Enchant Your Friends With This Hilarious “Harry Potter”-Themed Cards Against Humanity

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Harry Potter Cards Against Muggles

Credit: Warner Bros./Cards Against Muggles

Looking to enchant your friends with the magic of Harry Potter in a hilarious new way? Well, look no further than this hilarious Harry Potter-themed Cards Against Humanity game: Cards Against Muggles.

This new unofficial card game is crammed with a bunch of cheeky and risqué humor that certainly isn’t suitable for Hogwarts. However, it’s great for a night in with friends or family.

Cards Against Muggles
Credit: Cards Against Muggles

Similar to traditional Cards Against Humanity games, this game is full of an even number of question and answer cards — and on each round one player must read a question or statement from a black card and everyone must answer with their funniest white card.

According to the game’s official website, a few examples of black cards featured in the game include:

  • “Dumbledore has hidden…in the Room of Requirement”
  • “Filch has finally banned…from the halls of Hogwarts”
  • “…will be teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts this year.”
  • “Lucius Malfoy didn’t realize he had actually given Voldemort….”
  • “Tom Riddle was shocked when Ginny began to write about…in the diary.”
Cards Against Muggles
Credit: Cards Against Muggles

A few white card examples include:

  • “Snorting Floo Powder to go on a mental journey”
  • “Painting Severus Snape as one of your French girls”
  • “The bizarre and horrific ordeal that conceived Rubeus Hagrid”
  • “The actual love triangle between Harry, Ron, and Hermione”
  • “Professor McGonagall feeding you biscuits”

Cards Against Muggles is available for $10 or (£9) on the official website and recommended for players aged 17 and over and requires 4 to 20+ players.

A typical game takes about 90 minutes or less to finish. Of course, this depends on how many times your group stops to laugh. To purchase the game yourself or to take a closer look, be sure to visit the official website.

Will you be purchasing this humorous game to play with your family and friends? Let us know in the comments! 

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