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  1. Rebel Orange Bird

    Okay but there in there without guests that means squat to me! And that yes could change into a no very quickly! Are they getting back to people w this heat thing plus masks isnt going to work… oh wait its been raining and cooler weather they arent there friday where it will be 95 and heat index…. those smart a**es at disney i tell ya! Then everyone wants to say they care yep and horizons would still be open instead of the death sentence!!! Tg i am in nyc and can not be anywhere near this! God speed cms and my prayers are w you bc there goes the neighborhood! And fl too! Apparently none of you get this is not over and theres no rush right??

  2. Markus

    Sounds like the health inspectors are getting greased palms again ?

    1. pete

      Well put!

  3. Harley

    Public health officials are on high alert for a mysterious new illness likely linked to the coronavirus that is hospitalizing hundreds of kids across the US. It has hospitalized 400 kids so far across 26 states and 5 kids died in ny! We are far from over folks! I hope disney knows what its doing….

  4. Cindy Caine

    So they are going to send medical scouts in on the same day they are going to want approval to reopen…. that sounds like something dumb uni would do! Oh wait they did and they are reopening….
    At least disney is doing the right thing waiting for the right time for approval….
    The issue is we are talking about wdw whom closes the good rides and robs people blind just like universal …. sooo in truth the only people whom suffer are the casts on both whom do not know which day they are really coming in, if they will be safe over all (many are worried about the adverse affects of masks then covid), and still wondering why both theme parks couldnt just get their ideals together and know they will make their money back once they could be 100% and then things will be better for everyone! Is no one watching the fact theres still cases… as harley said theres cases in kids now! I really do not think anyone thought this through… i do not agree with you disney fans that much but if we could unite its whats the rush!?

  5. Metz34787

    It all comes down to what you believe is true from the government and media. That’s where most people get their information from.

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