Comments for One Million Moms Outraged Over Gay Married Superheroes In Marvel’s “Eternals”


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  1. Ken

    Oh you got to be kidding me. What century are we in again?

  2. Kelvington

    Are sure the actual title of this article isn’t… One Million MORONS Outraged? Because if you care about who somebody loves, then that’s on you, not them. (barring of course everyone is of legal age and consenting)

  3. George

    It’s funny because the group has nowhere near one million members.

  4. Andrew

    It baffles me when someone says “the gay agenda”. I have no agenda. What exactly is on the gay agenda? Turn everyone gay? I’ve never understood this. Being that there is a gay agenda then there must be a equal and opposite straight agenda. What’s on that agenda? This is all so silly. There are just as many gay men and women who want a family. And they are no different from the next family beside them. No matter what sexes makes up that family.

  5. Paul Alter

    What’s sad is politically correct IS family friendly. Homophobia is definitely NOT family friendly.

  6. Brian Harvey

    Didn’t they also say that gays getting married would ruin their marriage in some way. My husband and I were marrried at disneyworld. I didn’t see mass divorces
    1mm is a couple of trump supporters
    Right wing lunatics

  7. Really? This kind of lifestyle is not my cup of tea but I will not, can not condone grown people trying to push their values on others. What goes on behind closed doors is between God and that person. Just say you don’t believe in that choice of lifestyle and leave it at that.

  8. John

    Agreed with Katherine 100%. I have 2 opinions on this, one as an adult, and another as a parent. Two consenting adults can do whatever they want without me judging them whatsoever- but I am not OK with my kids being exposed to that at a young age, and with it being presented as “normal.” We have seen all the Marvel movies but we won’t be seeing The Eternals.

    1. Daddy Piranha

      You expect kids to see “normal” things in a series of movies where a god comes down a magic rainbow to Earth, an immortal planet impregnates a woman with a baby and cancer, and quad-city cadre of wizards reverse time to save humanity from an extra-dimensional being? Yeah, but two dudes loving each other is too fantastic to present to your children as “normal” even though it is completely “normal”. I think that says more about your parenting than it does about Marvel.

  9. Cheryl Machado

    What is the problem. No one forces anyone to go see things they don’t agree with. So stay home !!! Maybe they should be happy to have our children view the world a little more realistically while keeping the magic of movies. Love is love, and that’s a good thing.

  10. ROBYN

    they need to stop pushing the STRAIGHT AGENDA. i know plenty of straight pedophiles [sad but true]. i don’t know ANY gay pedophiles. SO STOP PUSHING STRAIGHTNESS. push love, push inclusion, push happiness.

  11. Louis

    “One Million Moms” are protesting?

    Both of them?

  12. Anonymous

    This enrages me deeply!

    In our world, the freedom of expression is a RIGHT, not a privilege. For anyone to have the audacity to call a non-hetersexuality a “lifetsyle” is the real abomination.

    No one person has the right to impose their will over another.

    Any story Marvel creates is not explicitly hinged upon one couple – no matter what their sexuality may be.

    If we are going to discuss “pushing agendas” then do these people honestly believe that the same couldn’t be said about an “agenda being pushed” in the hetero-normative sense? This baseless, disrespectful petition is pushing an agenda.

    No one EVER said these narrow-minded mothers needed to go see a movie. It’s their right not to watch it, but the right of others to see themselves represented up on the screen.

    Seeing a gay character on screen does not make a person gay. If that were true, there would only be straight people for the majority of hetero relationships portrayed on screen.

    A petition ought to be made to shut One Million Mothers down.

    Utterly disgusting!

  13. Lee Bryant

    Moms need to get a clue on life. This is the new normal. Good , bad , indifferent last i new we all still lived in a free country. Teach and raise children your children right so they can make their own decisions on the matter.

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