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  1. Randy Ramsden

    We have a back to back scheduled in the fall of 2021, however, after talking to folks on the WBPC that caught covid 19, we are now most likely going to cancel. Just can’t trust DCL like we used to.

    1. Briana

      I was on that WBPC this year, please know that the crew and the Captain did everything to ensure the safety of guests and stop any spread of ANY virus (flu, corona, or otherwise).
      The people on my cruise who were tested didn’t get results until almost two weeks after the cruise.
      This was NOT a Disney Cruise Line blunder, this was a pandemic that affected airports, buses, and trains which we all used to get home after the cruise.
      -We saw about 75-100 cases in our cruise of over 1,900 guests. And while that may seem scary, I can assure you, I felt safer on that ship than anywhere else.

    2. L

      I agree, we won’t be cruising or traveling period until there is a trustworthy vaccine. I love DCL, we will be back eventually, but just because it’s disney doesn’t make it immune. Highest standards? Yes. But they can’t control guest behavior or habits, and 100% of guests can’t be trusted to be 100% honest on any form they fill out regarding health. It’s people i don’t trust. We are supposed to go WBTA this fall, but will be canceling.

      1. connie

        You’re right guest behavior is going to be the main reason why it will be a while until the parks reopen. Seeing all the protests for states to open is the attitude that keep
        the virus numbers will going up.

  2. Tammy

    I absolutely will sail again and again. I have been on all four ships and found each to be the platinum standard of the industry. Of all the cruise lines I trust Disney. They have always been the premier cruise line and will continue that tradition. See you real soon.

  3. Sharon

    Had ours cancelled in May rebooked for Aug. A lot of us out there trust that Disney will go above and beyond to make sure we are safe travelling on them! Even though the ship is not full for Aug, Disney is the only cruise line I would go on at this time. I have sailed many different cruises, and no one beats Disney for cleanliness!

  4. Brandon

    Our cruise is Oct 29th Halloween on the High seas.
    We will be there with bells on.
    They better not cancel. It’s our first Disney Cruise ever.

    The fear mongering with This ‘Rona is ridiculous.

  5. Kathy

    We have a big family cruise scheduled over New Year’s Eve (20 of us). It will be our 5th Disney Cruise. So hoping that it happens! But of course risk of Covid 19 exposure will decide that!

  6. Sharon

    We will be back and trust Disney to do cruising the right way. Would love no touch bathroom doors and real hand washing stations at all restaurants, not just buffets. But would also like buffets and self serve drink station to go away for a while. Even if hand sanitizer used, you can’t control that person who covers a random sneeze with their hand. We will wait for you DISNEY until you declare safety in all aspects!! We are booked for November 2020. Take care and keep us informed!!

  7. Tammy

    We’ve only been on 2 Disney cruises but you can count on the fact we’ll be going on many more once they start sailing again! Can’t wait!!!

  8. C

    We booked again for second half of august. So hoping we can go! Definitely have confidence in Disney that they will make sure everyting is in order. On 1 disney cruise there was a stomach bug and disney picked up on this sooo good!! You did not even have to touch a door knob! They had staff everywhere with gloves on and opening doors, nobody could get there own drinks or food. You had to sanitize your hands before entering the restaurants or pool area. Staff in the bathrooms cleaning constantly.
    Big compliments And applause to Disney!!! If anyone can handle this…it’s Disney!!

  9. Melanie Boyer

    YES, WE WILL! We are currently booked on Magic for her WBTA sailing, October 2 -12, with a pre-sailing trip at DL Paris, celebrating our 30th anniversary and hubby’s birthday. We are keeping our fingers crossed and praying really hard that this isn’t canceled. This sailing will complete the #GrandSlam for us before the launching of DCL Wish.

    Even if it is canceled, it won’t stop us from sailing DCL. Y’all are THE BEST!!!! Hang in there!!!!

  10. Wendy

    It is said that a company is only as good as it treats it’s employees. This rings true for DCL. My son has worked two contracts thus far for DCL. Both contracts have been on the Disney Magic. My son is a principle performer. He is currently still on the Disney Magic as per CDC regulations. Disney has now become the only cruise line I trust. My son, the rest of the cast, and crew have been treated as though they were paying guests throughout this entire Covid 19 Pandemic. We are Canadian and wanted our son home right away at the beginning. My husband and I were on the last cruise the Magic sailed. After all the horror stories on the Princess cruise ships we were very concerned. Our fears were quickly dissolved with day to day contact with our son. I can not thank Disney Cruise Line enough for the above standard care they have given their cruise line employees. They are now, as I write this coordinating their 3 ships off the coast of Florida in order to get their employees home as soon as possible safety. The Magic is on it’s way to the UK.
    I am, as I’m sure all employees are forever grateful to Disney for how they have handled this Pandemic. I read an article published by the CBC about the extreme conditions Canadian employees on non Disney ships are experiencing. I was sickened to read how these hard working people were basically neglected. Disney would never let this happen. In fact they made sure their employees were so well taken care of they could enjoy them selves.
    If you have ever cruised with Disney, you know how hard working their employees are. As a full paying customer last year and again this year, you want for nothing on the DCL. It really is a magical experience.
    So to answer the question, will we cruise again with DCL? The answer is a straight up YES! Once you cruise Disney, nothing else comes close in every aspect. Thank you DCL for showing the rest of the cruise industry how to do everything correctly even under immense pressure! My husband and I can not wait to walk your beautiful decks once again.
    With thanks,
    Wendy Comeau

  11. Justin

    I also was on the WBpc with my family, Disney did an outstanding job of protecting us. We felt safe on board and having 10 days at sea with no stops made us feel very safe. I know for certain I was infected on the return flight. I hold no I’ll will for Disney and I will definitely sail with them again. Thank you DCL for keeping us safe and treating those who work for you so well

  12. Mike

    We were on the WBPC trip and could not fault the Captain and crew for their efforts to keep everyone safe. They went to incredible lengths. We were very impressed. The WBPC ended up being one of the best cruises we’ve ever done. We certainly felt safer on the Wonder than we felt on the various stages of our journey home. We are booked again with Disney Cruise Line in September and if DCL is cruising again by then, we will have no hesitation in going with them.

  13. Shari

    We are booked for April 2021 for my sons wedding! This will be my first cruise and really looking forward to it! My son & future DIL have been on several and have never had any issues! Hence the Disney wedding! Keep up the great work DCL and we’ll see you in April 2021

  14. Malinda

    Absolutely! I trust Disney COMPLETELY. Whenever Disney is completely back up and running, our family will be scheduling our vacations as usual. Hang in there Disney!

  15. Vivica

    We have plans for the member cruise to Alaska hopefully it doesn’t get canceled

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