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good disney news


  1. Its fun to be free

    why is disney opening at all just to close if another round of this covid bs is on the way or worse hurricane season which they say is going to be bad… and theres already proof as a storm is in the atlantic right now saying 70% of development and hitting fl! And its not even June i rather stay in lockdown! They are just going to close anyway w a bad storm or two! DO the numbers a few days open when it safe w the doors wide open even next few months still down the line to be safe then sorry will make all this loss look like nothing forget by 50th!

  2. Alexandria Michaels

    “We are so happy” for the Cast Members? Why would you be happy for the Cast Members being forced back to work during a pandemic without a raise/hazard pay? Theme Parks aren’t essential and we shouldn’t be reopening and risking employees lives because you are all bored and decided that the coronavirus is “over”. Wearing a mask, putting up a plastic shield in front of registers, and standing a couple inches apart. Taking tempatures? You can have the virus with no symptoms. I pray we don’t reopen the Parks for a long time, and I hope the employees who don’t normally work at Disney Springs won’t be forced to deploy there.

    1. aaron hastings

      That’s like just your opinion man.
      just because you think it’s a problem doesn’t mean we all do, Disney is not going to keep paying these people for nothing. I agree that the precautions are a useless but will be fine with or without them.

  3. This Corona virus is all over blown please put your faith in the creator and not the media which has falsely but drastic numbers out there to scare the public. Wow flu was just as bad in its time

    1. Peter


      1. Countervail

        How is this good news? Putting overzealous fans in jeopardy, and forcing employees back to work in dangerous times?

        Get a life.

      2. Derderder

        You are dangerous. 300,000 deaths, all while the world was shut down.

    2. Countervail

      Hey religious nut, where in the Bible does it say Disney is essential? You want people to get sick just for your selfish entertainment. You are a horrible person.

  4. Pete

    Wait until they finally open the parks…….you will run into MASSIVE crowds and won’t be able to anything anyway!

  5. Julie

    Cast is currently trying to collect unemployment as Disney is no longer paying them. But the system is not working well, so Disney is trying to get their cast back so they can pay their rent and bills. Which is probably why they are trying hard to come up with ideas only to reopen at least partially. However nothing officially has been posted that they are reopening. Disney has announced nothing of domestic reopens with the exception of 3rd party vendors at disney springs and only 3 operations they owned. Dont believe this site. It’s all click bate for them. Unless it its posted on a disney owned and operated site, it is false information. Right now it is proving effective in Asia because that culture is more respectful to rules and guidelines. A lot of domestic guests that visit the parks believe rules dont apply to them. Like those refusing to wear masks in public. Maybe if our country could follow rules better, our parks would’ve been up and running already.

  6. Disney employees living in lala land! Adults who want to be kids. Disneys’ pay sucks for hourly employees, unless you are a banquet server or bartender. The parks make hundreds of millions & the executives have nice fat salaries!!!!! For the last few months the employees are screwed and when are parks reopen a lot of people are probably going to lose their job!!!! This is corporate America!!!!!!

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