. Dan

      Paying full price? Everything would need to be open. Just like it was when we were there in Jan. No masks. Wash your hands and carry hand sanitizer. Provide easy refunds for those who feel ill when they were supposed to go. Sign a waiver. Disney is clean and safe. There was no major outbreak amongst those working and living in Orlando. Those afraid or vulnerable can choose to stay home until they feel safe. Keep calm, take care of yourself and carry on!

      1. Rebel Porg

        I hate to break it to ya but orlando tampa and miami were in the red for quite a while. Half my neighborhood got sick!

      2. Harley

        I agree w the waiver but disney i doubt will do it. But still many of us have medical conditions where we can wear masks its going to be 115 in shade soon…. its all going to not work! I was there prior and pe9ple were acting like it was all nothing enjoying life and using lots of sanitizer! Though that could have been a dream bc after a while life is and it goes back to being about staying safe sure disney will do right thing in time!

        1. Barbara Zimmerman

          We have a trip booked for the end of June. We will be postponing it. I am not paying that much and not getting the full experience. I’m all for being safe. Washing hands. Not going if you’re sick. But wearing mask at Disney? In 100+ degree temps. I don’t think that’s a good idea.

      3. Louise

        Agree. I will not go back until America has its “normal” back. No mask for this gal.

    4. Kim Sands

      Anytime, I am ready!

  2. David

    I’m hoping and praying that some semblance of order will be place by mid- November for a trip we had planned for our sons graduation we re-scheduled from June

    1. Brian

      We have already had to cancel two planned trips and will be going July 4th weekend. I want to be able to enjoy the weekend and have the opportunity to go to more than one Park. I wouldn’t want to go and use our pass for one Park with a chance at not getting in if they hit capacity early. WDW resort guests should have access until 10 am then allow annual pass holders until they hit capacity. We are DVC and annual pass holders so we are committed to WDW for the foreseeable future.

  3. Doug

    Just open the carousel and I’d go at this point.

  4. Carla

    I want to have everything open before I return. I love all the rides characters and the dining. So for me and my family we want the full experience.

  5. George Torres

    I’m in no rush at all. I’ve lived near the mouse house for over 30 years, and I usually only go on special occasions, during off season, or when we get invited by a cast member.

  6. Mary

    Open everything at 50 % capacity. Park would be so much better. I was there at Christmas and felt like the park was way over capacity. When you wait 3 hours for any ride it’s not an enjoyable visit.

    1. Jackie

      Expect the state needs to be at 50% to even be ok! Right now we might loose privileges and go backwards if people overcrowd the beaches anymore! And then we might go backwards stop being in such a rush folks the parks arent going anywhere and neither are you! I had cancer 4 times parents war now WC bound we want to go out but we will take seeing 10 people over disney any day we would take drs appts and a sign of normal over it all too…. wouldnt you!?

  7. theresa Thomason

    I’m ready for the hotels to open that is a good start. June 1st is a good date. Hotels and Disney springs stay safe and let’s go.

    1. Mark

      You apparently have no clue how theme parks work thats like saying open tomorrow! The theme parks have their own levels just like the state and nothing except for springs on minor opening is there! Have patience it will all work out just not as soon as you want but its better to be safe disney is following the rules of the state not the rules of a few fans!

      1. Louise speck Speck

        Will be back anytime any percent as long as it’s safe which I know Disney and Mickey would never let their fans be unsafe and when the government says it’s fine but I hope it’s really really really soon because we miss Mickey any percent is fine with me and my daughter and my grandson hey I’m a passholder I’m a resident I’m a DVC member we love Mickey please as soon as soon as possible get us back in

    2. Jenelle

      Honestly if I have to wear a mask, I can’t do it. They make me feel like I’m being smothered, which naturally makes me way too anxious to enjoy anything. Even my one supermarket trip every other week is almost too much for me. I’ll wait until all the corona guidelines are lifted, thanks.

  8. Ramona

    We have reservations starting on June 2nd, and we’ll take anything we can get! I know Disney will make it a great experience under any circumstances… please open some of the resorts & at least 2 parks!

    1. Ericka

      I have suppose to visit universal studios June 19 I’m praying they are open.. does anyone know when they are suppose to allow people to rent vacation homes in Florida again

      1. Mark

        Level 2 desantis said maybe 3 but if enough people do what they are doing and taking advantage of 1 we might go backwards! 2 & 3 is months away this is one day at a time!

  9. Yippy its fun to be free

    Can i ask why is disney opening at all just to close if another round of this covid bs is on the way or worse hurricane season which they say is going to be bad… they are just going to close anyways… do the numbers a few days open when it safe w the doors wide open even next few months still down the line to be safe then sorry will make all this loss look like nothing!

    1. Harley

      This right here!
      Common sense is all been saying and you wrapped it up neatly and yes its fun to be free! Lets slowly enjoy these few freedoms you do not know where it all goes from here we are living in a catch 22 world lets just stay safe!

  10. Darth GetinLine

    First, re-open those really nice restrooms by the Tangled tower.

    Afterwards, make sure there are enough free hamburger toppings in the Pecos Bill Cafe that we can make a side salad without having to actually buy anything.

    Then bring back Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

    Oh, and check that one gift shop where they still sell REAL film for cameras is fully stocked.

    That’s it. Then we’re ALL coming back.

    1. Natasha

      You’re incorrect! Where do you get your info? There’s no quarantine for out of state travelers unless they come from
      NY, New Jersey it Connecticut!

      1. Darth GetinLine

        My personal apologies to New Jersey. I am so, so sorry that anybody is from New Jersey.

      2. Mark

        And that right there is the problem your probably the idiots causing the beached to close and desantis to get upset and loose level 1 arent you??? Call fl morons when its the tourists again all along!

    2. Natasha

      There was a mr. toads ride? Where wAs it located?

      1. Darth GetinLine

        Good gravy, Natasha, how baby-fresh are you?!

        All us 90-something year-old geezers know there was a Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride where that pants-free whippersnapper Pooh bear now hangs out with his honeys.

      2. Janie

        Mr toad is still in DL! WDW got rid of it as it seems to do w all its great rides…. long live Horizons!

  11. Tamara Silva

    Yes I would visit Disney World if only Disney Springs was open. I like to shop and go out to eat so that would be great

  12. Lo ideal es que todo se haya normalizado .Recuerden que también se afectó nuestro bolsillo pues muchos dejamos de trabajar y cobrar pero nuestras deudas siguen así q lo más lógico es esperar a que nos estemos normalizando tanto económico como de nuestras deudas y q si habré el precio sea justo de acuerdo a las atracciones q presenten y desde luego con mucha seguridad respecto al virus.

  13. Lo ideal es que todo se haya normalizado .Recuerden que también se afectó nuestro bolsillo pues muchos dejamos de trabajar y cobrar pero nuestras deudas siguen así q lo más lógico es esperar a que nos estemos normalizando tanto económico como de nuestras deudas y q si habré el precio sea justo de acuerdo a las atracciones q presenten y desde luego con mucha seguridad respecto al virus.

  14. Sharon

    All of it and mask free!

    1. Louise

      Yup, I agree.

  15. Jackie

    Note to baliee and all the rest of the writers PLEASE PUT until further notice OPINION on all your writings about the parks! Your just a fansite and have no connection to the park… Your cause unneeded stress on the floridians and unneeded hope in everyone else! Your all constantly now daily writing the same stuff your loosing the true heart of this site! You havent got a clue like the rest of us when disney is opening it states as clear as day on the website TBD and following recomended guidelines that sounds like months if not a yr away to me not tomorrow and def not june! bc lets face facts if enough people plotz themselves where they do not belong like beaches etc desantis said hes going to pull level 1 and we start all over! Level 1 is going to take a few months to get out of! Disney clearly is waiting for level 3 when its 50-75% and lets also face that is better for guests less restrictions and also more things open plus more people aloud in… right no gathers of 10 or more get fined OR arrested… i doubt anyone wants that to happen and could wait to go to Disney instead of being arrested for it! Besides masks and heat nor in rain do not mix! And we get alot of both in the summer!

    1. Davis

      Exactly great points Jackie!

  16. Scrappy

    This is a very tricky situation. Having people feel safe and actually be safe will bring them back. I truly understand that we really need to get things back open and get on with living again. From their business standpoint, it takes a certain number of people to pay the bills for the day. If they can only operate at a low capacity can they pay the bills? I know low crowds are a great thing for the overall experience to not have to wait but it doesn’t pay the bills. regarding capacity, how are they figuring that? A percentage of their maximum capacity (a number that they only hit a few times a year) which will be a larger number or a percentage of their average attendance (which represents a normal day) which will be a much smaller number. As for me going back, as much as I love theme parks and as much as I don’t want to subscribe to the fear and panic being spread around, I really think that I will just sit back and see what happens for a little bit. As shocking as this may sound and probably ruffles the feathers of so many but I have actually found that there is life outside of Disney. There are plenty of fun things to do here not involving large crowds. I thank all of those rushing back to the parks in advance for being the test subjects for me. If I was younger I would be one of you but I just really don’t want to put myself in unnecessary risk at this time. I think that is the best way for a lot of people, If you don’t feel comfortable going then don’t. There will be many to take your place and keep the park going. Just relax for a little bit and see how things play out. This is still early in the game, there will be lots of time for us to enjoy the park later on..

  17. David E

    1 – take prudent, possible safety precautions
    2 -50% capacity (I would not want to go on a normal August day)
    3 – 80% rides (I understand if some rides are impossible to meet safety requirements and still make sense to open)
    4 – onsite resorts
    5 – International flights to Orlando (not Miami)

    This list is from someone who already has disney resort hotel, tickets, flights booked to July/Aug. For the investment and time, I will take 80% rides open vs cancel. It’s taken over a year to plan and 2 years to budget this and the rest of a very long trip from Europe to the US and it cannot just be re-scheduled.

  18. As an Annual Passholder for many years, my husband and I have no intention of Traveling to Florida to go to our favorite parks.
    It’s not safe yet, too many unanswered questions on when and if they will get a cure for the virus.
    We don’t want to pay big bucks and can’t get on rides, or even in the parks. There is no way with the amount of people coming from all over the world this virus is going to get worse again.
    Our lives and safety is more important.
    We miss going to the parks as it is our Happy Place, but until they have a vaccine and are sure you won’t be able to get the virus we will just live off of our memories.

  19. Aimee

    My personal opinion, I expect everything to be open that was open pre-covid and I also have no desire to go if face masks are required… Supposed to go this November, but have already decided, it’s not worth it if face masks are required and if parks are not entirely functional and they are limiting occupants. It’s too far from where I live and much too expensive. So hopefully things get back to normal soon!

  20. Michele Rose

    We’re booked at AKL in June. While I would be happy just staying at the resort and enjoying activities there and other resorts, like horseback riding, bike riding, fishing – no crowds and June is too soon. I want to see what happens in the states who are (foolishly, IMHO) open or opening now. Our vacay cost w/everything up and running for 2 ppl is just under 5,000 so if we have park tickets, they need to be fully operational with seriously reduced capacity/everyone wearing a mask.

  21. Donna

    I also heard Louisiana would have to go into quarantine.

  22. Davis

    You know what just take itm for truth whom have no clue ever what they are talking about… i come on here to help out bc i am on the inside and i am insulted or my posts are deleted! So you know what i am done helping you all believe your own nknsense and i will see you probably next yr when disney truly reopens but you believe what you want i am done helping! Btw harley and everyone else i met here whom actually have a good head on shoulder thanks for your kindness if you see me around feel free to say hi!

    1. Mark

      Davis do not leave it was refreshing having someone whom actually knew some truths and common sense.

      1. Harley

        Davis do not leave whose going to tell us the good word from the inside ??

  23. Charles

    Just open it all and stop allowing fear of something that isn’t as bad as claims say push us into clamming up..but I won’t be going unless it’s all open
    I’m not paying for half an experience

    1. Jamie

      Tell that to people whom lost loved ones!

  24. Kerin

    This whole pendemic is killing the theme parks it’s not magical without the fireworks character meet and greetst and what about the character dining which is why a lot of people look forward to when they visit Walt disney world if everyone wears a face mask then why do they need to cancel the fireworks and kill the fun for everyone I understand it’s very hot in Florida especially in June and July hopefully this face mask issue will be temporary and not be permanent

  25. Bob

    Ya’ll stay at home, hiding under yr bed, im fine with restrictions, mask, temp and waiver, less people the better, ill be there in December, let the comments fly

  26. Melissa Payne

    I would like the resorts to be open. The resorts have good amenity value and many are like a park themselves.
    I like walking the resorts that I used to work at and as far as the parks, it is just too hot in summer.

  27. Kay

    As long as we don’t have to wear masks, we will be there in November. Even if it is just 1 park. We don’t mind no fireworks or parades, and we can do without character meet and greets/dining for this trip. As long as they honor our already purchased tickets. I just worry about getting turned away due to capacity restrictions.

  28. Louise Speck

    Just let Florida resident and a passholder and a DVC member just let us know and we’ll be there with bells on cat bells that is even my cat has Mickey bells any percent is fine with me we can have 30% 40 % 50% or 100% me and my daughter and my grandson were all in just please open the doors

  29. Louise Speck

    As long as the government and as long as Disney and Mickey agree that it’s safe for they are fans and it doesn’t make any difference if it’s 30% 40% 50% a hundred percent just get us in hey we love Disney hey I’m a passholder I’m a resident I’m a DVC member I’m all in for opening up very very very very soon just let me know when the doors open up will be there with bells on and cat bells as my cat has Mickey bells on right now

  30. Kelly Connerton

    The only thing that would stop me from going is a mask requirement. If just one park is open that is fine, NO MASK REQUIREMENT, I don;t care which park opens first, NO MASK REQUIREMENT. Its not magical or fun if I am constantly fiddling with a mask because I cant keep my hands away from my face while wearing one. I will sign a waiver , allow my temp to be taken, schedule my trip to ensure the park is not over crowded. NO MASK REQUIREMENT.

  31. cupcake

    mabye 20 or 30? i dont want people to get sick.

  32. Ashley

    I’ll likely wait until the mask-policy is lifted or eased to be voluntary. I understand the need at this time and follow the rules that businesses set forth requiring them, but the thought of walking in the Florida heat and humidity all day, every day, for a week with a humid, sweaty mask on, sounds awful. I agree they’re necessary, from a medical standpoint (I’m an infectious disease RN), but it’s tough enough wearing them 12 hours a day indoors, in air-conditioning.

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