Comments for Is a Lack of New Content on Disney+ Why “Hamilton” is Arriving So Quickly?

Hamilton Disney Plus


  1. Harley

    I think it has alot to do w disney loosing money and they know hamilton is a huge draw… also it will bring another group maybe to disney+ on top of what you said ryan… also i think thats why disney will push dvd too!

    1. Mark

      Disney is loosing money oh look Hamilton everyone loves it wants to see it and better yet dvd sales too! They spend 50k you know they will make the most of it! It also helps broadway folks out whom miss it!

      1. Darth Historian

        Excuse me, but when it comes to Disney, I hardly think anything they do is ABOUT THE MONEY.

        More likely, they realized that Hamilton, who was very much IN FAVOR of opening up the country economically, passed away in JULY during the GREAT PANDEMIC (Yellow Fever) of 1804. What more relevant way to honor the man than to do a family friendly tale about his life that covers THREE timely topics?

        About the money, gee whiz.

  2. Rebel Ravenclaw

    Lin wants to help out Broadway and those whom are suffering. Not make money for Disney and Disney knows they just had to close Frozen there most popular Broadway show. I can not believe i am agreeing w Darth :-p

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