Comments for Don’t Miss Your Shot! Hamilton to Stream on Disney+ EARLY

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  1. Harley

    Omg yes i was hoping he announce it bc he mention on a broadway site interviews he was in talks to release this early as well as to also release dvd sooner as well… you know how disney will want that to make money ya know…. can not wait w all the friends up in the air and struggling in broadway i hope this helps them out as well knowing Lin it probably will.

    1. Rebel Orange Bird

      It will keep all us broadway people busy! Honestly i know we can not move in ny yet or might never see broadway for a while but i do miss it!

  2. MaryEllen Laferriere

    Yes so looking forward to it miss it on Broadway love having Disney plus.

  3. Stephanie Thomas

    I’m curious to know how Disney’s will be handling the f-bombs and sexual content? Will they put a disclaimer before or edit it?

    I’m super stoked about it but was just curious about those things.

  4. Susan Campbell

    OMG, this is my favorite show ever!!!!!!! Thank you Lin-Manuel and Disney for the best surprise ever!!!! I’ve marked my calendar already!!!!!! 🙂 P.S. I went to Ft Hamilton High School in Brooklyn, so Alexander is very dear to my heart!

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