Create Your Very Own Wizarding Den To Read Your Favorite Harry Potter Books In

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Harry Potter Reading

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We all know that spending too much time at home can be rough and mentally draining. For that reason, it becomes essential to shake things up a little here and there, so why not create a fun reading corner for yourself (or for your entire family) to read in?

Here are some ideas to make reading Harry Potter books at home even more magical.

Harry Potter Books
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Choose A Spot

The way to start is by choosing the perfect spot for your Wizarding reading sessions. It would be advisable to stay away from your bedrooms for this, since we sleep there every night and this is a place that’s already a standard part of our daily routine.

Remember, this is also about shaking things up a little! We all have a favorite spot in your house, maybe a cozy corner of your living room, a backyard, or even a tree house. Find that perfect spot and let’s allow for magic to happen.

Transformation time

Here is where you will be creating the ambiance to your wizard den — your Harry Potter reading corner. Maybe as a kid, you used to enjoy creating pillow and blanket forts with your siblings, or friends, around your house. And that is exactly what you will do!

Grab some some furniture (chairs, ben bag chairs, or recliners are ideal for this), prop a duvet or a blanket on top, grab your fluffiest pillows and cushions and pull up some soft blankets for under your den. Now, you need to cast a Lumos spell inside your den by plug in your best night lamps or some Christmas lights to give it that cozy mood.

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Harry Potter Reading
Credit: Sinead Cummings/Phillyvoice and Pinterest Alexa:)

Concentrate the Magic

This may not apply to everyone, but, if you have any Harry Potter related decorations in your home  – such as pillows, Funko Pops, throw blankets, coffee mugs, collectable wizard wands, maybe a stuffed Edwige, etc – bring them all out and decorate your little corner.

If you do not have a lot of Harry Potter related decorations, no worries, you can still create that Hogwarts feel by adding some books on the floor, some candles (please, be careful with fire around the blankets), some potted plants, etc. Get creative — You can do it.

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Grab your favorite snacks

Prepare your favorite drinks and snacks like popcorn, some soda, or maybe some pretzels. But if you would like to incorporate the true wizard within you, you might want to prepare some Harry Potter inspired goodies.

Or, if you are not indoor cooking or baking, you can hope on to the internet and order some original Harry Potter snack such as Every Flavor Beans, a Chocolate Frog, some Fizzing Whizzbees or lemon-flavored Honeydukes Sherbet Lemons.

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Frozen Butterbeer
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Get cozy and open the doors to Hogwarts!

Now, you are ready to start! Grab your favorite Harry Potter book, or put on your headphones to listen to the audio books, go into your wizarding den and start you journey as a wizard.

And remember, enjoy the ride!

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Did you like this idea? If you did, take a picture of you, your family, and your den and tag us on Instagram @itmnews so we can see your wizarding creation!

Also, what is your favorite Harry Potter book? Let us know in the comments. 

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