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  1. Davis

    I can tell you as security whom set up the new queues or helped out and measured. Some queues are really on top of each other like at mk. If your at the parks i am sure you seen how close fp and reg get. Granted fp moves but I think right now they want the one line under the virtual queue (aka gac/das to the people that know what that is). Thats all i know is i am grateful they are not working w the app for that caused so many issues and the app does to begin w! Seeing them use an in park at ride virtual is going to def work better (yes all whom use das will argue theres a lawsuit bc it does not work but humor me) so many people might be able to enjoy there days this way… many i know just are on vacation and thats it. I am sure just like everything its for right now and everything will adjust in time!

  2. It specifically says on the website that all fastpasses from March 16, 2020 will be canceled.

    1. mel perry

      the mouse’s latest scam,

      1. Rebel Orange Bird

        No the greatest scam was the app is useful yep most of the time it reminded me of fps and it showed parks open LOL! Fps in general after the paper passes was also one! I remember the good ol days when we all waiting on line all together and guess what still had a full day at the park!

  3. Chris

    All the above is accurate. I booked fast passes for a July 25th visit this past Tuesday the minute the availability opened. Got everything I wanted and now they are all gone. None of them remain.

  4. Cece

    Tried adding fast passes this morning as today is 60 days out from my resort reservations and keep getting Olaf. It lets me pick family member and the park and that’s as far as I get. Makes sense with the upcoming changes though.

  5. Janie

    Well what they plan on doing is using fp queues to have cms be 6ft patrols! And like the good ol days we all queue together… well you all do i will be on batuu via DL! That is what we heard from managers on our end sure wdw is thinking same…. another thankless job for cms! I rather clean the ride!

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