New Harry Potter pillows are a must buy for any fan of the Wizarding World

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Harry Potter cushions

Credit: Primark

It looks like Primark is at it again with their geeky merchandise and this time they are turning to the Wizarding World with these new Harry Potter pillows.

The new Harry Potter home range includes these awesome pillows that have Hedwig (the white owl), The Marauder’s Map and the Hogwarts Crest on them. We love the little details like Hedwig carrying a letter in her beak.

The crest does, of course, feature the four houses of Hogwarts, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin and we’d say these pillows are a must for Harry Potter fans. Wizard or Witch, you’re going to want to grab at least one of these!

The best thing about these, the price. Each of the pillows is just £7 (just under $9). We like them so much that the ITM UK team has already either got our hands on the pillows or is about to. I, myself, am heading to Primark tomorrow for two things, baby clothes and these pillows!

Harry Potter original cast
Credit: Warner Bros

Primark has been doing a great job here in the UK at pushing out merchandise not just on the Harry Potter front but with Disney items as well and it seems the team is showing no signs of slowing down with their magic touch!

There’s been a range of merchandise including wall art, pillows, sweaters, and t-shirts and we’re inspired by how cool each item looks and how affordable everything is! Warner Bros is doing a good job of allowing other brands to capitalize on merchandise.

Though Primark is mainly featuring the Harry Potter collection here in the UK, US readers can also grab Harry Potter merchandise as Primark are selling various pieces of the magic via the Primark online store.

Are you a Harry Potter fan and in need of these pillows in your life? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Primark

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