New Hedwig Bean Bag is the Perfect Companion for Your Home

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hedwig bean bag

Much like Primark has been doing with Harry Potter merchandise in the UK, Pottery Barn has been demonstrating some incredible Harry Potter merchandise over the last few months, and this new addition is no exception.

Obviously the key difference between merchandise you can find at Pottery Barn when comparing to the likes of Primark is the price. However, we are willing to make a purchase then it comes to this awesome looking Hedwig bean bag.

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Check her out in all her glory below:

Hedwig Pottery Barn
Credit: Pottery Barn

The actual bean bag is made from soft faux fur so you feel safe knowing that no real animals were harmed in the creation of the item.

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Here’s the official product description of our favorite pet owl in bean bag form:

Lounge in HOGWARTS™ style! Designed in beautiful, feather-like faux-fur and featuring your favorite pet owl, our Hedwig Beanbag is the perfect place to watch your favorite movies and read your favorite books from the Harry Potter series. 

If you want to bring Harry Potter’s famous owl companion into your home it’s going to set you back between $189-$289 depending on what options you select and you can purchase her from Pottery Barn here.

Hedwig bean bag
Credit: Pottery Barn

It’s no small item as well, measuring 41 inches in diameter, so this is something that is going to take up significant space in your home.

Bean bag chairs are certainly one of my favorite ways to relax at home, I personally use them all the time to read and play video games and this Hedwig bean bag looks to be one that would provide ultimate comfort.

The good news is that the fur part of the bean bag is easily removable and washable, great for those with kids who may get poor Hedwig covered in mess!

Are you a fan of this Hedwig bean bag? Let us know in the comments below!

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