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Harry Potter Reading

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  1. Heather Danielle Wade

    She should have known not to get on that ride.Its kinda stupid.To get on the ride not knowing what would happen.So yeah,if it was just a little ‘Dip’ on the ride she should have neck injuries.Or that bad of a neck injury.Although the rides at Disney are a bit ‘Jolty’ at times.If I knew that my head and neck were going to hurt.I would not have gotten on the ride.Hopefully this does not go to court.I pray for Disney…?

  2. Suzy Ince

    I’m sorry she was hurt. But did she disclose her situation to the parks doctor or to the poor cast member at the ride’s entrance? Disney should be held responsible if the girl and her parents aren’t going to responsible for checking this out before their trip. There are many videos on YouTube that virtually take you on the ride. Okay maybe she wanted to be surprised, her parents could have review the ride for her and made the call. I wish it were different for her, but blaming Disney isn’t the right move.

  3. Alins

    The rides all have descriptions. It’s says there are small drops. The CM said there are small drops. If I had brain surgery, I’d hope my parents would never put me on any ride in fear of any movement hurting me. Forget the rides, I’d be afraid of the crowd bumping into me. I know you want your child to have fun but definitely not at a theme park after brain surgery. The rides are well described. I always do my research on every ride before I go on it. I even watch videos of the ride to make sure I am able to handle them. Disney has always done a good job in their descriptions. Blogs and websites do a great job in their description of attractions.

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